Honda EG2800i vs EU2200i – See Why We Recommend EU2200i.


Honda EG2800i vs EU2200iHonda EG2800i and EU2200i are two trusted power sources for your house. However, if you cannot grab the best one, we strongly suggest you choose the Honda EU2200i generator

Why Should You Choose Honda EU2200i?

  • Honda EU2200i is so quiet compared to the Honda EG2800i since it operates at 48 to 57 dBA. On the other hand, the EG2800i generator creates 62 to 67 dBA. Hence, you can comfortably use this machine at the same time your neighbors will thank you.
  • It is less bulky than the EG2800i, which makes it effortless to carry. This machine weighs only 46.5 pounds, besides, its rival is 67.5 pounds. Therefore, you can depend on this generator to take it on the go. Its lightweight design makes the generator an excellent choice for camping or other outdoor activities. 
  • This Honda EU2200i features the Eco-Throttle System, hence the machine can adjust the engine speed automatically. Moreover, it produces only the power the machine needs, which is very convenient. In contrast, its brother doesn’t equip with the Eco-Throttle System that is a downside of this generator.  
  • You can effortlessly operate Honda EU2200i since it has the Honda My Generator App, including Bluetooth. So, you can monitor the machine and the performance, which gives you ultimate convenience. Unfortunately, the other one doesn’t combine the app feature. 
  • It comes with both 3 years commercial and residential warranty. In contrast, the Honda EG2800i one delivers a 1-year commercial warranty. Since it gives more guarantee, you can confidently use this for years to come. 

If you want to invest in a generator, go with the Honda EU2200i with your eyes closed. Also, we highly recommend you pick this model for yourself.


Similar Features of Honda EG2800i and EU2200i

  • Honda EG2800i and EU2200i combine the CO-Minder function, which is the advanced carbon monoxide detection system. Furthermore, when the CO levels become high, the generator will shut off automatically. 
  • They deliver a 3-years residential warranty which is very handy because you can use them without worry. 
  • Both generators will have lower oil alert features, moreover, the machine shuts off the engine to protect the generator when the oil level gets low.

Quick Comparison Chart: Honda EG2800i vs EU2200i

Specifications  Honda EG2800i  Honda EU2200i
Editor’s Rating  4.6 out of 5 4.8 out of 5 
Noise Level  62 to 67 decibels 48 to 57 decibels
Weight 67.5 pounds 46.5 pounds
Eco-Throttle System No  Yes
My Generator app No  Yes
Run Time per Tankful 10 hours on average  8.1 hours on average 
Oil Alert  Yes Yes
Fuel Tank Capacity  2.1 gal. .95 gal
Displacement 186cc 121cc
Power  2800 Watts 2200 Watts
Dimensions 16.9″ x 17.6″ x 18.9″ 20.0″ x 11.4″ x 16.7″
Commercial Warranty  1 Year 3 Years
Residential Warranty  3 Years 3 Years

Things You Can Consider about Honda EG2800i – 

Even though we mentioned the Honda EU2200i is the best yet, there are some quality features available with the EG2800i that you can consider. 

  • Honda EG2800i has a 2.1 gals fuel tank capacity and it can run for 10 hours on average when the tank is full. Besides, the EU2200i delivers 8.1 hours while the tank is full. 
  • Compared to the EU2200i, this machine is compact hence it will take less space. It measures only 16.9″ x 17.6″ x 18.9″ whereas its competitor is 20.0″ x 11.4″ x 16.7″. 

If you are looking for a generator that will give you longer battery life and is compact, go with the Honda EG2800i. 

Differences and Similarities Between Honda EG2800i and EU2200i


When it comes to purchasing a generator, the first thing you should consider is power. Honda EG2800i delivers 2800 watts of power, while the Honda EU2200i offers 2200 watts. So you will get 10% more power on the EU2200i. In addition, it comes with the Eco-Throttle System, which adjusts the engine speed. At the same time, it creates power where it is needed the most. But you won’t get this function with the Honda EG2800i generator. 

Battery Life 

Honda EG2800i offers a slightly longer battery life compared to the EU2200i. The tank capacity of the EZG2800i is 2.1 gal. which ensures you can use the machine for 10 hours. Besides, the EU2200i’s tank capacity is .95 gal, which lets you use the generator maximum for 8.1 hours. 

They also have oil alerts when the oil level is running out lower. The best part is, the generator will shut off the machine when the oil level is lower to protect it. 

Easy to Use 

In terms of operating these generators, the Honda EU2200i is handy because it is compatible with apps and Bluetooth. You can pair it with the Honda My Generator app, and it offers you remote generator operation. Also, the app lets you monitor the generator’s performance. However, the app combines the wireless stop, service reminder, BT function, and so on. 

On the other hand, the Honda EG2800i doesn’t deliver these functions. You need to use the machine right from the machine, and also, when you need to change any functions, you have to reach the generator. 

Thus, if you want to use your generator effectively, then go with the Honda EU2200i. Anyhow, they offer you an easy start function as the machines have an automatic mechanical decompression system. Thus, it eliminates the stress you need to start the machine. 

Noise Level 

Honda EU2200i produces less noise compared to the Honda EG2800i. However, it produces 48 to 57 decibels noise levels whereas the other one creates 62 to 67 decibels which are not convenient. Usually, a generator makes a loud noise but if you want a less noisy one, then choose the EU2200i. And if you are okay with the noise level, then go with the EG2800i. 

Versatile Use 

These Honda generators can be operated for a wide variety of appliances. You can use them for camping, home or other outdoor activities. You can use them using Small AC, refrigerator, oven, hairdryer, coffee machine, TV, charging mobile phone, or using a coffee machine and so on. 

Dimensions & Weight 

The dimensions of the Honda EG2800i is 16.9″ x 17.6″ x 18.9″, and the Honda EU2200i is 20.0″ x 11.4″ x 16.7″. The weight of the EG2800i is 67.5 pounds, besides, the EU2200i is 46.5 pounds.

If you need a compact machine, grab the EG2800i but if you want a lightweight one, then go with the EU2200i. 


Honda EG28800i and EU2200i deliver a 3-years residential warranty. But you will get 3-years commercial warranty with the EU2200i while the EG1800i gives one year. However, this period will cover any manufacturer damages. Keep in mind, this recovery service is only applicable for US users. 

Final Words 

On the market, Honda generators are more reliable than others. Honda EG2800i and EU2200i are two great machines, but if you want to grab the best one, then we strongly recommend the EU2200i. That’s because it has quality functions compared to the EG2800i. But if you want a slightly longer battery life, then get the EG2800i. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Honda EG2800i and EU2200i

What is the noise level of these generators?

The noise level of the Honda EG2800i is 62 to 67 decibels, while the Honda EU2200i is 48 to 57 decibels. 

What is the weight of these Honda generators?

Honda EG2800i is 67.5 pounds, besides, the EU2200i model is 46.5 pounds. 

Could you please tell me the continuous watts of the Honda EU2200i?

It is 1800 watts that is pretty much perfect for any home appliance, besides, its standard output is 120V. 

Can Honda EG2800i power a fridge?

Yes, you can run a fridge with the power of this generator effectively. 

Do they offer any warranty?

Yes, you will get 3 years residential and commercial warranty with the Honda EU2200i. While the Honda EG2800i offers 3 years residential and 1-year commercial warranty. 

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