Honda EB2800i vs EU2200i

Honda EB2800i vs EU2200i – Check Why We Suggest EU2200i!


Honda EU2200i and Honda EB2800i are very popular inverter generators in the market. But which one is the best? To know this, check out the following section. 

What Are the Differences Between Honda EB2800i vs EU2200i?

Honda EB2800i Honda EU2200i
Honda EB2800i Honda EU2200i
Honda EB2800i is not My Honda Application compatible. Honda EU2200i is My Honda Application compatible. 
Its fuel tank capacity is 2.1 gal. Its fuel tank capacity is .95 gal. 
It weighs 66.8 pounds.  It weighs 40 pounds.
The EB2800i does not have parallel Capability. The EU2200i has parallel Capability. 
Its noise level is 62 to 67 dBA. Its noise level is 48 to 57 dBA. 
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Honda EU2200i generator has better features than Honda EB2800i, making it a handy generator. I recommend you pick this machine; also I’ve described the details here.

Why We Recommend Honda Eu2200i?

  • You can operate and monitor your Honda EU2200i with your mobile; you just need a “My Honda Application” application to enjoy this facility. But this feature is not installed in the Honda EB2800i.
  • Honda EU2200i’s weight is 40 pounds, so the lightweight makes it so easier to move and transport. In contrast, the Honda EB2800i has 66.8 pounds weight which is not easily portable like EU2200i.
  • Honda EU2200i has parallel Capability, so you can get additional power up to 4400 watts with this inverter generator. But Honda EB2800i doesn’t have amazing this feature. 
  • The noise level of Honda EU2200i is 48 to 57 dBA, and Honda EB2800i’s noise level is 62 to 67 dBA. As a result, Honda EU2200i can provide you best performance with lower noise.
  • The commercial warranty of the Honda EU2200i is three years, and Honda EB2800i’s commercial warranty is one year. So, EU2200i will give you tension-free use for a long time.

While looking for an inverter generator with advanced features that can operate in lower noise with parallel Capability, you should go for Honda EU2200i.


Similar Features

We have mentioned the key features above, but these two inverter generators have some similarities as follows: 

  • Honda EB2800i and Honda EU2200i have Electronic circuit breakers that make these generators safe from overload conditions. 
  • They both have carbon monoxide detection systems that prevent you from carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Oil alerts protect their engines. So, you can easily understand when the engine needs an oil change or maintenance.

You get these similar functions if you buy any of these inverter generators. But if you want the best service with improved features, you have to go with Honda EU2200i.

Other Specifications Chart of Honda EU2200i and Honda EB2800i

Specifications HONDA EU2200i HONDA EB2800i
Editor’s ratings 4.9 out of 5 4.6 out of 5
Style Portable Inverter generator Portable Inverter generator
Product dimension  16 x 20 x 11 inches 16.9 x 17.6 x 18.9 inches
Electronic Circuit Breaker Yes Yes
Displacement  121cc 186cc
Engine Honda GXR120 Honda GC190LA
Co-Minder Yes Yes
Starting System Recoil Recoil
Output Wattage 2200.00 watts 2800 watts
Run Time per Tankful 3.2hr rated load 8.1 hrs.  1/4 load 5.2hr rated load 11.9 hrs.  1/4 load
Noise Level 48 to 57 dBA 62 to 67 dBA
Voltage 120 volts 120 volts
Residential Warranty 3 Years  3 Years 
Commercial Warranty 3 years 1 Year 

Features and Benefits of Honda EU2200i and Honda EB2800i Inverter Generators

Structure and power

Honda EU2200i and Honda EB2800i are very powerful inverter generators in the market. Honda EU2200i has a Honda GXR120 engine, and it can produce power of more than 2200 watts.

On the other hand, Honda EB2800i has Honda GC190LA, and with this engine, you will get the power of 2800 watts. But unfortunately, some consumers have complained that Honda EB2800i does not provide exact 2800 watt power.

The cylinder displacement of Honda EU2200i is 121cc, and Eb2800i’s displacement is 186cc. Besides, the starting system of these generators is recoiling. 

Remote monitoring application

Imagine you can control, operate and monitor your generator through your phone! It’s become a reality now! The Honda EU2200i inverter generator can be controlled through your mobile phone by following simple steps.

Firstly, install the app named ‘Honda My Generator App”. Afterward, you need to connect the app with the generator through Bluetooth. As mentioned before, this app allows you to monitor and operate your generator very easily. But, the Honda EB2800i generator doesn’t include this feature, and you cannot operate it through your phone. 

Dimension of product

The Honda EU2200i is 16 x 20 x 11 inches, and Honda EB2800i’s dimension is 16.9 x 17.6 x 18.9 inches. Honda EU2200i has a smaller dimension than the Honda EB2800i, so it will take a smaller space than the EB2800i 


Weight plays a very important role as you may need to move or transport the generator. The weight of the Honda EU2200i is 40 pounds, and the Honda EB2800i weight is 66.8 Pounds. As you can see, the EU2200i’s weight is almost 26 pounds less than the other one. So, this generator would be a better choice for you. 

Fuel tank capacity and run time

In some cases, the fuel tank capacity must be noted. The fuel tank capacity of the Honda EB2800i is .95 gal, and Honda EU2200i’s fuel tank capacity is 2.1 gal. Honda EU2200i’s run time is 8.1 hours, and Honda EB2800i’s run time is 11.9 hours with ¼ loads. These two inverter generators are formed with amazing fuel-efficient systems. So, these generators will save you from heavy costing. 

CO-Minder system

The meaning of CO-Minder is a Carbon Monoxide Detection system. This system is included in both inverter generators. This advanced detection system continuously monitors Carbon Monoxide levels. Besides, this system automatically shuts down the generator when the level of Carbon Monoxide is extremely high. Both Honda EU2200i and EU2800i have this modern feature. 

Noise level

You should go for such an inverter generator, which can provide great power and performance in low noise. Besides, loud sounds may damage your hearing. Honda EU2200i’s noise level is 48 to 57 dBA, and EB2800i’s noise level is 62 to 67 dBA. So, you can see that Honda EU2200i’s noise level is very low, which won’t damage your hearing. 

Parallel Capability and electronic Circuit breaker

You can connect two generators side by side when you need additional power. This feature is called parallel Capability. Honda EU2200i has a parallel Capability. You can associate two of these generators with a cable and get power up to 4400 watts. You can parallel two of these or with EU2000ik1 or T1 models. But this feature is not available in Honda EB2800i. 

Besides, these two inverter generators have an electronic circuit breaker. This structure will prevent your utensils from an overload situation. These two generators are formed with inverter technology that prevents important electronic products like computers, TV, etc. 

 Warranty Policy

Honda EU2200i and EB2800i are provided with 3 years warranty for residential purposes. For commercial purposes, Honda EU2200i provides a warranty for 3 years, but EB2800i provides only a 1-year warranty. So, for a better warranty period, you should go for the Honda Eu2200i. 


If you are willing to choose the best one between Honda EU2200i and Honda EB2800i, we recommend choosing Honda EU2200i. Because this powerful generator can provide double power with parallel capability, low noise level, and of course better warranty policy, otherwise, you can choose Honda EB2800i. Still, this generator may not provide such amazing features as the Honda EU2200i inverter generator. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Honda EU2200i and Honda EB2800i

What is the starting system of the Honda EU2200i? 

The starting system of the Honda Eu2200i is recoil. 

Between HondaEU2200i and Honda EB2800i, which one is lightweight? 

The weight of the Honda EU2200i is 40 Pounds, and EU2800i’s weight is 66.8 Pounds. So, Honda EU2200i is less heavy than the Honda EU2800i. 

What is the commercial warranty of the Honda EU2200i? 

The commercial warranty of Honda EU2200i is 3 years, and Honda EB28ooi’s Commercial warranty is only 1 year. 

Between these two generators, which one is louder? 

The noise level of Honda EB2800i is 62 to 67 dBA, and Honda EU2200i’s noise level is 48 to 57 dBA. Honda EB2800i is louder than the Honda EU2200i. 

Which one has a CO detection system?

Both Honda Eu2200i and Honda EB2800i have this CO detection system. 

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