Hoka Clifton 6 vs Bondi 6

Hoka Clifton 6 vs Bondi 6 – See which is the best pair of shoes!


Hoka Clifton 6 vs Bondi 6If you are looking for the best between Hoka Clifton 6 and Bondi 6, then I recommend Bondi 6 as it offers better features and some advantages.

What are the better features of Bondi 6?

  • Bondi 6 has a full ground contact design that allows you to stay grounded and balanced on any surface, while the Clifton 6 doesn’t have this feature.
  • It comes with the highest level of cushion. The Plush level – will give you the ultimate satisfaction, whereas Clifton 6 has a second level of cushion.
  • Full EVA midsole of Bondi 6 will give you a smooth ride with its softness. On the other hand, the other pair comes with an ordinary midsole.
  • With no cruelty to animals, this Bondi 6 is 100% vegan. What a fantastic feature for all animal lovers. But Clifton 6 isn’t fully vegan.

Hopefully, there is no more confusion about why I preferred Bondi 6 over Clifton 6. To experience the best, just for the Bondi 6 without any hesitation. To check the price simply press the button below.


Similarities between Hoka Clifton 6 and Bondi 6

  • Specially designed cushion to provide the support.
  • Variants of color and size available.
  • Modified heel design for a better transition.
  • Glide feature for stability on any surface.
Specifications Hoka Clifton 6 Bondi 6
Editor’s Rating 4.7 out of 5 4.7 out of 5
Department Men(Womens available) Men(Womens available)
Stability Neutral Neutral
Cushion Balanced Plush
Color Variants available Variants available
Product Dimension 11.73 x 8.9 x 4.72 inches N/A
Product Weight 9 oz 10.90 oz
Heel-to-toe drop 5mm 4mm
Warranty/Replacement Return/Exchange within 30 days for a quality drop Return/Exchange within 30 days for a quality drop

Detail about the features of Hoka Clifton 6 and Bondi 6


Anyone will surely like the design of Bondi 6 as it comes with the latest modern touch. The heel is designed as beveled, which will give you a smooth transition. An internal heel counter will help your feet stay locked during a ride and stay balanced. So there is no scope of losing focus while this shoe is on your feet. The heel comes with a matte touch. On the other hand, the Clifton 6 has a slightly different design with a moderate heel level with a glossy look. 


There are some variants of color available for the Bondi 6. It has a full white and full black variant, which is a plus point as most of the users prefer this two-color the most. Also, there is some variant with two colors. The other pair also has some variants. But the overall color and lace combination looks good on the Bondi 6’s. 


Bondi 6 comes with the highest level of cushion, which is the Plush level. So there is a hundred percent guarantee of experiencing the best with this pair. The cushion will give you the balance when you need it. As this pair is very lightweight, too, you’re going to feel like you have nothing on your feet. Clifton 6 arrives with a balanced level of cushion, which may help you run faster but not as much as the Bondi 6.


This is one of the unique features of Bondi 6. This is a 100% vegan shoe. The leather industry used to produce shoes from animal skin, but the Hoka has taken an outstanding initiative. This Bondi 6 is made from fully sustainable materials that keep it in the top list of all kinds of users. The other pair doesn’t have this feature and makes you decide more easily to pick the best one.


With a full EVA midsole and the latest technology, this pair comes with a comfortable upper that will give you a smooth ride. The redesigned outsole makes the shoe weighs less than the other pair and will allow you to optimize durability. The Clifton has a standard outsole and midsole, but you will not feel the same in this pair. So going for the Bondi 6 is a smart move.

Durability and Warranty

The shoes from HOKA are always a pleasure to wear. There was always positive feedback from the users. Hoka offers a 30-day guarantee of returning or exchanging any shoes if you are not satisfied with the quality. There won’t be any further questions from Hoka, and they promise that. Just pick the model and have a try.

Final Words

The pair that will give you the utmost comfort is Bondi 6. My final recommendation for anyone confused to pick one is, go for the Bondi 6. This will worth every penny of you.

FAQ about Hoka Clifton 6 and Bondi 6

How is the box of the shoe? Does it come with the actual size?

The box is fine. And the size is as it’s meant to be. No difference.

Will the arch support create any problems?

No, it is designed to give you support and keep you away from pain. It’s a pure pleasure wearing this shoe.

How is the shoe for wide flat feet?

There is positive feedback from all kinds of width feet. So it doesn’t matter the surface or your speed. You will feel comfortable with wide feet too.

 How is the shoe for a long runner?

It’s undoubtedly the best. The Bondi 6 is specially designed for runners. So, you’re in the right place.

What makes the Clifton 6 different from the Bondi 6?

The answer is described in this article. To have the difference in practicality, buy them, and you will feel it.

If they don’t suit well, may I return them?

Absolutely. Within 30 days, you can also refund or change them if you notice some drop in quality.

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