Graco x5 vs x7

Graco x5 vs x7 – Check Which One Is Best & Why?


Graco X5 and Graco X7- are two amazing true airless sprayers with some similarities & differences that are capable of painting in a short time. But if you are looking for the best one, I would recommend X7 rather than X5.

Why Do I recommend Graco X7?

  • The Graco X7 tip size is 0.017 inch & Graco X5 is 0.015 inch. The larger tip size of the X7 allows for a higher flow rate and better coverage, making it more efficient for large projects and thicker paints.
  • Graco X7 flow rate is 0.31 GPM that can cover more area in less time, improving productivity and reducing the time needed to complete large projects, but Graco X5 flow rate is 0.27 GPM.
  • The 5/8 HP powerful motor in the X7 ensures more consistent spray performance, especially with thicker materials, and increases overall durability than the Graco X5 has a 1/2 HP motor.
  • It supports up to 100 feet hose & Graco X5 supports up to 75 feet hose.  The longer hose of X7 allows greater reach  & flexibility, making it easier to paint large areas without constantly moving the unit.
  • The X7 has a Cart for Mobility, that makes it much easier to move around the job site, reducing fatigue and allowing for easier repositioning, which is especially beneficial for large-scale projects, but Graco x5 doesn’t have cart.
  • Graco X7 is Suitable for up to 125 gallons of paint per year & Graco X5 is Suitable for ony 15 gallons. The X7 can handle a much higher volume of paint, making it ideal for frequent use and larger projects, such as painting multiple rooms, large exterior surfaces, or entire houses.
  • The X7 includes built-in storage compartments for tips, tools, and accessories, keeping everything organized and easily accessible, which enhances convenience and efficiency on the job site. Graco X5 doesn’t have it.
  • The X7’s ability to handle a wider range of paint types, including thicker materials, adds to its versatility and makes it suitable for a broader range of applications, from fine finishes to heavy-duty coatings.

Maybe the Graco X5  price can make you comfortable because it’s a little bit cheaper than the Graco X7. But you have to compromise all the above-mentioned features. Now the Decision is Yours. I hope it was helpful to choose the right one.


Side By Side Comparison

Here is the further expanded detailed comparison chart for the Graco X7 and X5 models. This includes additional features such as sprayer type, maximum hose support, control type, pump type, frame material, maintenance,  and others.

Feature Graco X7 Graco X5
Maximum Tip Size 0.017 inches 0.015 inches
Flow Rate 0.31 GPM 0.27 GPM
Motor Size 5/8 HP 1/2 HP
Weight 26 lbs 19 lbs
Dimensions 19 x 15 x 37 inches 14.5 x 12.75 x 19 inches
Hose Length Supported Up to 100 feet Up to 75 feet
Usage Frequency Suitable for up to 125 gallons per year Suitable for up to 15 gallons per year
Cart for Mobility Yes No
Storage Compartments Yes No
Spray Consistency Excellent Good
Clean-Up Time Easy Moderate
Technical Support Excellent Good
Price Range $400 to $450 $300 to $350
Long-Term Durability Excellent Good
Suitable for Commercial Use Suitable for both DIY and frequent professional use Primarily for DIY and occasional professional use
Maximum Hose Length Supported 100 feet 75 feet
Paint Compatibility Latex, Acrylics, Stains, Thicker Materials Latex, Acrylics, Stains
Noise Level Moderate Moderate
Setup Time Quick Quick
Priming System PushPrime PushPrime
Portability High (with cart) High
Power Source Electric (110V) Electric (110V)
Amperage 7.5A 7.5A
Paint Suction Mechanism Directly from the paint bucket with enhanced suction power Directly from the paint bucket
Price Check X7 Price Check X5 Price

What Common Both Can Do?

  • Maximum Pressure: 3000 PSI: Both sprayers deliver a powerful spray that ensures a smooth and even coat of paint, suitable for a wide range of surfaces.
  • Adjustable Pressure Control: Users can adjust the spray pressure to match the needs of different projects, providing flexibility and control over the painting process.
  • Flexible Suction Tube: Both models can draw paint directly from a 1 or 5-gallon paint bucket, making it easy to switch between different paint quantities and types without the need for additional containers.
  • PushPrime for Easy Priming: The PushPrime feature ensures quick and reliable priming, reducing downtime and making the sprayers easy to start, even after prolonged periods of non-use.
  • PowerFlush Cleaning Adapter: The included PowerFlush adapter connects to a garden hose for fast and efficient cleaning, simplifying maintenance and ensuring the sprayers remain in good working condition.
  • RAC IV SwitchTip: Both models come with the RAC IV SwitchTip, which allows users to reverse the tip when it gets clogged, ensuring continuous and hassle-free spraying.
  • Stainless Steel Piston Pump: The durable stainless steel piston pump allows for high-pressure spraying of unthinned paint, providing a professional finish and extending the life of the sprayer.
  • Suitable for Interior and Exterior Project: Both sprayers are versatile and can be used for a variety of projects, including painting interior walls and ceilings, exterior decks and fences, and more.
  • Electric Power Source: Both models are powered by standard 110V outlets, making them convenient and easy to use without the need for special power requirements.
  • User-Friendly Design: Both the Graco X5 and X7 are designed with ease of use in mind, featuring intuitive controls and straightforward assembly, making them accessible to both beginners and experienced users.

Common Features

Feature Graco X5 Graco X7
Maximum Pressure 3000 PSI 3000 PSI
Adjustable Pressure Control Yes Yes
Flexible Suction Tube Yes Yes
PushPrime for Easy Priming Yes Yes
PowerFlush Cleaning Adapter Yes Yes
RAC IV SwitchTip Yes Yes
Stainless Steel Piston Pump Yes Yes
Suitable for Interior Projects Yes Yes
Suitable for Exterior Projects Yes Yes
Electric Power Source 110V 110V
User-Friendly Design Yes Yes
Priming System PushPrime PushPrime
Spray Consistency Good Good
Clean-Up Time Moderate Moderate
Warranty 1 year 1 year
Compatible with Paint Types Latex, Acrylics, Stains Latex, Acrylics, Stains
Technical Support Good Good
Portability High High
Setup Time Quick Quick
Noise Level Moderate Moderate
Paint Suction Mechanism Directly from the paint bucket Directly from the paint bucket
Paint Types Supported Latex, Acrylics, Stains Latex, Acrylics, Stains
Ease of Use Easy Easy
Price Check X7 Price Check X5 Price

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What is the difference between the Graco X5 and X7 paint sprayers?

Answer: The main differences between the Graco X5 and X7 are their maximum tip size, flow rate, motor size, weight, and included features. The X7 has a larger maximum tip size (0.017 inches vs. 0.015 inches), higher flow rate (0.31 GPM vs. 0.27 GPM), a more powerful motor (5/8 HP vs. 1/2 HP), and it includes a built-in cart for easier mobility. These differences make the X7 more suitable for larger projects and more frequent use.

  1. Can both the Graco X5 and X7 be used for interior and exterior projects?

Answer: Yes, both the Graco X5 and X7 are versatile and can be used for both interior and exterior painting projects. They are suitable for painting walls, ceilings, decks, fences, and more.

  1. What types of paint can the Graco X5 and X7 handle?

Answer: Both the Graco X5 and X7 can handle a variety of paint types, including latex, acrylics, and stains. The X7 is also capable of handling thicker materials more effectively due to its larger maximum tip size and higher flow rate.

  1. How do I clean the Graco X5 and X7 paint sprayers?

Answer: Both models come with a PowerFlush cleaning adapter, which allows you to connect the sprayer to a garden hose for quick and efficient cleaning. This feature simplifies the cleanup process and helps maintain the sprayer in good working condition.

  1. What is the maximum hose length supported by the Graco X5 and X7?

Answer: The Graco X5 supports a maximum hose length of up to 75 feet, while the Graco X7 supports a maximum hose length of up to 100 feet. This allows for greater flexibility and reach, especially for larger projects.

  1. Are replacement parts and accessories available for the Graco X5 and X7?

Answer: Yes, replacement parts and accessories are readily available for both the Graco X5 and X7. You can find tips, hoses, filters, and other parts through Graco’s website or authorized dealers.

  1. How often do I need to perform maintenance on the Graco X5 and X7?

Answer: Regular maintenance is important to keep your sprayer in good working condition. After each use, it’s recommended to clean the sprayer thoroughly using the PowerFlush system. Periodically, you should check and replace filters, tips, and other wear parts as needed. The user manual provides detailed maintenance instructions.

  1. What is the warranty period for the Graco X5 and X7?

Answer: Both the Graco X5 and X7 come with a 1-year warranty. This warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship. For more detailed warranty information, refer to the user manual or contact Graco’s customer support.

  1. Can I use the Graco X5 and X7 for commercial projects?

Answer: While both sprayers are designed primarily for DIY homeowners and handymen, the Graco X7, with its higher capacity and efficiency, can handle more demanding and frequent use, making it suitable for smaller commercial projects. However, for large-scale commercial work, a more heavy-duty professional-grade sprayer might be more appropriate.

  1. How do I troubleshoot common issues with the Graco X5 and X7?

Answer: Common issues such as clogs, inconsistent spray patterns, or pressure problems can often be resolved by following the troubleshooting steps in the user manual. Key steps include checking the tip for clogs, ensuring the paint is properly thinned, and verifying all connections are secure. Graco’s customer support and online resources can also provide assistance.

  1. Can I use the Graco X5 and X7 to spray oil-based paints?

Answer: Yes, both the Graco X5 and X7 can spray oil-based paints. However, it’s important to thoroughly clean the sprayer after using oil-based paints to prevent any residue build-up and maintain optimal performance.

  1. How portable are the Graco X5 and X7?

Answer: The Graco X5 is lightweight and easy to carry, making it highly portable. The Graco X7, while heavier, includes a built-in cart that makes it easy to move around job sites, especially over longer distances or rough terrain.

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