Graco milestone vs Slimfit

Graco Milestone vs Slimfit – Check Why Milestone is Better!

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Graco milestone vs SlimfitGraco milestone and Graco Simfit car seats are famous for the safe transportation of your baby, but here Graco milestone is a better option than Graco Slimfit.

Why Graco Milestone is Better?

  • An exclusive push-button in the right of the Graco Milestone provides an easily manageable latch installation system. But Graco Slimfit latch installation system is harder than the recommended one.
  • It has high-quality soft fabric and a metal frame to provide extra comfort and protection. On the other hand, Graco Slimfit is not much higher in quality.
  • The simply adjustable harness system of this car seat is straightforward to access. In contrast, the Slimfit car seat is a difficult one to manage. 
  • Both car seats come with 3-in-1 convertible options. But Graco Milestones provide more safety and protection than the compared ones.

All the facilities are available in the Graco milestone at a lower price. You can lash on this opportunity.


Similar Features of Graco Milestone vs Slimfit

  • The installation system of the car seats is a latch installation system that ensures proper fit for ultimate relaxation.
  • Both car seats have 4 recline positions, which helps to keep your growing baby comfy on your various trips together.
  • The adjustable back torso system works pretty well for different-sized children.

Quick Comparison: Graco Milestone vs Slimfit

Specifications  Graco Milestone  Graco Slimfit 
Editor’s rating  4. 7 out of 5  4.5 out of 5 
Dimensions  19.7 x 16.25 x 25.5 inches 21.5 x 19.9 x 25.5 inches
Maximum weight recommendation  100 pounds  100 pounds 
Minimum weight recommendation  5 pounds  5 pounds 
Installation type  Latch installation (easy)  Latch installation 
Harness type  5-points  5-points 
Recline positions  4-positions  4-positions 
Adjustable back torso  Yes  Yes 
Rear facing option  Yes  Yes 
Body frame  Metal  Steel 
Material  Polyester  Polyester 
Warranty  Yes (10-years)  Yes (10-years) 
Weight  19.8 pounds  19.47 pounds 
Cupholder  Yes (single)  Yes (double) 

Differences & Similarities Between Graco Milestone vs Slimfit


Graco Milestone arrives with a dimension of 19.7 x 16.25 x 25.5 inches. At the same time, Graco Slimfit has a slightly slimmer design. That’s why this model is well-known as Slimfit. It has a dimension of 21.5 x 19.9 x 25.5 inches. Three Slimfit car seats can be fit side by side on a car section. 

Installation type 

Both car seats come with a latch installation system. Parents desire to have latch installations instead of belt-fitted installation systems. Here the Graco Milestone has a right-hand button installation system. That is very easily accessible. But Graco Slimfit comes with a regular model latch installation system.

Safety features 

Children’s free movement always forces parents to find a safe and protected car seat. Here the car seat provides double-layered side protection. It allows free movement of your baby. Also, the car seat allows a high-quality headrest facility. It has a 5-different position headrest system. 

Adjustable torso 

Height adjustable back torso system helps proper fittings for different ages and sizes. The height can be extended to 57 inches. That is a perfect size even for ten years children. Also, that adjustable torso system is straightforward.

Recline adjustment

They have 4- different recline position turning abilities. It only requires a simple click on the side button to be turned into different positions. In all different positions, the car seat weight recommendation also changes. So read the capacity before making any adjustments. 


Having cupholders on a car seat is a very blessing thing. Particularly dual-sided cupholders allow extra space for putting essential accessories with you. Here Graco Milestone provides a single integrated cup holder. This is the downfall of this one. Because the Graco Silmfit comes with dual-sided cup holders.  


Both car seats have a similar maximum capacity of 100 pounds. The minimum weight recommendation is 5 pounds on regular seating conditions. But in the rear-facing situation, the maximum weight recommendation reduces to 40 pounds. It goes down to 22 pounds in the minimum range in a forward-facing way because the maximum capacity in this position is 65 pounds only.     

Frame and materials 

The car seat body was conducted on bolstering metal. That is hard to break in any situation. Also, high-quality polyester fabric is used on the surface. Soft mesh foam supports babies’ free movements. The car seat remains in a steady position for its amazing manufacturing design and materials.    


Graco is very well-known for its long-lasting ability. That is why you will get 10-year long warranty support from the manufacturing date. That manufacturing date is located on the backside of the car seat. Amazon allows 30 days return policy. 


Though Graco Milestone has a higher price value, it has equally provided specialties. All The first deciding factors are forcing this car seat into the first position. However, at a lower budget cost, the Graco Slimfit can be a great option. This car seat has produced a slim design and excellent shape well looking attractive at a lower cost. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Graco Milestone vs Slimfit

Question: What is the product care system?

Answer: They are machine washable and have comfortable pads removing systems. Just note this caution of not using boiled water. Normal water is very safe for its surface. Where boiled water could cause damage to the polyester-made surface. 

Question: What kind of air passing ability do they have? 

Answer: They were manufactured with soft mesh fabric inside. It has high-quality air transparent publicity. Any little water on the surface quickly turns into a normal position. It describes the air-passing ability of the car seat.

Question: Different color options available? 

Answer: Yes, both car seats come in many attractive colors. But the price varies according to different colors. Also, some specialties differ in different colors. So, your desired one which suits you.

Question: Is the airline fit able? 

Answer: No, the car seat exceeds the airline fitting length. Also, any backless mode is not available here. So, both car seats cannot make your baby’s airline travel more smooth.     

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