Google Pixel 5 vs Samsung S21

Google Pixel 5 vs Samsung S21 – Check Why Galaxy S21 is Best!

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Google Pixel 5 vs Samsung S21Google Pixel 5 and Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphones come with a few similarities. So, if you want to select the best one then Samsung S21 should be your best pick.

Why Should You Pick Samsung S21?

  • The S21 is equipped with Exynos 2100 processor, while the Pixel 5 has a Snapdragon 765G processor. Exynos offers 98% faster CPU speed for smooth performance, improves 91% gaming experience, and saves battery life. Hence, if you want to get better performance from your smartphone, Samsung would be the best bet. 
  • It gives you up to 256 GB of huge internal storage capacity. Also, it can read memory data quicker, plus you can store all your essential photos, files, games, and everything in between in the S21. Besides, the Pixel 5 has a 128 GB memory storage capacity. 
  • Samsung S21 has a 6.2 inches AMOLED display with a 120 Hz refresh rate. At the same time, Pixel 5 has a 6 inches OLED display, and it offers a 90 Hz refresh rate. However, the incredible refresh rate and AMOLED screen of the S21 is a game-changer. For example, when you are under direct sunlight, you don’t need to increase the brightness, yet you can see everything properly. But on the Pixel 5, you won’t get this freedom. 
  • This smartphone combines with a 5,000 mAh battery, while the Pixel 5 has 4,080 mAh. Therefore, this device can be used for more than 48 hours on a charge, plus it has a battery saver mode. But its rival device lasts for 11 hours on average, also it doesn’t have battery saver mode. 
  • It has a 12 MP front camera, including the triple rear camera. So, the S21 lets you capture perfect photos. Also, with its 30X space zoom, you will get a stable picture. Google Pixel 5, in contrast, has a dual 12 MP rear camera resolution with an 8 MP front camera. 
  • You can easily carry this device since the Galaxy S21 is only 5.7 ounces while its competitor is 13.4 ounces. Thus, it would be an ideal one. 

Samsung S21 is a great smartphone combined with quality features. Hopefully, now you understand why we recommend this device to you.


Similar Features: Google Pixel 5 vs Samsung S21

  • The Pixel 5 and S21 are built with 8 GB RAM plus the Android 11 version, this loads data quicker. 
  • They feature fast, as well as wireless charging, which is convenient. As you don’t need to wait much for charging your phone. 
  • Both smartphones are unlocked versions, hence you can use these devices internationally.

Comparison Table of Pixel 5 and Samsung S21

Specifications Google Pixel 5  Samsung S21
Editor’s Rating 4.7 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Processor  Snapdragon 765G Samsung Exynos 2100
Storage 128 GB 256GB
Battery 4,080 mAh  5,000 mAh
Display Size  6 inches FHD+ 6.2 inches 
Refresh Rate  90Hz 120Hz
Display Technology OLED AMOLED
Rear Camera  12 MP 12MP (Triple Rear Camera) 
Front Camera  8 MP 12MP
Weight 13.4 ounces 5.7 ounces
5G Ready  Yes Yes
Operating System  Android 11 Android 11
Waterproof Yes Yes
Dustproof Yes Yes
Wireless Charging Yes Yes
Size 5.7 x 2.8 x 0.3 inches 6.7 x 3.4 x 2.44 inches
Fast Charging Yes Yes
Wireless Carrier Unlocked Unlocked
Fingerprint Sensor Yes Yes
Warranty  2 Years 1 Year 

Differences and Similarities Between Google Pixel 5 vs Samsung S21

Display Technology

Samsung S21 has an AMOLED display technology with a 120 Hz refresh rate. The refresh rate makes the phone very responsive, also you can see everything properly when under direct sunlight. 

In contrast, Pixel 5 is built with OLED technology, including a 90 Hz refresh rate. However, this OLED display is not responsive like AMOLED; when you are in extreme sunlight, you need to increase the brightness. Moreover, Pixel 5 is not responsive like the S21. 


You will get a longer battery life on the Samsung S21 compared to the Pixel 5. This is because the S21 has a 5,000 mAh battery, also, it has an intelligent battery feature that manages how you use the phone, thus it saves battery life. As a result, you can use the Samsung for more than 48 hours on a single charge. 

While you will find a 4,080 mAh battery on the Pixel 5 smartphone. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any battery saver. And the device can be used for 11 hours on average. 

If you need to use a smartphone for an extended period, Samsung S21 would be the best bet. Anyhow, these two have fast and wireless charging features which are very handy. 

Processor and OS 

The processor and OS version ensure how fast a device would work and won’t have any hanging issues. Here, the Samsung S21 is the best as the device combines with Exynos 2100 processor. At the same time, the Pixel 5 is built with Snapdragon 765G.

However, the Exynos takes seconds whenever you install any game or open an app. These devices are built with the Android 10 OS version. The Pixel 5 also offers 3 years free OS update. When there is any new update available, the device will do it automatically. 


Samsung Galaxy S21 is built with an incredible camera than the Pixel 5. It has 12MP + 12MP + 64MP triple rear camera including 12 MP front camera. Additionally, this device has a 30x Space Zoom feature so that you can easily focus on the subject far away. Also, this will deliver stable images. 

At the same time, the Pixel 5 has a dual 12 MP camera with an 8 MP front camera. As a result, the Pixel lets you capture awesome photos with detail even in dim light. Moreover, its HDR+ feature adjusts the color automatically, which is very convenient. 

Both smartphones are amazing in terms of the camera, yet Samsung is the best, so you should consider the S21. 


These devices are built with 8 GB RAM, which can read the memory data more quickly than any conventional device. But in terms of storage capacity, the S21 is much better because it is integrated with 256 GB memory storage while the Pixel gives 128 GB storage. 

Therefore, you don’t need to delete any photos or files from the S21, but since the Pixel 5 has less storage, you may need to remove files. Or you can keep them in the Google Drive folder. 


Google Pixel 5 and Samsung Galaxy S21 are very durable because they have both dust and waterproof bodies. Thus, your phone won’t mind a little water or dust. Additionally, the Pixel offers a two-year warranty, and Samsung gives one year. You will get free repair service for any manufacturer defects. 

5G Compatible & Wireless Carrier 

You will get the benefit of the 5G network from these two phones. This speeds up the upload or download speed, as well as lets you play games smoothly. Also, you can stream HD videos on both devices. 

Moreover, these two are compatible with any mobile carrier you want since these are unlocked versions.

Final Words 

Pixel 5 and Samsung S21 are packed with high-end features, as you can see. Both will deliver smooth performance to other benefits. Anyhow, we highly suggest you choose the Samsung S21 as it has more advanced functions than the Pixel 5.

But if you are searching for an affordable one, then pick the Pixel 5 either.

Frequently Asked Questions about Google Pixel 5 vs Samsung S21

Is the S21 Verizon compatible?

Yes, the Samsung S21 is a Verizon compatible device. Additionally, you can use any mobile carrier you want on this phone. 

Which Processor do they use?

The Samsung S21 comes with Exynos 2100, while the Pixel 5 has a Snapdragon 765G processor. 

How much is their refresh rate?

Samsung S21 has a 120Hz rate, on the other hand, Google Pixel 5 has a 90Hz refresh rate. 

Do they support SD cards?

No, none of the Pixel 5 and Samsung S21 support additional SD cards that is a downside. 

What is the warranty of the Pixel 5 and Samsung S21?

Google Pixel 5 delivers two years warranty, Samsung is equipped with one year.

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