Garmin Venu vs Vivoactive 4

Garmin Venu vs Vivoactive 4 – Check which would be your best bet?

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Garmin Venu vs Vivoactive 4Garmin Venu and Vivoactive 4 are two solid and attractive smartwatches. These two look classy and packed with fitness utilities, but if you want the better one, then I recommend Garmin Vivoactive 4.

Why We Recommend Garmin Vivoactive 4?

  • The Vivoactive 4 keeps track of your Pulse Ox, but the other one cannot track it. So you will get a better health update from this.
  • With smartwatch mode, the Vivoactive 4 battery gives you eight days’ backup. Besides, the Garmin Venu battery life is five days.
  • The transflective screen of the Vivoactive 4 lets you see everything clearly in daylight or in dark. Besides, the Venu has an AMOLED screen that required the screen to turn on always.

These features make this smartwatch better than its competitor. If you want the AMOLED screen, you can choose the Venu, but it has upgraded features, so this would be your best bet.


Similar Features 

  • They give up to 6 hours of battery life with Music and GPS. So, you don’t need to stop for a frequent charge.
  • Both offer you an on-screen workout. As a result, you can simply monitor your health stats.
  • These smartwatches are waterproof that allows you to use them during a shower or swimming.
  • You can download music on them. So, it is so simple to store your favorite songs in your
  • They will track the heart rate that keeps you updated about your heart conditions.
  • Garmin Venu and Vivoactive 4 come with a one-year warranty.

You will get these similar functionalities if you buy any of Garmin Venu or Vivoactive 4. But if you want a comparatively better sound experience then you should go with Garmin Vivoactive 4.

Specifications Garmin Venu Garmin Vivoactive 4
Editor’s Rating 4.6 out of 5 4.7 out of 5
Dimension 1.7 x 1.7 x 0.49 inches 1.78 x 1.78 x 0.5 inches
Weight  1.6 ounces 1.27 ounces
Display Type AMOLED Transflective 
Battery life with Music and GPS Up to 6 hours  Up to 6 hours 
Bluetooth Yes  Yes
Battery life in Smartwatch mode  5 days  8 days
On-screen workout  Yes Yes
Music Storage  Yes  Yes
Garmin Pay  Yes  Yes
Heart Rate Monitor  Yes  Yes
Waterproof  Yes  Yes 
Warranty  1 Year 1 Year

Differences and Similarities Between Garmin Venu vs Vivoactive 4


Garmin Venu and Vivoactive 4 come in a sleek design. Both of them have stainless steel bezels with a silicone strap. Venu is lighter than the Vivoactive 4, but these two are comfortable to wear on. You can choose a color for your need since these two have different colors. The watches are waterproof certified, so you can take them to the swimming pool. Besides, they are not much different in dimension.


Talking about the display, both have a touchscreen display, but there are differences between them. The display is straightforward to set up and navigate as well. But the Garmin Venu Display is better than the Vivoactive 4.

The Venu features an AMOLED touchscreen display, it is brighter and makes your watch impressive, plus creates a more vibrant surrounding. It can give you real-time data even underwater.

On the other hand, the Vivoactive 4 has a transflective display, you can see everything clearly in daylight, even in the dark. You can always keep the screen on just by tapping the gesture.

Battery Life 

Garmin Vivoactive 4 has better battery life than the Venu. When the watch is in smartwatch mode, it can deliver up to eight days of battery life, while with music & GPS mode, the smartwatch lasts up to six hours.

On the other hand, the Garmin Venu lasts up to five days in a smartwatch, and it gives the same six hours backup in GPS with music mode on.

Fitness Oriented

You can see your body’s energy level in these smartwatches, and you can choose the best time for activity. These watches also feature yoga, animated cardio, strength, and Pilates workouts. You can see them on the watch display. Either you can choose the workout from them, or you are also allowed to download more from the Garmin Connect community.

These watches will show your accurate heart rate, while the Vivoactive 4 will track your Pulse Ox as well. Both also track your sleep, hydration, menstrual cycles, respiration, stress, and more.

Safety Features 

The Venu and Vivoactive 4 have safety and tracking features. When your watch is paired with your phone, it lets you send your current location to your contacts manually or automatically. These have built-in incident detection functions as well, and when needed, you can send the location.

App Compatible 

Garmin Venu and Vivoactive 4 can be connected to the IQ store. It allows you to add apps, different watch faces, widgets, and much more. The IQ app lets you download everything for free. These are compatible with the Garmin Connect app that lets you download animated workouts.

Also, you will get Garmin Pay which makes the checkouts a breeze. It is a contactless payment method, but the downside is, Garmin Pay networks may not be eligible for all countries.

Music & Notification 

Garmin Venu and Vivoactive 4 let you download songs straight to your watch. They are combined with Deezer, Spotify, or Amazon Music, but you need a subscription to these sites to download songs. Furthermore, you can connect wireless headphones to these watches if you want phone-free listening. They do not provide any headphones, and you may need to purchase wireless headphones separately.

Moreover, Garmin watches can be paired with your smartphone or iOS. So you can receive alerts, texts, or emails directly to the watch, plus you can respond to the text from them.

Accessories & Warranty 

They come with the same components, and the user will get documentation. You will get the Garmin watch, including a data or charging cable.

And when it comes to the warranty, the Garmin smartwatches are warranted for a one-year if there are any manufacturer defects in materials. Furthermore, they offer a 90-day warranty for repair. The warranty service will get the original purchaser.

Final Words 

These two Garmin watches feature amazing features to give you the best performance. Both watches will help you to reach your fitness goal quickly, also, you can boost your activity by downloading your favorite app to the watch. However, these are very similar, but a few differences made the Vivoactive 4 the best. It is affordable and also combines with upgraded features.

It doesn’t include an AMOLED display like the Garmin Venu, which gives you a crisp screen, yet the Vivoactive 4 is better. We strongly recommend choosing the Vivoactive 4, so whichever you’d pick, it would be an ideal decision.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Garmin Venu vs Vivoactive 4

Do these watches pair with the iPhone?

Gramin Venu and Vivoactive 4 have Bluetooth, and as long as your iPhone or Android has Bluetooth, you can pair your watch.

Does the Venu display stay on?

The watch has an “always-on” mode, and if you turn it on, the display will stay on. Also, the mode does not affect the battery life.

How long is the Garmin smartwatch battery life?

The Garmin Venu can last for 5 days with smartwatch mode, while the Vivoactive 4 can last for eight days.

Are they waterproof?

Yes, both Venu and Vivoactive 4 are waterproof watches, plus they have pool swimming activity that will track speeds to everything in between.

Do they require any app for steps?

Yes, you will need the Garmin Connect app for the steps count otherwise, you cannot see the history.

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