Garmin 245 vs 645

Garmin 245 vs 645 – Check What Makes Garmin 645 Better than 245!

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Garmin 245 vs 645If you want to get the best one between Garmin 245 and 645 without thinking much then you should select Garmin 645 as it comes with some improved features.

Why Should You Pick Garmin 645?

  • Garmin 645 comes with the Garmin Pay feature that gives you the convenience of contactless payment from your watch. Even, Garmin Pay supports cards, so you don’t need to carry any cash with you. But Garmin 245 doesn’t have this handy function.
  • You can store up to 500 songs in your Garmin 645 watch that can be connected with your Bluetooth headphone. Hence you can listen to your favorite music without your phone. On the other hand, its little brother cannot save music.
  • Both have a heart rate monitor features, but Garmin 645 can provide you accurate heart rate while you wear the watch. Unfortunately, Garmin 245 cannot give you an accurate heart rate that is the downside of this device.
  • These are compatible with Spotify, but Garmin 245 may have a connection issue while connecting to Spotify. But you won’t face any such problem with Garmin 645, plus Spotify works great on this smartwatch.
  • Once you connect your Garmin 645 to your smartphone, it won’t lose connection, but the 245 constantly loses connection.

Hopefully, now you understand why the Garmin 645 would be a better choice, plus it won’t disappoint you while using it.


Similar Features 

  • The Garmin 245 and 645 have an incident detection feature that gives your real-time location to emergency contacts through your paired compatible smartphone.
  • These two are water-resistant that allows you to take them outside in all kinds of weather as they are safe for swimming and showering.
  • They include the same 240 x 240 pixels display resolution which helps to monitor your health stats easily.
  • Both are featured with Bluetooth, find my watch, gym & fitness equipment, and so on.
  • Both come with a one-year limited warranty.

Comparison Chart

Specifications Garmin 245 Garmin 645
Editors Rating  4.7 out of 5  4.8 out of 5 
Dimension  1.7 x 1.7 x 0.5 inches 1.7 x 0.5 x 1.7 inches
Weight  1.28 ounces 1.44 ounces
Garmin Pay  No  Yes
Music Storage  No Up to 500 songs
Wifi  No  Yes
Display resolution 240 x 240 240 x 240
Bluetooth Yes Yes
Find my watch  Yes Yes
Gym & Fitness Equipment Yes Yes
Battery life  Seven days in smartwatch mode Seven days in smartwatch mode
Body Energy Monitor  Yes Yes
Pulse Ox Yes Yes
Incident detection Yes Yes
Abnormal Heart Rate Alerts Yes Yes
Stopwatch Yes Yes
Memory history  200 hours of activity data  200 hours of activity data 
Smart Notifications Yes Yes
Wrist-based heart rate Yes Yes
Sleep Monitor  Yes Yes
Connect IQ Yes Yes
Display Type LCD LCD
Water-resistant Yes 5 ATM Yes 5 ATM
Map Type  Worldwide  Worldwide 
Warranty  One Year  One Year 

Differences and Similarities Between Garmin 245 and Garmin 645


Garmin 245 and 645 are designed for runners. You are allowed to the quick press since the devices featured a five-button interface. The watches are safe for showering plus swimming since they are water-resistant.

The Garmin display is 240 x 240 pixels, also the devices are easier to read on even under direct sunlight. They give you 5 hours of backup in GPS mode plus offer up to 7 days of battery life in smartwatch mode.

Garmin forerunners offer fast and easy swapping bands, if you want to change the band, you can do it without any tools. However, the Garmin 645 can store more than 500 songs, but this feature is missing on the forerunner 245.

Garmin Pay 

The Garmin Forerunner 645 is combined with the Garmin Pay, but the 245 is not. Garmin Pay lets you leave your wallet or phone at home since it gives you contactless payment. You can purchase anything through your smartwatch without cash or a card. Simply tap on the device to pay your bill easily. But if you choose its rival device, then you won’t get all those features.

Music Storage 

You can store more than 500 songs on the Garmin 645, while the 245 doesn’t include this impressive feature. Now you can beat your mission on the go with your favorite tones.

The device enables you to simply transfer music from your computer to the watch directly, furthermore, you can queue the playlist to your preference. Hence while running, you can play the music through Bluetooth headphones. And you don’t need to bring your phone.

Besides, the Garmin 245 requires your smartphone if you want to listen to music. It cannot store songs like the upgraded version.

Health Monitoring Tools

When it comes to monitoring tools, both smartwatches include the same things. But the 645 will provide you accurate results every time rather than the 245.

These Garmin devices will monitor your training cycle to sleep, stress your heart rate to your menstrual cycle, and everything in between. Once you put on the watch on your wrist, it will monitor your health and will keep data. You can compare your past history with your present data to check your health condition.

Safety and Tracking Feature

Forerunner 245 and 645 have safety and tracking features that give the user extra peace of mind. Once you pair your smartwatch to your smartphone, and if anything happens, you just need to hold the light button till your watch vibrates three times. And your emergency contact will get a text with your real-time location.

It makes finding you easier. These devices also include incident detection functions. During a walk, or run if the device detects any incident, it will automatically send a text to your emergency contact.

Fitness Equipment 

Forerunners will make your workout more straightforward than before. Both of them have built-in swimming, cycling, elliptical, strength training, paddle sports, and many more to help you reach your fitness goal soon.

Additionally, you can also customize workouts and download more from the Garmin Connect community. You can analyze your fitness performance since the devices will save your workout history. The devices have a training status that will monitor your exercise history and automatically evaluate them.

You can review your efforts on the Garmin app, plus you can share them with your friends or family for motivation which is an awesome idea.


These Garmin devices are water-resistant, so you can expect them to last for years to come without any issues. Also, both smartwatches combine with a one-year limited warranty period from the day you bought it. They will cover any manufacturer defects on the device or if you face any problems while using the smartwatch.

The guarantee is available worldwide, so don’t worry if you live outside the USA or Canada. However, since both of them have the same warranty, you can select the one that suits you, yet we recommend the Garmin 645 because of its upgraded functions.


Garmin 645 can give you better performance than the Garmin 245. This features music storage so that you can run with your favorite songs every time. Moreover, it offers contactless payments that its competitor cannot.

The device has advanced running dynamics plus has impressive monitoring tools than the Garmin 245. Therefore, we strongly recommend the Garmin Forerunner 645 for you. While the Garmin 245 is also a nice smartwatch, you can choose this one too if you don’t want those awesome functions.

Frequently Asked Questions about Garmin 245 and 645

Do they have a wrist heart monitoring feature?

Yes, both Garmin smartwatches combined with a heart rate monitor feature, and when you wear them, they will show you the heart rate.

Can I connect Spotify to these devices?

Yes, you can connect Spotify to these Garmin smartwatches. They can control the Spotify app.

Is the Garmin 645 compatible with apple music?

The device is capable of sync music from the iTunes library, and it syncs music by using the Garmin Express.

Do they have a timer and stopwatch?

Yes, Garmin 245 and 645 both have a stopwatch and timer feature.

Does the Garmin 645 always-on display?

The forerunner 645 display is always visible, but the device is not always lit. If you want to activate the backlight, you may need to gesture your wrist or press a button on the watch.

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