Gaggia Classic vs Breville Infuser

Gaggia Classic vs Breville Infuser – Which one is the Winner?

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Gaggia Classic vs Breville InfuserIf you compare Gaggia Classic vs Breville Infuser, then undoubtedly the Infuser will be the Winner here. Because it’s an upgraded espresso machine with more technological advancement than Gaggia Classic.

Why Breville Infuser is Winner?

  • The Breville Infuser has a Thermo coil system that heats water, and it is the most significant difference between these two machines. Furthermore, the Infuser uses PID technology to give you a perfect extraction of the espresso. Besides, Gaggia Classic doesn’t feature temperature regulation or PID technology.
  • It has a water filter; before brewing, the machine will filter out the water. Contrary, Gaggia Classic is missing the water filter feature.
  • Breville Infuser has an automatic indicator function, which is very handy and reminds you when you need to clean your machine. Plus, if the machine is required to remove the drip tray, the machine will light up. On the other side, the Gaggia Classic doesn’t have any indicator feature.
  • The pressure gauge of the Breville Infuser is another best feature when it comes to brewing. You can see the pressure dial while pulling the espresso, but the Gaggia Classic is slightly hassled because it depends on the internal pressure.
  • Breville Infuser offers a pre-infusion feature to give you a better espresso pull; in contrast, the Gaggia Classic has a manual tamper.
  • This upgraded espresso machine has an analog display so that you can check the shots or temperature. Moreover, you can control the temperature if necessary. Contrary, the Gaggia Classic doesn’t include any features like the display.

These features made the Breville Infuser our top pick over its rival. So, you can also consider having this machine for your countertop. If you want to check both of the espresso machines’ prices, go through the button below.


Similar Features of Gaggia Classic vs Breville Infuser

  • There is no built-in grinder in both espresso machines, so you need to use ground coffee to prepare your coffee drink.
  • They feature a cup warmer that is very convenient as the cup will hold the temperature, and you can drink hot espresso.
  • Gaggia Classic and Breville Infuser share the same one-year warranty, built with stainless steel iron to provide a longer lifespan.
  • Both have a commercial steam wand, so now you can make your favorite latte art easily.

Comparison Chart: Gaggia Classic vs Breville Infuser

Specifications  Gaggia Classic Breville Infuser
Editor’s Rating  4.4 out of 5  4.8 out of 5
Temperature Regulation  No Yes
Automatic Indicator  No Yes
Pressure Gauge  No Yes
Pre-Infusion No Yes
Water Filter  No Yes
Analog Display  No Yes 
Removable Water Tank  Yes Yes 
Power  1450  1600
Use Ground Coffee Yes  Yes 
Cup Warmer Yes Yes 
Dimension  9.5 x 8 x 14.2 inches 11.5 x 13.7 x 13.25 inches
Size  20 pounds 17 pounds
Water Tank  72 oz  61 oz 
Steam Wand Yes  Yes 
Warranty  1 year  1 year 

Differences and Similarities Between the Gaggia Classic vs Breville Infuser

Water Tank 

Both include a removable water tank, but in terms of water capacity, they are different. Gaggia Classic can hold up to 71 oz water; besides, the Breville Infuser has a 67 oz capacity. If you choose the Gaggia Classic, you may have less hassle when refilling the machine. But the Breville Infuser has a water filter as well. It filters water before preparing an excellent espresso, and you won’t get a filter in the Gaggia. So, the Breville Infuser would be an ideal selection for you; there is not much difference in the water tank.

Compact Design 

Gaggia Classic and Breville Infuser have compact designs; they will easily fit any countertop. Yet if you are seeking a small footprint, then Gaggia Classic would be perfect. And if you need a lightweight machine, the Breville Infuser is the answer for you as it is 17 pounds, but its competitor is 20 pounds.

However, the Gaggia Classic dimension is 9.5 inches long, 8 inches wide, and 14.2 inches high. Whereas the Breville Infuser is 13.7 inches wide, 11.5 inches long, and 13.25 inches high.

PID Technology 

Breville Infuser is upgraded with the latest PID technology while the Gaggia Classic absents the technology. When you can control your espresso machine, you can be sure of drinking the greatest espresso ever. And the Breville Infuser has digital temperature control technology so that you can control the water temperature. You can now drink delicious coffee every time you get the Infuser, but if you choose the Gaggia, you won’t have cafe-quality espresso.

Easy to Use

When it comes to using the machine, the Breville Infuser is better since it has an indicator light plus an analog display. If the espresso machine required cleaning or running out of water, then it will indicate the light. Moreover, it lets you volumetric control; also, you can select the shots between 1 and 2 shots, or there is manual control.

On the other hand, the Gaggia Classic contains snap-acting switches, which are very handy. The switches are for – steaming, brewing, or checking if the machine is getting heat or not. If you compare both, you can see the Breville Infuser is a better choice, that’s why I also recommend you this one.

Commercial Frother

A commercial frother is a perfect addition to the Breville Infuser that is not available on its rival. The frother will heat the milk, and it will thicken the milk so that you can art your latte. People who preferred cafe-style coffee should go with the Breville Infuser.


They are almost the same in terms of accessories; they will provide you with a stainless steel jug, coffee scoop, cleaning tool, and water filter with a holder. But the Breville Infuser also comes with single & dual wall filter baskets.

Cup Warmer 

In terms of brewing coffee, a cup warmer is very important, and fortunately, both have this feature. The boiler’s radiant heat will heat the top surface of the machine to keep the cup warm which prioritizes the brewing.


They are made with stainless steel material plus share the same one-year limited warranty. They require a little care but will last for years to come; also, if there are any defective parts, the warranty period will cover it.

Final Words

If you want to get optimal espresso flavor in every cup, I highly recommend the Breville Infuser for you. Furthermore, this provides more handy features as well as you can see. If you don’t need these optimized features in your espresso, you can go with the Gaggia Classic. The choice is yours!

Frequently Asked Questions Gaggia Classic vs Breville Infuser

Is the pump a Gaggia Classic 17.5 bar?

Usually, the espresso extraction of any machine should be 9 bars, and it has an adjustable valve that lets you preset the machine around 12 bars. So, you can easily pump in Gaggia Classic as well as in the Breville Infuser.

What is the required cup size for the Gaggia Classic?

If you want double espresso shots, then the standard cup size for the machine would be 2 oz.

What is the warranty of these machines?

The Breville Infuser and Gaggia Classic are equipped with a one-year warranty period.

Can I prepare regular coffee for the Breville Infuser?

It is also perfect for preparing your favorite regular coffee, but the Gaggia Classic cannot do it.

Do they include frother?

Breville Infuser is built with a frother, but the Gaggia Classic doesn’t come with this handy feature.

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