Fujifilm XT2 vs XT20

Fujifilm XT2 vs XT20 – See Why We Recommend Fujifilm XT20!


Fujifilm XT2 vs XT20Fujifilm XT2 and Fujifilm XT20 both cameras use dedicated lens elements for a clear and high-resolution image. But some advanced features and facilities made Fujifilm X-T20 the best camera here.

What Features Made FUJIFILM X-T20 Best?

  • Fujifilm XT20 has a super-intelligent manual pop-up Flash, which will help you to capture intensively detailed photos in low light. But, with X-T2, you may face troubles while capturing in moderate lighting conditions.
  • It ensures 4K video recording for 50 minutes and Full HD video recording for 60 minutes. But, X-T2 ensures only 10 minutes for 4K videos and 15 minutes for Full HD video recording. 
  • While focusing on any objects, you may face problems with the X-T2. But with the updated version X-T20, you can properly focus on any object to shoot stabilized shots.
  • You can easily carry and hold the X-T20 as its weight is only 383 grams. But X-T2’s weight is 507 grams, which is heavier than the other one. 
  • With XT-20, you can capture 350 images(approximately) with X-T20. In contrast, you can capture 340 frames( approximately) with an XT-2 camera.

If you are looking for an updated digital camera with unique features, then choose the FUJIFILM X-T20. Otherwise, you can select X-T2, but, in our view, X-T20 would be an intelligent choice.


Common Features of Fujifilm XT2 vs XT20

  • Fujifilm XT2 and XT20 cameras have 3.0 inches tilting LCD screens to shoot images overhead and close to the ground. 
  • Their 24.3 Megapixels camera with X-Processor Pro version and APS-C X-Trans CMOS III sensor ensures outstanding image quality. 
  • These fantastic cameras have 15 film simulation modes that assist you to capture photos or recording videos as you like.

FUJIFILM Company made these fantastic cameras, and these cameras are from the X-Series. So, they have some common features that you already know. If you love the similar features and wanna pick the XT-2, go with this instead.

Quick Comparison: Fujifilm XT2 vs XT20

Specifications  FUJIFILM X-T20 FUJIFILM X-T2
Editor’s ratings  4.8 out of 5 4.6 out of 5
Dimension ( W x H x D )  4.66 x 3.26 x 1.63 inches 8.1 x 11.4 x 5.7 inches
Weight ( including battery and memory card)  383 grams 507 grams
LCD Monitor  3.0 inches  3.0 inches 
Tilting LCD screen  3 directions 3 directions
Viewfinder  0.39in OLED with 2360k dots 0.5in OLED with 2360k dots
Effective Pixels  24.3 Megapixels  24.3 Megapixels 
Processor  X-Processor Pro X-Processor Pro
Flash  Manual pop-up Flash  None
Smartphone Control  Yes Yes
Lens Mount  FUJIFILM X mount FUJIFILM X mount
SD card slot 1 2
Headphone jack  No No
Film Simulation Modes  15 Modes  15 Modes
Wi-Fi Capability  Yes Yes
Battery power  NP-W126S Li-ion battery(1260mAh) NP-W126S Li-ion battery(1260mAh)
Battery life for single images  350 frames(Approx.)  340 frames(Approx.) 
Battery life for videos  4K Videos (50 minutes)  and Full HD videos ( 60 minutes) 4K videos (10 minutes)  and Full HD videos (15 minutes)
Challenging Temperature  0°C  to +40°C -10°C  to +40°C
Warranty period  1 year 1 year 

Similarities and Difference Between Fujifilm XT2 vs XT20

Dimension and Weight

You have to carry the camera in hand, and you may have to hold the camera for a long time. For these reasons, you should choose a camera with lightweight and small dimensions. FUJIFILM X-T20 is the perfect choice for you as this camera’s dimension is 4.66x 3.26x 1.63 inches, and its weight is 383 grams.

On the other hand, X-T2’s dimensions are 8.1 x 11.4 x 5.7 inches. And its weight is 507 grams. So, you can see that X-T20 has lightweight and small dimensions, and it is easier to carry. 

LCD monitor and pixels

These cameras have 3.0 inches tilting LCD monitors. While shooting you can tilt the monitor (in three directions). These cameras empower you to catch photographs over your head or extremely near the ground. Besides, these cameras’ effective pixel is 24.3 megapixels, ensuring the sharpness and quality of your images. 

Sensor and processor

When you are searching for a digital camera, you must focus on the sensor and processor of the camera as they play a crucial role. Here, FUJIFILM updated X-T2 and X-T20 with the X-Processor Pro and APS-C X-Trans CMOS III sensor. This processor increases the processing speed four times faster than the old models.

Besides, they have increased buffer memory which boosts performance and ensures the best performance from the X-Trans CMOS III sensor. Most importantly, this processor upgrades in general execution with more limited shooting stretches, screen discharge delay, and power outage time, in addition, this processor improves Auto Focus( AF) precision and the quantity of consistent catches conceivable in burst mode.

On the other hand, the X-Trans CMOS III sensor is very famous for its outstanding image quality. Besides, this sensor ensures very impressive noise reduction up to ISO12800, plus this sensor offers incredible read speed, and helps to develop the camera’s response ( in burst mode).

This sensor also makes sure that, while you are recording videos, the quality of the video will be high. For better results, we recommend you use XF lenses with these cameras. 

Film Simulation Modes

If you are a movie recorder, then these cameras are ideal for you as you will get fifteen modes. You can enjoy extra creativity, and you don’t need any post-production. you can record videos by changing the settings like aperture or speed or exposure compensation. You can capture high-resolution videos like Full HD and 4K with these cameras. 

Battery performance

FUJIFILM X-T2 and X-T20 have NP-W126S Li-ion battery (1260mAh). But, the FUJIFILM X-T20 can provide you with better performance as 350 frames can be shot by this camera plus you can record 50 minutes duration 4K videos and 60 minutes duration Full HD videos. But, when it comes to the previous version X-T2, you can have 340 frames and 10 minutes duration 4K videos and 15 minutes duration Full HD videos. So, make the decision wisely and get the FUJIFILM X-T20. 


The FUJIFILM Company focuses on the quality of the cameras. But, if you face any manufacturing defect or troubles with the camera, the company will provide a free service for one year. But, you have to show them the purchase receipt from the buying store. 


We know it was tough to make the right decision. But, we have compared them and we have found better professional and work-friendly capabilities in the FUJIFILM X-T20, and we highly recommend you choose it.  

Frequently Asked Questions about Fujifilm XT2 vs XT20

Is there a time limit on shooting a 4K video with the X-T2?

Yes. You can shoot 4K videos for 10 minutes only. But X-T20 ensures 4K video recording for 50 minutes.

Do these cameras come with a Wi-Fi facility?

Yes, these cameras have a Wi-Fi facility. 

Can I control the X-T20 with my One Plus mobile phone?

Yes, you can control this camera with any smartphone. 

Does X-T20 come with a lens? If not, what lens do you recommend me to use?

This camera comes with XC16-50mm F3.5-5.6. If you are a newcomer, then this camera is perfect for you. But if you want a zoom lens, then we recommend you to choose XF18-55mm.

Is there any headphone Jack in these cameras? 

No, there is no headphone jack attached to these cameras. 

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