Fuji XT4 vs Sony a7iii

Fuji XT4 vs Sony a7iii – Which is the best DSLR for you?


If you are confused about choosing the best camera between Fuji XT4 and Sony a7 III, go through their differences. 

What Are the Differences Between Fuji XT4 vs Sony a7iii?

Fuji XT4  Sony a7iii
FUJIFILM X-T4 Mirrorless Digital Camera Sony a7III
Fuji XT4 has 425 focus points. Sony A7iii has 693 focus points.
This camera has a 160-12800 ISO range (expandable to 51200).  This camera has a 100-51200 ISO range (expandable to 204800).
The XT4 can click up to 500 shots on a single charge.  The A7iii can capture 610 shots on a charge. 
This device doesn’t offer NFC sharing. It has NFC sharing option.
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Sony A7iii camera is built with better features, so I highly recommend this device to you. If you are still confused, then read the following part.

Why do I recommend Sony A7 III?

  • Sony a7 III has 693 focus points on this device, while the Fuji XT4 comes with only 425 focus points. Hence, more focus points let you maintain the focus even on a moving object to grab crystal clear shots.
  • It comes with the BSI CMOS sensor, whereas Fuji XT4 is integrated with the X-Trans sensor. Thus, BSI CMOS delivers sensational visuals more smoothly than the X-Trans sensor. 
  • The ISO level of the Sony a7 III is 100-51200, while the competitor has an ISO range of 160-12800. Both the ISO & Expandable ISO range of this device is more comprehensive than the Fuji XT4, enabling you to capture detailed imagery in any lighting environment.
  • This device is compatible with NFC connectivity, which will help you to transfer files without any complexity. In contrast, Fuji XT4 isn’t compatible with the NFC option.
  • You will have a run-time of 610 shots with a single charge on this device. On the other hand, Fuji XT4 will last for only 400 pictures. A durable battery will help you cover a full event or occasion without any issues.

The focus points and the ISO range will help you to get a better output. Sony a7 III will surely make you satisfied with its performance. 


Similar Features of Fuji XT4 vs Sony a7iii

  • Fuji XT4 and Sony a7iii come with a 3-inch touchscreen display that can be tiltable to record self-vlogging nearly anywhere you want.
  • They come with an electronic viewfinder perfect for tracking an object quickly to provide an incredibly clear sight.
  • The image stabilization of these cameras will provide you with better videos by eliminating the camera’s shake.
  • Both cameras are compatible with Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity options that enable you to transfer files without any complexity. 

Both DSLR cameras also have some common features, as you can see, and now if you think the Fuji would be an ideal choice for you, you can go with this instead of the Sony a7iii.

Other Specifications Chart of Fuji XT4 and Sony a7iii

Specifications Fuji XT4 Sony a7 III
Editor’s Rating 4.6 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Color Black/Silver Black
Sensor X-Trans CMOS BSI CMOS
Display 3-inch 3-inch
Touchscreen Yes Yes
Face Detection Yes Yes
Viewfinder Electronic Electronic
Product Dimension 3.65 x 5.3 x 2.51 inches 5 x 3.88 x 3 inches
Product Weight 1.16 lbs 1.44 lbs
Warranty 1-Year of Warranty 1-Year of Warranty

Features and Benefits of Fuji XT4 vs Sony a7iii


The cameras come with a stunning outlook and a premium structure. Fuji XT4 has a retro outlook that makes the camera different from any other device.

They have a compact shape and weigh very little compared to traditional devices. Fuji XT4 has two color variants: black and silver, while the Sony a7 III comes only in black. The controls are placed well in devices that are easily accessible. 


The devices have different versions of sensors installed. For example, Fuji XT4 comes with the X-Trans CMOS sensor. Fujifilm develops this sensor, and they use this sensor for almost all of their camera devices.

The other device, Sony a7 III, comes with the BSI CMOS sensor. The 24MP full-frame sensor of this device will provide you with a smooth performance with a 1.8x readout speed.


They are not designed for only still photography. Fuji XT is capable of recording full HD videos at 2160p resolution. You can record 10x slow motion with this device.

Sony a7 III can also shoot cinematic videos with the advanced HLG picture profile. The image stabilization of the devices will encounter the shake and make your video more realistic.


ISO is one of the crucial elements of a camera. You will be satisfied with the camera’s ISO range as they are perfect for any environment photography. Fuji XT4 comes with an ISO range of 160-12800.

On the other hand, Sony a7 III has an ISO range of 100-51200. As Sony a7 III has a better ISO range, it will be better to pick this device if you are concerned about picture quality. 

Focus Points

No doubt you will get stunning quality images on the devices. They have standard focus points that will make it easier for you to track and shoot an object. Sony a7 III has 693 focus points; thus, you will feel very comfortable shooting an object with this device.

On the other hand, Fuji XT4 also has a good configuration with 425 focus points. It’s recommended for beginners to choose the Sony a7 III. Professionals will love this device as well.


The Eye AF feature of the Sony a7 III will deliver stunning portraits with fast and effective eye detection. The AF will work for moving objects as well.

This feature will help you to get better-quality images. In contrast, Fuji XT4 has improved AF tracking, enhancing your image quality and making you satisfied with the visuals.


Fuji XT4 and the Sony a7 III come with a 3-inch tiltable display. The touchscreen display can change the focus area while shooting an object. As the displays are tiltable, you can easily use them for video recording. The touchscreen allows easy control of the camera functions as well.

Durability & Warranty

The devices come with a weather-sealed body that makes them suitable to use in any environment. They have a compact body structure. Thus, you can easily carry them for a longer session. You will get a 1-year warranty for the camera devices from the manufacturers. 

Final Words

The cameras have so many features that it’s tough to choose one. Comparing the features, I recommend you go for the Sony a7 III. This device is the best to get better images and videos. Fuji XT4 is also a great device for photography on a short budget. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Fuji XT4 vs Sony a7iii

Can I shoot 4K videos at 30p on the Sony a7 III?

Sure. This device can record 4K videos at 24p and 30p.

Does the Sony a7 III support an SDHC memory card?

Yes. This device supports SDHC, SDXC, and microSD memory cards.

What type of battery is used on the Fuji XT4?

There is a Lithium Metal Battery used on this device.

How suitable are they for self-vlogging?

They will be perfect for video vlogging because of the tiltable display.

How is the video quality of the Fujifilm XT4?

This video can shoot stunning videos at 240p high-speed recording.

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