Fossil Gen 5 vs Samsung Active 2

Fossil Gen 5 vs Samsung Active 2 – Get the suitable smartwatch!

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Fossil Gen 5 vs Samsung Active 2Fossil Gen 5 and Samsung Active 2 are two great smartwatches with so many features. Between these two, Samsung Active 2 has got some advanced functions that made the Winner.

Which Features Made Samsung Active 2 Winner?

  • You will have 60 hours of run-time with a single charge on Samsung Active 2, while the other one will only provide you 18 hours of backup.
  • This smartwatch comes with a Spotify & YouTube streaming advantage, whereas Fossil Gen 5 doesn’t have these streaming features.
  • Samsung Active 2 contains multiple pairing options, so it can be paired with LTE & BlueTooth. In contrast, Fossil Gen 5 has got only a Bluetooth pairing option.
  • This device comes with a 5-ATM waterproof with a 50m under water-resistance rating that can be worn in a swimming pool or such areas. On the contrary, Fossil Gen 5 comes with a 3-ATM rating which is splash-proof, but you can’t submerge this watch underwater.
  • Samsung Active 2 has a dual-size option that allows you to pick the one between 40mm and 44mm that better suits you. Fossil Gen 5 has only a single variant of size.
  • There are 5 different color variants available of Samsung Active 2 with matched body color. Fossil Gen 5 has 6 variants, but with only different belts, the body remains the same.

You will surely love to use & explore this smartwatch and the features it’s providing. Hope you understand why I recommend Samsung Active 2.  


Similar Features

  • The smartwatches are splashproof that removes the worry about getting wet or spills.
  • They have a digital payment method that allows you to leave your wallet at home.
  • Both the smartwatches have multiple color and belt options. So, you can pick your favorite one.
  • They provide very accurate sleep stats that offer valuable insights on how to get better sleep.
  • The devices will alter you for high/low heart rates. So, you will automatically get an alert if they detect unusual heart rates.

Quick Comparison: Fossil Gen 5 vs Samsung Active 2 

Specifications Fossil Gen 5 Samsung Active 2
Editor’s Rating 4.4 out of 5 4.7 out of 5
Color Variants Available Variants Available
Connectivity Bluetooth Bluetooth/LTE
Band Material Silicone/Metal Silicone
Display Shape Round Round
Battery Run-Time 18 Hours 60 Hours
Auto-Track Mode No Yes
Size Option N/A 40/44 mm
Digital Payment Yes Yes
Call Notification Yes Yes
Waterproof 3 ATM 5 ATM (IP-68 rated)
AOD Yes Yes
Product Weight 3.5 ounces 4.8 ounces
Warranty One-Year of Warranty One-Year of Warranty

Differences & Similarities: Fossil Gen 5 vs Samsung Active 2


The smartwatches come with a rounded shape and display and look very premium to traditional watches. There are two adjustment buttons placed on the right side of the Samsung Active 2, and they are so small that they enhance the beauty of the watch.

Fossil Gen 5 has three adjustment buttons, but the size may make you feel uncomfortable. They come with the always-on display mode, but this feature may provide you a different battery performance. They are perfect to wear with any outfit, and as they are lightweight, you will feel comfortable wearing them throughout the whole day.

OS & Memory

Samsung Active Watch 2 comes with the Tizen 4.0 operating system. This watch is compatible with Apple & Android. Fossil Gen 5 comes with Wear Google OS that will provide you stats with very decent accuracy.

This OS supports Android and iOS and gives you the freedom to use this watch with any device. They have a good storage option that will be useful for various purposes. Samsung Active 2 has a memory of 4GB ROM with 768MB/1GB of RAM. The other one, Fossil Gen 5, has 8GB of memory with 1GB of RAM.

Heart Rate Tracking

Samsung Active Watch 2 will constantly monitor your heart rate and alert you if the heart rate is not in a stable condition. This watch will notify you if the heart rate is in a high or low condition.

You will be able to see the blood pressure per minute with maximum accuracy on the watch screen. The heart-rate tracking of the Fossil Gen 5 will also provide you an optimum result. This will keep you up to date with your health’s progress.

Exercise Mode

Samsung Galaxy Active 2 has multiple pre-built exercise modes such as swimming, running, skating, etc. This smartwatch will automatically track your exercise and will provide you the stats of your performance. If you are a fitness fanatic who exercises daily, this auto-track feature will come in useful. Unfortunately, the Fossil Gen 5 watch doesn’t have this handy feature.

Sleep & Health

You will get your daily sleep score on the watch. For both watches, there is a dedicated app to have a brief report. The detailed performance report will be available on the app. You will be able to see how many hours you slept and your deep sleep duration.

If any unusual activities are happening in your sleep routine, you will be able to take further action. The smartwatches will provide you different health-related stats such as how many calories you’ve burnt throughout the whole day or how many steps you have taken etc. 


While purchasing a smartwatch, battery health is the section that we prioritize the more. Both are available with decent battery performance. If you don’t prefer to charge your watch frequently, then Samsung Active 2 is the perfect choice for you.

This watch will provide you a battery backup of 60 hours. Very few smartwatches do come with this much battery backup. Fossil Gen 5 also has a standard battery backup for 18 hours with a single charge. 

Variants & Watch Face

The watches come in multiple color variants with different types of belts. Fossil Gen 5 comes with 6 different color variants with silicone, metal, and leather belts. There are 5 color variants of Samsung Active 2 available where the body is also matched with the belt color. You can configure and customize the device watch face. There are more than thousands of watch faces available for both smartwatches.


The watches are compatible with some unique features. The Samsung Galaxy Active 2 allows you to stream through Spotify & YouTube. There are built-in voice assistants integrated into the devices.

Fossil Gen 5 has Google Assistant, and the Samsung Active 2 comes with Bixby to assist you. You will get your smartphone notification in the watches. Fossil Gen 5 and the Samsung Active 2 have a speaker to answer the calls.

Payment & Connectivity

Both the smartwatch supports digital contactless payment. Fossil Gen 5 comes with the Google Pay method, while the Samsung Active 2 is compatible with the Samsung Pay method.

You are required to add and sync your card information with the features to get this method availed. Samsung Active 2 is compatible with Bluetooth and LTE connectivity, while the fossil Gen 5 supports only the Bluetooth option.

Durability & Warranty

Fossil & Samsung are two of the giant gadget manufacturers in the world. There is no scope to doubt their quality. The smartwatches come with a durable build quality and will provide you a top-notch service.

Samsung Active 2 is slightly ahead in this criteria because of the better waterproof rating. The manufacturers offer a 1-year of warranty for the devices.


There is no doubt that both the smartwatches have all the required features, and the quality is superb. Samsung Galaxy Active 2 is the winner in this comparison because of the better build quality and the unique specs mentioned above. Fossil Gen 5 can be an option if you prefer the Google Pay payment method and the metal belt feature.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fossil Gen 5 vs Samsung Active 2 

Can I change the calendar format?

Sure. You can change the date format however you like.

What is the width of the bands of the devices?

The width of the belt is 22 millimeters.

What is the band material?

The band is made of silicone material.

Can I wear them while sleeping?

Sure. You are required to wear them during sleeping to get the sleep score.

Do they notify if there is any call or SMS on the phone?

Yes. You need to keep your phone near you for this feature.

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