Fossil Gen 5 vs Galaxy Watch

Fossil Gen 5 vs Galaxy Watch – Check Why you should buy Galaxy!

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Fossil Gen 5 vs Galaxy Watch Fossil Gen 5 & Galaxy Watch are two great smartwatches to consider. But to get the best for your hand, you should pick Galaxy Watch because of its improved facilities.

Why You Should Pick Galaxy Watch?

  • You will have 80 hours of run-time as this watch comes with a 470mAh battery, whereas the Fossil Gen 5 will provide you only 24 hours of battery life.
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch is a military standard watch & it’s 5 ATM water resistance with an IP68 rating. The other one, Fossil Gen 5, is a 3 ATM water resistance device.
  • This smartwatch is compatible with LTE & Bluetooth connectivity, while the Fossil Gen 5 comes with only the Bluetooth option.
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch comes with size options. You would be able to pick between 42mm and 46mm to find the right one for you.  
  • The edges of the display have a higher bezel than the screen that will protect your screen from getting any scratches. The other comes with a flat display.
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch will be able to control your IoT devices based on your sleep and activity patterns. This will simplify your life & provide you a hassle-free life. This unique feature isn’t available in the alternative we are comparing.

There is not a single lack of features in this device. This smartwatch is undoubtedly a beast and will satisfy you with superb performance.


Similar Features

  • Both watches are splash-proof and can be submerged underwater. So, you can keep wearing them during rain or other tough conditions. 
  • These devices can provide smarter health coaching and track your heart points accurately.
  • They are compatible with a contactless payment that removes the need of carrying a wallet.
  • They have decent battery backup. So, you don’t need to stop for the charge frequently.
  • They will provide smartphone notifications.

Quick Comparison: Fossil Gen 5 vs Galaxy Watch

Specifications Fossil Gen 5 Galaxy Active Watch
Editor’s Rating 4.4 out of 5 4.6 out of 5
Color Variants Available Variants Available
Connectivity Bluetooth Bluetooth/LTE
OS Wear OS Tizen 4.0
Waterproof 3 ATM 5 ATM
Battery 24+ Hours 80 Hours
Military Standard No Yes
Contactless Pay Yes Yes
Voice Assistant Yes Yes
Size Options No Yes
Size Size 1.28 inches 1.30 inches
Smartphone Notifications Yes Yes
Warranty 1-Year of Warranty 1-Year of Warranty

Differences & Similarities Between Fossil Gen 5 & Galaxy Watch


Fossil Gen 5 and the Galaxy Watch come in a round shape body and an AMOLED display. Galaxy Watch has a sporty look and will suit the formal outfit as well. There are some patterns in the bezel of the Galaxy Watch that look very cool and enhanced the beauty of this watch. The other one, Fossil Gen 5, has a simple outlook but still looks very premium. 


You will be fully satisfied with the battery performance of the smartwatches as they will perform better than traditional watches. Galaxy Watch comes with a powerful 470mAh of battery that will provide you 80 hours of run-time with a single charge.

You won’t get that much backup in any other watch. Fossil Gen 5 will give you only 24 hours of backup, so you are required to charge your Fossil every day. They are very easy to charge. You just need to place the body in the charging dock. 

OS & Memory

The smartwatches come with a different operating system. Fossil Gen 5 has the Wear OS from Google. The Galaxy Watch, on the other hand, uses Tizen 4.0 as its operating system with the Exynos 9110 chipset. They have a very decent memory that will keep them smooth while running. Galaxy Watch has a memory of 768MB+4GB, while the Fossil Gen 5 has 8GB of storage.

Contactless Payment

Contactless payment is becoming very popular and handy as this feature lets you pass the cart fast. They’ll both let you pay your bills without making any contact. Galaxy Watch comes with the Samsung Pay option, while the Fossil Gen 5 comes with the Google Pay method. To avail of this feature, you will be required to add your card information to the system.

Health & Fitness

Fossil Gen 5 comes with the Google Fit that will track your activity, and the built-in GPS will show your performance by the distance covered. You will get your daily score on the score that will help you to stay updated about your health performance.

Galaxy Watch will help you to lead a balanced life. You will get guided meditation and breathing exercises in the smartwatch. The built-in health tracking will track your calories and health performance, thus, you will be able to notice anything unusual. 

Heart & Sleep

The smartwatches do a very decent job of tracking sleep. This will provide you a sleep score based on your sleep. You will get the sleep duration with the deep and light stage.

They also track the heart-rate for all the time. You will be able to see if the heart rate is in a low or high condition. As there will be the report of the whole day, you will notice if the rate is not in a stable mode and can take further precautions.

Solid Build Quality

Both the smartwatch come with solid build quality and a durable design that will provide you an extended lifetime of service. Galaxy Watch is a 5 ATM water-resistant device submerged under 50m of water without getting defective.

This watch is also an 810-G military standard watch. Fossil Gen 5 also has a decent build quality, and this device is a 3-ATM water-resistant watch.

Watch Faces & Variants

There are lots of customizable watch faces available for this device. You are free to choose your favorite one whenever you want. You will get them by using the app made for these devices.

Fossil Gen 5 has a total of 6 variants with different material belts. There are silicone, metal, and leather variants available for this watch. Galaxy Watch has three body color variants, but there are many belts available to customize the look.

Smartphone Access

You will get your smartphone notifications in your smartwatch by syncing them. There are custom replies included on the devices so that you can answer any calls or SMS by sending a quick text. You will be able to change your music from the playlist through the watches.

Fossil Gen 5 lets you answer your calls with the built-in speaker. Also, this will show you the notifications of your apps and others. You are required to keep your smartphone near you to have the notifications on your wrist. 

Voice Assistant

Fossil Gen 5 is compatible with Google Assistant and can be used to command and perform any task you want. You will have the weather updates or even make a call through the voice assistant. The built-in microphone will perform your every command at the quickest possible time. Samsung Galaxy Watch has its voice assistant – Bixby, to take action as per your voice command.

IoT Device Control

Samsung Galaxy Watch has this unique feature that will keep you connected with your IoT devices. The Home IoT function of this watch will allow you to control your TV, robot vacuum cleaner, and other smart home appliances.

The feature will operate in accordance with your sleep and activity rhythms. If you choose to perform several actions at once, you can use a customized set of commands.

Durability & Warranty

Samsung and Fossil are both two great gadget manufacturers in the world. There should not be any confusion about the build quality of the smartwatches. They are splashproof and can be worn during any extreme exercise.

Samsung Galaxy Watch is the most durable one because of the Military Standard rating. The manufacturers offer a 1-year of warranty for these smartwatches. 

Final Words

Both the devices are top-notch in terms of providing stats with accuracy. They are compatible with any smartphone or OS. Galaxy Watch is a great device and has all the features for a satisfying experience with its durable build quality. Fossil Gen 5 is also a winner as this doesn’t have any limitations.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fossil Gen 5 and Galaxy Watch 

Do they run with the Phone GPS?

No. The devices have a built-in GPS.

Is the Samsung Watch compatible with the iPhone?

Sure. This smartwatch is compatible with any smartphone OS.

Is it possible to control the music playlist through the watch?

Yes. You will be able to change your songs with a single touch.

Do they have an always-on display mode?

Sure. Using this feature will provide you less battery run-time.

Do the screens get scratched easily?

It depends on your use. Galaxy Watch has better screen protection.

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