Ergobaby Adapt vs 360

Ergobaby Adapt vs 360 – Check & Get the Comfortable one!

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Ergobaby Adapt vs 360Ergobaby 360 overtakes the Ergobaby Adapt with some advanced features. Therefore, my recommendation is Ergobaby 360 as it provides much comfort while carrying a baby. Now, let’s have a glance at the exclusive features of Ergobaby 360 to make a wise decision.

Why Ergobaby 360 is Best?

  • Ergobaby 360 comes with 4 different carrying positions. Therefore, you can carry your baby according to your wish. But the Ergobaby Adapt offers only 3 different positions. 
  • It is very suitable for both mothers and babies as this carrier will not hamper your child’s growth in any way. While the Ergobaby Adapt is not that comfortable to carry. However, 360 remains a dependable carrier to possess. 
  • Another great ability of the Ergobaby 360, it has a breastfeeding option on the go. But the Ergobaby Adapt doesn’t have this useful function. 
  • The waist belt of the Ergobaby 360 is specially designed to distribute the weight. Therefore, parents feel so comfortable while carrying this one. On the opposite side, the waistbelt of the Adapt is not thoughtfully designed.  
  • It comes with more pockets than the Adapt. Therefore, you will get more options to carry essential accessories on it. But the Adapts lack pocket options.

From the features mentioned above, I hope it’s pretty clear how Ergobaby 360 becomes the best one here. If you want to get any of these carries at a reasonable price, go to the button below to make the best possible deal.


Similar features of Ergobaby Adapt vs 360 Baby Carriers

  • Both carriers are machine-washable. 
  • These carriers have an adjustable bucket seat option. 
  • They have media-compatible functions. 
  • You will get a good option for more safety. 
  • Offers multiple carrying positions. 
  • Both come with lumbar support. 

Quick Comparison: Ergobaby Adapt vs 360

Specifications  Ergoaby adapt  Ergobaby 360 
Editor’s rating  4.5 out of 5  4.8 out of 5 
Main fabric  Premium cotton mesh  Premium cotton mesh 
Color options  Three  Four 
Carrying positions  Three  Four 
Forward-facing out option  No  Yes 
Usable from birth  Yes Yes (with an infant insert) 
Foldable head support  Yes  Yes 
M position carry  Yes  Yes 
Adjustable bucket seat  Yes  Yes 
More patterns  No  Yes 
Soft and wide shoulder straps No  Yes 
Different color options  Yes  Yes 
Machine washable  Yes  Yes 
Warranty  Yes  Yes 

Comparison of features between Ergobaby Adapt vs 360

Manufactured fabric 

Both these baby carriers are made with premium cotton fabric, which is very well known for its lasting ability. More Than that, this fabric is soft. Therefore, both these carriers are comfortable to carry. Users can carry them for the long term without going into any trouble, and this fabric is essential for the child. Your baby’s growth will not be hampered with these carriers. 

One downside of premium cotton is that this carrier gets warm in a very quick time. But the suspension system is there to help you, which keeps these carriers at a normal temperature for a long time. 


As these carriers are made with cotton fabric, having an excellent air passing ability is very important. Where the Adapt and the 360 come with a high-quality suspension system. That allows users to carry these items for a long time. Also, your body will remain sweat-free for that air passing ability. Also, the Ergobaby 360 is available in cool mesh fabric. That may be your best companion in hot weather conditions. 

Special features 

The Ergobaby 360 comes with four different carrying options. It offers front carry, hip carry, back carry, and front face out carry options. Users have highly rated this fantastic ability of the Ergobaby 360 baby carrier. On the opposite side, the Ergobaby Adapt offers three different carry options. These are front, hip, and back carry options. So, this carrier gets behind Ergobaby 360, not having a four-way carry option. 

Another great thing about the Ergobaby 360 is the specially designed waist belts. This waist belt is beneficial to carry your kid a lot more comfortably. But the Ergobaby Adapter is still a good one. However, you will not get the well-thought waist belt with that. 

One downside of the Ergobaby 360 is this carrier doesn’t offer a built-in infant insert. While the Ergobaby Adapt comes with an infant insert. But you can get the infant by some extra payment. That will make your carrier more useful. 

Different patterns options 

The Ergobaby 360 offers 4 different color options. While the Ergobaby Adapt only offers 3 different color options. Moreover, the Ergobaby 360 comes with different reliable patterns. Such as a cool mesh fabric made one. So, in this section, I would say, Ergobaby 360 easily beats the Ergobaby Adapt with these special abilities.   


Both these carriers come with limited warranty clauses. But the warranty clause is more than enough to support your usability. In addition, these carriers have repairable options from the Ergobaby brand. So, don’t delay taking your desired one. 


Here I would say the Ergobaby 360 is a far better option compared to the Ergobaby Adapt. However, the Ergobaby Adapt can be a great alternative to this one. However, it can not replace the Ergobaby 360. Now, it is up to your wish, which one you are looking for. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Ergobaby Adapt vs 360

Question: Which one has breastfeeding options?

Answer: Both these carriers have breastfeeding eligibility. But the Ergobaby 360 is more comfortable for breastfeeding activities. 

Question: How many color options does the Erbaby Adapt come with? 

Answer: This carrier comes with 3 different color options. They are black, grey, and blue. You can take the desired one from these multiple color eligibility. 

Question: Can I get mesh fabric Ergobaby 360? 

Answer: Yes, this carrier has different patterns. Which are very suitable for customers. Also, this carrier is available in premium mesh fabric. That is the most suitable choice in the hot summer season. 

Question: Can I get an adjustable seat system for these two? 

Answer: Yes, both these carriers come with an adjustable bucket seat option. Which is very helpful for the users. Moreover, the baby gets a comfortable zone to be positioned. So, you go for any of these two, for your requirement. 

Question: Which one is more comfortable for the users? 

Answer: undoubtedly, the Ergobaby 360 is the more comfortable one of these. Moreover, this carrier comes with a variety of features. But it takes a slight time for the users to be adjusted to that one. 

Question: Can I get the Grey colored Ergobaby 360? 

Answer: Yes, this carrier comes with four different color options. And Grey color is one of these fixed colors. 

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