Epson 4010 vs Optoma UHD60

Epson 4010 vs Optoma UHD60 – See why Epson is Better than Optoma!


Epson 4010 vs Optoma UHD60Epson 4010 and Optoma UHD60 are high-end projectors, but between these two, Epson 4010 would be the better choice here.

What Makes Epson 4010 Better Choice?

  • Epson 4010 has advanced 3 Chip technology with “no rainbowing” features. Besides, Optoma UHD60 doesn’t have this advanced technology. While watching anything on the Optoma, it may show a rainbow effect, also it could have “color brightness” issues.
  • Epson 4010 includes 4K resolution advanced pixel-shifting technology that precisely controls high definition LCD chips so that you can enjoy a sharp 4K visual experience. In contrast, its competitor may have a 4K resolution but cannot give crisp, sharp, smooth visual image quality.
  • The device is designed for zero light leakage and utilizes 15 element precision glass structure. At the same time, Optoma doesn’t provide you this feature.
  • It is a 3D-compatible projector so you can enjoy movies and games with sharp details. On the contrary, Optoma doesn’t support 3D.
  • Epson 4010 comes with a two-year warranty, including a 90-day guarantee on the Lamps. But the Optoma supports a one-year warranty.

These unique features made Epson 4010 a better projector than Optoma UHD60, and you can also choose this device if you want the best one. To check the price simply press the button below.


Common Features

  • Epson and Optoma both support HDMI, 4K, VGA, USB, and more. That means you are allowed to connect with most of the media players.
  • They provide flexible installation. As a result, you can simply install them without any experts.
  • Both have 3 Axis technology. So, you can easily set the zoom and focus according to your needs.
  • These devices support HDR that ensures outstanding brightness with sharp detail.

You get these similar functions if you buy Epson or Optoma. But if you want comparatively better performance with improved features then Epson 4010 would be the best pick.

Quick Comparison

Specifications Epson 4010 Optoma UHD60
Editor’s Rating 4.9 out of 5  4.7 out of 5 
Dimensions 17.7 x 20.5 x 6.7 inches 13 x 19.6 x 5.6 inches
Weight 24.3 pounds 16 lbs
3D-capable Yes No
Projection system Epson 3LCD DLP
3-chip technology  Yes No
Resolution  4K 4K
Brightness Lumens  2,400  3,000
Contrast ratio 2,00,000: 1 1,000,000:1
Approx. lamp life 4000 hrs (5000 ECO) 15,000 hrs
Vertical lens shift Yes Yes
Vertical keystone correction Yes Yes
Horizontal lens shift Yes Yes
Warranty 2 years 1 Year 

Differences and Similarities: Epson 4010 vs Optoma UHD60

Whether you want a ceiling-mounted or want the device to keep on a table, you can do it the way you want with Epson 4010 or Optoma UHD60. These projectors have both vertical and horizontal lens shifts plus keystone correction. While mounted on these projectors, make sure you choose a place that has a proper ventilation system so that your device gets air properly. You can install them in the rear or rear ceiling, front or front ceiling mode. Moreover, make sure you choose a sturdy and level surface to keep it. 

Size and Weight
Optoma UHD60 will take less space rather than Epson 4010. It measures 13 inches long, 19.6 inches wide, and 5.6 inches in height with 16 lbs. On the other hand, Epson 4010 dimension is 17.7 x 20.5 x 6.7 inches, 24.3 pounds. So, you can easily carry Optoma since it is lighter than Epson and also it’s slim.

4K Resolution
Epson 4010 offers 4K resolution shifting technology that precisely controls LCD chips for resolution enhancement. The technology will bring you an exceptionally 4k sharp visual experience. On the other hand, you will get a true 4K resolution from Optoma UHD60 because the projector features a true 4K UHD resolution. It supports 8.3 million distinct on-screen pixels to provide amazing detail and picture quality.

Both projectors have HDR10 technology with comprehensive color gamut support to deliver extensive DCI-P3 coverage. And for the exceptional visual performance, it reproduced HDR content.

Contrast Ratio
They offer PureMotion technology that enhances the picture quality by eliminating motion blur, noise to offer you fast, clear, and smooth visuals. Epson equipped with 2,00,000:1 contrast ratio, whereas, Optoma UHD60 has 1,000,000:1. Thus, Optoma will deliver you brighter white with a deeper black level with greater color depth than Epson.

And if we talk about the Brightness level, Optoma is also good at brightness level. It gives you 3000 lumens, but Epson features 2,200 lumens. Though Optoma is slightly better, there is not much difference. And these two will display 4K content at their best lumens, which gives wider performance plus exceptional HDR performance.

3LCD Display
Epson 4010 features the 3LCD display, whereas its competitor doesn’t have this function. The advanced 3LCD display will give you 100% RGB color for every frame. And the 3LCD display won’t make any rainbow effect on the screen, but the Optoma UHD60 may have this issue since it does not feature 3LCD display technology.

Robust Connectivity
Epson and Optoma provide robust connectivity so that you can enjoy your favorite movies or other TV shows on a large screen. These are compatible with Chromecast Ultra, FireTV 4K, Roku 4K, Xbox One X, PS4 Pro, Apple TV 4K, and so on. Also, they support mobile devices, PCs, and Macs. These projectors support VGA, USB, HDMI 4K too.

If you want a better warranty from your device, go with Epson 4010 because it features a two-year warranty with a 90-day guarantee on the lamp. At the same time, Optoma IHD60 offers a one-year warranty on both machine and lamp too. However, they will cover any repair or replacement you required during the warranty period. But the warranty is only available for USA users.

Epson 4010 is undoubtedly the better choice here if you want the best one. It will give you better picture quality even though Optoma UHD60 has a high contrast ratio. It features 3D, 3LCD display, offers you a better warranty, plus is durable. So, I highly recommend the Epson 4010 but if you want a true 4K image, go ahead with Optoma UHD60.

Frequently Asked Questions of Epson 4010 and Optoma UHD60

Which is the true 4K projector?

Optoma UHD60 is a true 4K projector, and it has 3840 x 2160 pixels image resolution, whereas the Epson has 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Is this Optoma a 3D projector?

No, Optoma UHD60 is not a 3D projector, but Epson supports 3D which is great.

Will Optoma be able to handle video games?

Yes, the device is capable of handling video games at 60fps, which is incredible because this will give you clear detail.

What are the brightness lumens for these devices?

Epson 4010 has 2,200 lumens, on the other side, Optoma UHD60 has 3,000 lumens. So the Optomoa will deliver better image quality in dark scenes.

Does Epson support arcs?

Yes, it supports arc, you will need an HDMI arc to connect the device to a soundbar.

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