Ecobee 4 vs 5

Ecobee 4 vs 5 – Check Why Ecobee 5 is the Best Thermostat!


Undoubtedly Ecobee 4 and 5 are two great thermostats, but if you want to invest in one, then read their differences first to get the best one.  

What Are the Differences Between Ecobee 4 and 5?

Ecobee 4  Ecobee  5
Ecobee 4  Ecobee  5
Ecobee 4 is not ECO+ software compatible. Ecobee 5 is ECO+ software compatible.
This thermostat do not have SmartSensor. This thermostat has SmartSensor.
It features 2.4GHz wifi. It supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz wifi.
This thermostat is not integrated with Bluetooth. This Ecobee thermostat is Bluetooth compatible.
It has an analog microphone feature. It has a digital microphone.
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Ecobee 5 thermostat makes your home very comfortable compared to Ecobee 4. This combine with much better features than the Ecobee 4 as you can see. So, you can get this device with your eyes closed.

What Features Made Ecobee 5 Best?

  • The built-in Amazon Alexa feature is advanced in Ecobee 5. You’ll get the calling, announcement, and messaging option with its Alexa. But, Ecobee 4’s Alexa does just basic stuff for you.
  • Ecobee 5 comes with a Bluetooth feature that lets you stream music from the online platform with your thermostat. Listening to songs on your thermostat is a new and fantastic experience. Contrary, Ecobee 4 does not have any Bluetooth feature.
  • This thermostat has an Eco+ software upgrade, which makes this thermostat energy efficient. Therefore, it saves power costs and gives you 23% off your bill. In contrast, Ecobee 4 does not have this software either.
  • It has an advanced microphone attached to it. Also, it can detect wake words, echo-spatial, and respond to your command a lot quicker. On this matter, Ecobee 4 has an analog microphone.
  • Ecobee 4 thermostat only supports a 2.4GHz network in a WiFi connection. In contrast, Ecobee 5 supports both the 2.4GHz network and the 5GHz network. If your home has many smart electronics, then Ecobee 5 would support them through its 5 GHz network support quality.

As you can see, so many features make Ecobee 5 a better thermostat than Ecobee 4. So, choosing Ecobee 5 would be the right decision.


Similar Features

  • Ecobee 4 and Ecobee 5 work with a motion sensor that keeps you comfortable by keeping the temperature perfect for your most important room.
  • They both have a room sensor that automatically switches to the right mode for comfort when you’re home or for savings when you’re not.
  • These two support humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and ventilators. As a result, you will get your desired temperature for ultimate relaxation.
  • These two thermostats have 3.5” LCD touch screens, which ensure ease of use for better usability.

Other Specifications Chart of Ecobee 4 vs 5

Specification Ecobee 5 Ecobee 4
Editor’s Rating 4.9 Out of 5 4.7 Out of 5
Dimension 4.29 x 4.29 x 1 4 x 4x 1
Weight 1.8lbs 1.83lbs
Motion Sensor Yes Yes
Room Sensor Yes Yes
Humidifier Support Yes Yes
Dehumidifier Support Yes Yes
Built-in Amazon Alexa Advanced Yes
Ventilator Support Yes Yes
LCD Touch Screen Yes Yes
Mobile App Control Yes Yes
Smart Device Support Yes Yes
Warranty 3 Years 3 Years

Features and Benefits of Ecobee 4 vs 5


These two Ecobee thermostats have an identical elegant design. They come in a ‘squircle’ shape. Their weight and dimension are quite similar. Ecobee 4 and 5’s weight is 1.8 pounds, and the dimension is about 4 x 4 x 1 inch. They are capable of looking great in your home and give a beautiful touch.

Room Sensor and Motion Sensor

The coolest feature in Ecobee 4 and Ecobee 5 is its sensor features. They come with two types of sensors: room sensors and motion sensors. Room sensors work is to work in a room to collect the room’s different temperature data and set the most appropriate one for the room. 

The motion sensor detects your motions and sets a mood according to them. If it detects motion, it has Home Mood for this. If it does not detect any motion in the house, it sets the Away Mood. When you are moving into the house, it follows you and sets the temperature that suits you wherever you are in the house. This feature makes these two more preferable and smarter than many other thermostats.


Ecobee 5 has this extra feature in it. The Bluetooth feature. With this feature, you can tune in to your favorite music by online streaming. Ecobee 5 supports many online platforms, including Spotify and Pandora. What could be more amazing than this, listening to your favorite music on your thermostat?

Amazon Alexa

Both Ecobee 4 and 5 have Amazon Alexa built-in on them. They do regular tasks such as listening to your instruction and work according to it, which they listen to through their microphone. Still, Ecobee 5’s Alexa is the advanced one. You can manage messaging, calling, and announcements with it. These skills come in really handy in a thermostat when you have them.


Another cool feature you get with Ecobee 5 is an upgraded Eco+ software. This feature is very efficient if you are thinking about minimizing the electricity bill. This software increases the efficiency of energy that saves your electricity bills up to 23%. This is also an environment-friendly feature.

WiFi and Mobile Compatibility

These two have WiFi compatibility for the 2.4GHz network. Besides, Ecobee 5 allows working in a 5GHz network too. So, there would be no problem with WiFi connectivity when there are many smart electronics at your home. If you have plenty of them, you can consider the Ecobee 5 for you, but if you do not have a lot, 2.4GHz is also a good network coverage. They both are compatible with the mobile app as well. There is also web access for these two thermostats. 


They both have a built-in microphone in them. The Ecobee 4 has an analog one. Ecobee 5 smart thermostat’s microphone is a digital one. It is better in word detection; echo-spatial detection also works way quicker than the analog microphone. Therefore while there are noises in the background, it still detects your instruction and gives you a faster result.


Ecobee smart thermostats manufacturers provide three years limited warranty on their thermostats. Ecobee 4 and five both have three years limited warranty as well. There is no doubt that these thermostats have been capable of giving you service for years. Still, if you need technical help during these warranty years, Ecobee will provide you with this.


It is visible at the end how Ecobee 5 makes it a better thermostat itself. Its upgraded features are genuinely next-level. The price range is not a lot different from Ecobee 4 too. Better WiFi connectivity, finer Alexa support, digital microphone, additional Bluetooth feature, and environment-friendly money-saver software make it an ultimate gem.

If you look clearly at Ecobee 4, you can see that the thermostat is not bad at all either. It has nearly all of the features built into it. It does not provide you with the lavish service that Ecobee 5 can give you. So, be smart at choosing which suits you the best between Ecobee 4 and 5.   

Frequently Asked Questions about Ecobee 4 and 5

Can I turn off the Alexa in Ecobee 5?

Yes, you can turn off the Alexa on Ecobee 5 via the LCD touch screen.

Does Ecobee 4 have a backup battery with it?

No, Ecobee 4 does not have any backup battery with it.

Can the temperature be locked on the Ecobee 5 thermostat?

Yes, You can set a passcode for your thermostat and lock the temperature after setting it.

What is the weight of Ecobee 4?

The weight of the Ecobee 4 thermostat is 1.83 pounds.

Does Ecobee 5 have fan-only settings?

Yes, Ecobee 5 has a Fan-only setting.

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