Dyson v11 vs v15 – Check Which One Is Best & Why?

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Dyson V15 was released in March 2021 & V11 was released in March 2019. Both Vacuums are amazing and have some similarities, but if you are looking for the best one for better performance, I would recommend the Dyson V15 rather than the V11.

Why Do I recommend the Dyson V15?

  • The Dyson V15 offers 230 AW suction power on boost mode, and the V11 has 185 AW suction power. Comparable to the V11, the V15 can offer you a better cleaning experience. 
  • It has an intelligent Piezo power sensor that detects floor type while cleaning & sets the suction power by itself, which makes sure effortless cleaning. Dyson V11 doesn’t have any intelligent power sensor.
  • After charging for 4 hours, you can run Dyson V15 for 75 minutes, but V11 can run only 60 minutes after charging for 3 hours.
  • It offers a Hard Bristle Brush, which is very helpful when you are doing harder tasks, like removing stubborn dirt, but V11 doesn’t have a Hard Bristle Brush.
  • It has a Laser Slim Fluffy cleaning head to capture debris of all sizes. This head also has a green LED light that shines on the floor at an angle to help reveal even the smallest debris types, But the V11 Doesn’t have it.
  • Dyson V15 Includes an upgraded Torque Drive head with anti-tangle technology & a Motorbar cleaner head specifically designed to prevent hair wrap, making it ideal for homes with pets. Dyson V11 Comes with a Basic Torque Drive.
  • Dyson V15 included HEPA filter that capture ultra-fine particles and allergens, making it more suitable for households with allergy sufferers. Dyson V11 Utilizes a whole-machine filtration system, trapping 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns.
  • The Maximum Hose Airflow of Dyson V15 is 71.9 CFM, and V11 is 62.5 CFM, which means V15 can create more airflow to collect the dust in the bag on the container.
  • Dyson V15 also provides a Soft dusting brush that helps to do delicate tasks, like cleaning blinds or lampshades. You will not get in in V11.
  • Dyson V12’s noise level is higher than the Dyson V15. Its noise level is 73 decibels, and V15’s is 70 decibels. Therefore, working with Dyson V15 is more peaceful than Dyson V11.

Maybe the Dyson V11 price can make you comfortable because it’s a little bit cheaper than the V15. But you have to compromise all the above-mentioned features. Now the Decision is Yours. I hope it was helpful to choose the right one.


Side By Side Comparison

Specification  Dyson V15 Dyson V11
Editor’s Rating 4.8 Out of 5 4.6 Out of 5
Cleaning Performance 99% 94%
Bare Floor Performance 9.7 out of 10 9.2 out of 10
Low-Pile Carpet Performance  8.8 Out of 10 8.8 Out of 10
High-Pile Carpet Performance 7.4 Out of 10 9 out of 10
Pet Hair Cleaning Performance 8.7 Out of 10 7.5 Out of 10
2.0 High Torque cleaning head Yes No
Piezo Sensor Yes No
Maximum Run Time 75 min 60 min
Laser Slim Fluffy cleaning head Yes No
Laser Technology Yes, Laser Slim Fluffy cleaner head No
Washable Brushroll Yes No
On-board Debris Sensors Yes No
Stubborn dirt brush Yes No
Hard Bristle Brush Yes No
Soft dusting brush Yes No
Motor suction power  230 AW 185 AW
Maximum Hose Airflow 71.9 CFM 62.5 CFM
Filtration System Whole-machine filtration with HEPA filter Whole-machine filtration
Cleaning Modes Eco, Auto, Boost, Laser Dust Detection Eco, Auto, Boost
Motorbar Cleaner Head Yes, advanced anti-tangle technology No
Hair Screw Tool Yes, designed for pet hair No
Acoustic Control Yes, quieter operation Yes
Torque Sensing Yes, with enhanced accuracy Yes
Headlight Yes No
Noise level 70.5 DB 73 DB
Maximum Wand Length 3.25 ft 3.22 ft
Weight: 6.8 lbs 5.2 lbs
Price Check V15 Price Check V11 Price

What Both Vacuum Cleaners Can Do?

  • Battery Type and Life:Both the Dyson V11 and Dyson V15 use a high-capacity nickel-cobalt-aluminum battery, which provides up to 60 minutes of run time on a single charge. This ensures extended cleaning sessions without frequent recharging.
  • Charging Time: Both models require approximately 4.5 hours to fully charge, making them convenient to recharge overnight or between cleaning sessions.
  • Replaceable Battery: Both vacuum cleaners feature a replaceable battery design, allowing users to swap out batteries for longer cleaning sessions or to replace a worn-out battery without needing to replace the entire vacuum.
  • Filtration System: Both the V11 and V15 come with whole-machine filtration, capturing 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. This ensures clean air is expelled back into the room, making them suitable for allergy sufferers.
  • Filter Maintenance: Both models feature washable lifetime filters, which are easy to maintain and cost-effective as they do not require frequent replacement.
  • Weight and Dimensions: The weight and dimensions of both models are quite similar, ensuring ease of use and maneuverability. Both models are lightweight enough for extended use without causing user fatigue.
  • Bin Volume: Both vacuums have nearly identical bin volumes, with the V11 holding 0.76 liters and the V15 holding 0.77 liters. This capacity is sufficient for multiple cleaning sessions before needing to be emptied.
  • Cleaning Modes: Both the Dyson V11 and V15 offer Eco, Auto, and Boost cleaning modes. Eco mode maximizes battery life, Auto mode adjusts suction power based on floor type, and Boost mode provides maximum suction for deep cleaning.
  • LCD Display: Both models feature an LCD screen that displays important information such as remaining run time, maintenance alerts, and current cleaning mode, enhancing user experience and convenience.
  • Torque Drive Cleaner Head: Both vacuums come with a Torque Drive cleaner head, which adapts to different floor types for optimal cleaning performance on both carpets and hard floors.
  • Additional Tools: Both the V11 and V15 include essential cleaning tools like a mini motorized tool, crevice tool, and combination tool, providing versatility for different cleaning tasks.
  • Run Time Indicator: Both models have a run time indicator that provides real-time updates on remaining battery life, allowing users to manage their cleaning sessions effectively.
  • Torque Sensing: Both vacuums feature torque sensing technology that adjusts suction power based on the type of floor being cleaned, optimizing cleaning performance and battery life.
  • Acoustic Control: Both the V11 and V15 are designed with acoustic control features that minimize noise levels during operation, making them quieter compared to other vacuums.
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity: Neither model includes Wi-Fi connectivity, which means they do not have app integration or smart home features.
  • Warranty: Both vacuums come with a 2-year warranty, covering parts and labor, providing peace of mind to users regarding their investment.

If you are okay with the above-explained feature, then you can get any one of these, but if you are looking for advanced features and the best one Between the Dyson V15 & V11, you must pick the Dyson V15.

Common Features In Both

Specification  Dyson V15 Dyson V11
Digital display Yes Yes
Piezo sensor Yes Yes
Cordless Yes Yes
Bagless Yes Yes
Warranty 2 Year limited 2 Year limited
Anti-Allergy Filter (HEPA) Yes Yes
Brushroll Yes Yes
Removable Brushroll Yes Yes
Turbo Brush Yes Yes
Soft Bristle Brush Yes Yes
Extension Wand Yes Yes
Upholstery Tool Yes Yes
Rotating Head Yes Yes
dustbin capacity 0.77 L 0.77 L
Power Adjustment Yes Yes
Headlights Yes Yes
Full Indicator Yes Yes
Carrying handle Yes Yes
Battery Life Indicator Yes Yes
Removable Batteries Yes Yes
Vacuum Type
Stick/Handheld Stick/Handheld
Cord Storing Not needed Not needed
On-Board Tool Storage Yes Yes
Price Check V15 Price Check V11 Price


  • What is the difference between the Dyson V11 and Dyson V15?

The main differences include suction power (V11: 185 AW, V15: 230 AW), advanced features like laser dust detection and a piezo sensor in the V15, and the V15’s enhanced HEPA filtration. The V15 also includes more specialized tools and has advanced anti-tangle technology in its cleaner head.

  • How long do the batteries last on the Dyson V11 and V15?

Both the Dyson V11 and V15 offer up to 60 minutes of run time on a full charge, depending on the cleaning mode and attachments used.

  • Can the batteries be replaced in the Dyson V11 and V15?

Yes, both models feature replaceable batteries, allowing users to swap out batteries for extended cleaning sessions or replace them if they wear out over time.

  • Are the filters in the Dyson V11 and V15 washable?

Yes, both models have washable lifetime filters. It’s recommended to wash the filters once a month under cold water and let them dry completely before reattaching them.

  • Do the Dyson V11 and V15 come with a warranty?

Yes, both the Dyson V11 and V15 come with a 2-year warranty covering parts and labor.

  • What cleaning modes do the Dyson V11 and V15 have?

Both models feature Eco, Auto, and Boost modes. The V15 additionally offers Laser Dust Detection mode for enhanced cleaning on hard floors.

  • How do the LCD screens on the Dyson V11 and V15 work?

The LCD screens on both models display real-time information such as remaining run time, current cleaning mode, and maintenance alerts. The V15 also shows particle count and dust level data.

  • Are the Dyson V11 and V15 suitable for homes with pets?

Yes, both models are effective for homes with pets. The V15, however, offers additional tools such as the Hair Screw Tool and advanced anti-tangle technology, making it particularly effective for dealing with pet hair.

  • How do I empty the dustbin on the Dyson V11 and V15?

Both models have a “point and shoot” mechanism for hygienic bin emptying. Simply push the red lever to eject the dirt directly into your trash can.

  • Can the Dyson V11 and V15 be used on all floor types?

Yes, both vacuums are designed for multi-surface cleaning, including carpets, hard floors, and rugs. They automatically adjust suction power based on the floor type.

  • Do the Dyson V11 and V15 have any smart home or app integration features?

No, neither the Dyson V11 nor the V15 includes Wi-Fi connectivity or app integration. All features and modes are managed directly through the vacuum’s controls and LCD screen.

  • How do the torque drive cleaner heads differ between the Dyson V11 and V15?

Both models come with a Torque Drive cleaner head, but the V15’s version includes upgraded anti-tangle technology, which helps prevent hair wrap around the brush bar.

  • How often should I maintain my Dyson V11 or V15?

It’s recommended to wash the filter once a month, check for blockages regularly, and empty the dustbin when it’s full. Regular maintenance ensures optimal performance and longevity of the vacuum.

  • Can I use the Dyson V11 and V15 on delicate surfaces?

Yes, both models include a variety of tools suitable for delicate surfaces. The soft roller cleaner head, available with some versions of both vacuums, is ideal for hard floors and delicate surfaces.

  • Are there any additional accessories available for the Dyson V11 and V15?

Yes, Dyson offers a range of additional accessories and tools that can be purchased separately, such as extension hoses, extra batteries, and specialized cleaning heads for different tasks.

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