Dyson TP02 Filter Reset

Dyson TP02 Filter Reset


When you have already replaced Dyson TP02’s old filters, it’s necessary to reset the machine as well. Otherwise, the device won’t provide accurate information. Resetting the Dyson TP02 filter is a straightforward process, and you can perform this by following the steps below: 

Resetting the Dyson TP02 filter

You can reset the Dyson TP02’s filter by using: 

  • The Dyson Link app. or 
  •  The remote control. 

Using Dyson Link App

 You can reset the HEPA and carbon filters using the Dyson Link app. So, first, open the application and tap the right corner ( settings option). You will find an option called “ Your machine’s settings ” tap on it. 

Afterward, you have to scroll down to see the information about the HEPA and carbon filter. Then, you will find the filter management option, by which you will get the opportunity to reset both filers separately. 

But, you must remember that if you have replaced only the HEPA filter, you won’t need to reset both filters; instead, reset the HEPA filter only.Amazon.com: Anycore for Dyson TP02 Filter Replacement H13 True HEPA Filter,  Home Air Machine Filter for Dyson TP01, TP02, TP03, BP01, AM11 Models Part  No.968126-03 3-Stage Filtration Hepa Filters Air Cleaner :

Using Remote Control

Dyson TP02 comes with remote control, and by using this device, you can change the settings and reset the Dyson filters. So, if you want to reset the filter using your remote control, you will find the Night mode button, which is situated at the bottom of the right row. 

Now, you have to hold the button for about 4 to 5 seconds; you will see that your machine’s display will count down from 5, the filter’s life will be reset, and your Dyson TP02 machine is ready to use. 

Bottom line

Generally, after replacing the old filters, you should let your Dyson TP02 air purifier know that the filters have changed and it needs to count down from the beginning. In addition, I hope now you got a clear idea about “ How to reset Dysol TP02 Filter.” But, if you get any further problems or confusion, let me know in the comment box, and we will immediately solve the issue together. 

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