Dyson Dp04 vs Tp04

Dyson DP04 vs TP04 – Check Why Dyson DP04 is Best!

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Dyson Dp04 vs Tp04

Dyson DP04 and TP04 are two impressive air purifiers. But between these two, Dyson DP04 is comparatively better with some improved functionalities that are missing in Dyson TP04.

What Features Made Dyson DP04 Better?

  • Dyson DP04 provides the highest airflow than other Dyson Purifiers. The max airflow for DP04 is 419 liters per second, while TP04 is 361 liters.
  • Both provide smart control, but DP04 is better since it has a larger LCD than Dyson TP04. The LCD will show you the live update, also, when DP04 uses the auto mode, the device will set the best function for you.
  • They contain HEPA and Activated Carbon that captures small microns as well. But Dyson DP04 has an upgraded filter, which is capable of capturing more pollutants to improve the indoor air quality easily.

Dyson DP04 and TP04 contain almost the same features, but above mentioned advanced functions made DP04 the best choice. If you are interested in getting a DP04 air purifier then you are suggested to make the decision without much hesitation.


Specification Chart: Dyson DP04 vs TP04

Specifications  Dyson DP04  Dyson TP04
Editor’s Rating  4.6 out of 5 4.8 out of 5 
Dimension  8.77 x 13.85 x 27.2 inches 8.77 x 8.77 x 41.49 inches
Weight  10.18 pounds 10.89 pounds
Screen Display  LCD LCD
Auto Mode  Yes  Yes 
Purifier  Yes (HEPA + Carbon)  Yes (HEPA + Carbon)
Fan Yes  No
Heater  No Yes 
Oscillation  350 Degree 350 Degree
Backward Mode  Yes  Yes 
Remote Control  Yes  Yes 
Wi-Fi Enabled Yes Yes
Alexa Enabled  Yes Yes
Dyson link app  Yes  Yes 
Dual Functionality  Yes  Yes 
Night-time mode  Yes  Yes 
Sleep timer  Yes  Yes 
Automatic shut off Yes  Yes 
Speed Settings  Ten airspeed settings   Ten airspeed settings  
Warranty  Two Years  Two years 

Differences & Similarities Between Dyson DP04 and TP04

Easy to Assemble 

Dyson DP04 & TP04 are both the same when it comes to setup. Lift the machine from the box, then take out the filters from the box. Remove the protective packaging from the filter to attach it to the device. Next, gently push until it is securely placed. Plugin and turn on the switch.

LCD Screen 

These two purifiers contain an LCD screen, but the DP04 screen is a little larger. They can sense any changes in the air quality and report the pollution on the screen in real-time. Plus, the report shows on the App as well. You can see the allergens, bacterial or volatile organic compounds (VOCs), etc., on the screen. When you know the level of pollution increases in your home, you can instantly change the airflow speed.

Auto Mode 

Dyson DP04 and TP04 contain auto mode, and in auto mode, the machines can adjust the fan speed. Or it can automatically improve the air quality and oscillate too. Compared to the TP04, the DP04 can do it better. It contains the updated function that knows what will be better for your home.


They feature HEPA + Activated Carbon, but the DP04 has an upgraded filter. It can capture more pollution and other bacteria than TP04 to provide good & clean indoor air quality. The HEPA filter captures the particles, while the Carbon eliminates odors.


When it comes to the purifier, airflow is an essential thing. The more airflow, the quicker it will make your room cool plus improve the air quality. The max airflow of the DP04 is 419 liters per second; on the other hand, TP04 airflow is 361 liters. If you want the fastest results, you should choose the DP04.

Oscillate & Backward 

Both of them provide the same 350-degree oscillation plus come with backward mode. The oscillate makes sure the air circulates throughout the room from where you want. If you want, you can set the diffused mode as well. It will circulate air from the back of the machine, but it will also continue the purification. And if you choose the backward mode, then they will purify the indoor air without cooling you.

Remote Control 

The remote control is an excellent addition to the Dyson DP04 and TP04 purifiers. It allows you to set the auto mode, night mode, check the filter lifespan. You can adjust the airflow, oscillate, and power on/off. The functions of the remote are the same for these two devices.

App & Voice Command 

Dyson DP04 and TP04 are compatible with the Dyson Link App and Voice command. The App is brilliant and allows you to control the devices from your iOS or Android. Also, they use Alexa plus Siri’s voice commands, and you can ask about the indoor air quality or change the airflow, and so on.

Sleep Mode 

You can schedule the sleep mode for DP04 and TP04. The best thing is, just set the time you want. When the machine reaches zero, it will be on standby mode automatically. You can also set the night-time function, and the night mode will dim the screen and work quietly.

Easy to Clean 

Regular cleaning will make them durable, and the cleaning is very convenient. Use a clean & dry cloth to wipe clean them. If needed, use a damp cloth, and use a soft dry brush to clean the air inlet holes. Remember, never use any spray or detergent, or else they will be dangerous for the devices.


Dyson provides a two-year warranty, so do Dyson DP04 and TP04. The warranty covers the labor cost plus any product issue. You can repair the devices free of charge. They will last year after year, but the DP04 is made from the best materials than TP04, so you can expect it to last longer.


Dyson DP04 is a perfect purifier and fan that contains the best quality than TP04. If you are looking for a purifier that will quickly improve indoor air, the DP04 would be the best choice since it provides the max airflow. Though these two contain the same smart features, the DP04 is easier to use. I highly recommend the Dyson DP04 Pure Cool HEPA purifier for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dyson DP04 and TP04

How often do I need to replace the filter?

If you are using this for 12 hours a day, then you need to replace the filter every 12 months.

Does the App change the fan direction?

Yes, you can oscillate the fan with the App. It has a 45 to 350-degree oscillation function.

Can I set the temperature?

No, they are air purifiers, so there is no temperature function. The devices allow you to set the airspeed.

Can I use the DP02 with google assistant?

No, you can use the voice command for Alexa or Siri.

Do they run on 220 volts?

No, they run on 120v, but they can run at 110-120 volts if you use an adapter.

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