Dyson Am09 vs Hp02

Dyson AM09 vs HP02 – See Why Dyson HP02 is Better!

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Dyson Am09 vs Hp02If you are looking for a good quality fan and air purifier between the Dyson AM09 & HP02, then Dyson HP02 would be the best choice for you.

Why Dyson HP02 is Best?

  • Dyson HP02 can purify the air, works as a heater in the winter, and becomes a fan in summer. On the other hand, Dyson AM09 works as a heater fan for a home.
  • It has a HEPA filter that removes 99.97% of impurities & allergens. Also, remove 0.3 microns like dust, mold, or other harmful things. Moreover, it includes activated carbon that removes any odors from the air. On the contrary, AM09 is a heater + cooler, so it cannot eliminate or filter any impurities.
  • This machine is compatible with the Dyson Link App, and it makes the Dyson very simple to use. It also contains auto mode, night-time mode, easy-to-use cleaning function, etc. In contrast, the AM09 is not compatible with the App and features.

These fantastic functions make Dyson HP02 better than AM09. To enjoy the best performance with advanced functionalities you should go with Dyson HP02.


Comparison Chart: Dyson AM09 vs HP02

Specifications  Dyson AM09 Dyson  HP02
Editor’s Rating  4.2 out of 5 4.7 out of 5 
Dimension  8.03 x 6.02 x 23.4 inches 8.7 x 6 x 24.88 inches
Weight  5.91 pounds 8.62 pounds
LCD No  Yes 
Auto Mode  No  Yes 
Filter  No  HEPA + Carbon 
Oscillation  70 Degree  180 Degree
Backward Mode  No  Yes 
Remote Control  Yes  Yes 
Wi-Fi Enabled No  Yes 
Voice Command  No  Yes 
Dyson link app  No  Yes 
Functionality  Two function  Three function 
Night-time mode  Yes Yes 
Sleep timer  Yes  Yes 
Automatic shut off No  Yes 
Speed Settings  Yes 
Warranty  Two Years  Two Years 

Differences and Similarities: Dyson HP02 vs AM09

LCD Screen 

Dyson HP02 includes a smart LCD screen, and it shows you the indoor air quality report in your room. When you connect it to the Wi-Fi, it will start working and show different particles. On the contrary, the AM09 is not an air purifier, and it has no LCD function.


Dyson AM09 and HP02 both are multi-functional devices. The AM09 has two different functions for the heater and fan.  On the other hand, Dyson HP02 has three functions for air purification, heater, and fan. You can select the Dyson HP02 to purify the air in the room to get a new & pollution-free environment.

Filter Function 

AM09 has no filter since it’s not working as an air purifier. Dyson HP02 contains HEPA + Carbon filter. The HEPA filter removes any allergy that causes bacteria and continentals, making the HP02 an allergy-friendly device.

The HEPA filter function can remove 99.97% of pollutants from any home or office. And the second layer is active carbon, and it captures any household odors or paints fumes.

Backward & Oscillation Mode 

Dyson HP02 has both backward and oscillation modes, while the AM09 contains only oscillation features. When you use the backward mode, it will not be heating or cooling the room. It will only clean the air. And the oscillation function allows the device to rotate up to 180 degrees, or you can set the direction for rotation.

The AM09 includes a 70-degree oscillation mode, and it allows you to set the fan to rotate in the direction you want.  The oscillation creates a vast range of airflow that creates long-range heating or cooling function. Moreover, AM09 contains a diffused mode that helps distribute the room quickly to make it humid when needed.

Automatic Function 

There is an automatic function in the HP02, and the automatic mode makes it simple to use. It contains electronic on/off, night-time, sleeper mode, plus easy to clean function. When you set the timer function in the HP02, it will automatically turn off. Also, it will dim the screen light.

Both AM09 & HP02 contain sleeping mode & night-time mode as well. The best thing is, when you set night mode in both Dyson machines, they will be quiet.

Wi-Fi & Voice Command 

Dyson HP02 can connect with Wi-Fi, plus it provides a voice command function. When you want to know the air quality update, ask Alexa or Siri. Or if you need to change, turn off or use sleep mode, command it, and do everything for you. In contrast, the AM09 has no Wi-Fi-enabled feature or includes a voice command.

Dyson Link App

You will get the Dyson Link App with the HP02 device, while the AM09 doesn’t have this. The Dyson link app will send you the live updates directly on your smartphone or iOS. It is flashing green, red & white light signals. When you see these signals, you’ll find them very simple to use.

And you can also set the machine to purify the air, heating, or switch to the fan mode. The App allows you to turn on or off the device as well.

Dyson AM09 is not enabled with Wi-Fi, as well as, and it doesn’t pair with the Dyson Link App. Instead, you have to use AM09 with the remote. That’s why selecting the HP02 would be an ideal decision for you.

Remote Control 

Dyson AM09 and HP02 remote control include cooling mode, airflow speed control, Oscillation On/Off, diffused mode, sleep timer, thermostat control, cooling mode, heating mode, and on/off feature. But the Dyson HP02 contains a focused mode as well.


Dyson AM09 and HP02 come with a two-year warranty that contains labor costs as well. They are built from the best quality materials that make sure the devices last for years after years. Another important thing is that you should clean them regularly, and cleaning increases the machine’s longevity.


Dyson AM09 and HP02 are both attractive and productive air purifiers that will heat your room in the winter or make it cool during the summer. The AM09 is working like a fan. On the contrary, the HP02 is capable of purifying indoor or outdoor air quality.

If you need a heater, then choose the Dyson AM09. But I’d suggest the Dyson HP02 since it is also capable of purifying the air as well. Besides, the HP02 comes with some convenient functions to make it easy to use. So selecting the HP02 would be the best decision for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dyson AM09 and HP02

Will Dyson HP02 keep a hot room cool?

No, it’s just a regular fan that works to purify the air in your room.

Is Dyson AM09 cordless?

No, it’s not cordless, and it has a three-fit cord.

Does HP02 contain an auto-on timer?

Yes, it is linked with the Dyson Link App that allows scheduling the time.

Can I use the HP02 without the filter?

The HP02 has a built-in filter, but you can use it in the fan or heating mode without using the filter.

Will Dyson HP02 remove odors?

Yes, it will remove all kinds of odors from the room.

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