DWE7480 VS. DWE7491rs

DWE7480 vs DWE7491RS – Check the differences & Get the Best!


DWE7480 VS. DWE7491rsDWE7480 and DWE7491RS are the two best table miter saws, but between these two, I prefer DWE7491RS as it has some improved features.

What Makes DWE7491RS Preferable?

  • DWE7491RS has a huge and rock-solid wheel, so it can undoubtedly turn over obstacles, place of work, flotsam, and jetsam. But, DWE7480 doesn’t have any wheels.
  • It’s almost impossible to use dado blades in DWE7480, but you can use dado blades in DWE7491RS.
  • Sometimes you may need to up and down the blade, which is very difficult in DWE7480, but you will face no such problems in DWE7491RS.
  • The plastic table of DWE7491RS is flat so that you can easily and perfectly finish your work. But DWE7480’s plastic table is not properly flat.

All these facilities made DWE7491RS a perfect choice for you. For an extended period of service, DWE7491RS will be the best selection here.


Common Features

  • DWE7491RS and DWE7480 both have a 15-Amp powerful motor that quickly cut pressure-treated lumber and hardwoods with ease.
  • They contain a 24-tooth carbide blade, which enhances cut quality and extend blade life. Also, the blade can be adjusted 0 – 45 degrees for bevel applications.

Quick Comparison: DWE7491RS vs DWE7480

Specifications DWE7491rs DWE7480
Editor’s Rating 4.8 out of 5 4.5 out of 5
Style 10-Inch Table saw w/Stand Saw w/ 24″ Rip
Weight 90 pounds 48 pounds
Product Dimension 31 x 24.5 x 31 inches 25.75 x 26.50 x 13.88 inches
Power Source Corded-electric Corded Electric
Voltage 120 Volts 120 Volts
No Load Speed 4800 RPM 4800 RPM
Wattage 1400.00 1400.00
Amp 15 Amp 15 Amp
Components included Concrete Saw, Power Reciprocating Saw, Construction – Power Saws Bare-tool
Blade Diameter 10 inches 10 inches
Dimensional timber crosscut capacity at 90° 3-1/8 inch 3-1/8 inch
Dimensional timber crosscut capacity at 45° 2-1/4 inch 2-1/4 inch
Batteries Included? No No
Batteries Required? No No
Warranty Policy 3 Year Limited Warranty 3 Year Limited Warranty

Differences and Similarities: DWE7480 vs DWE7491RS

Power and Durability

The force of the engine is significant when you purchase a table miter saw. You can play out your expert wood cutting work when the miter saw has sufficient ability to cut the wood impeccably. DeWalt DWE7480 and DWE7491RS have an incredible engine (15amp) that makes 4800 rpm. Both can cut the wood perfectly. 


For skilled workers, the critical truth is the sharp blade of a table miter saw. These two table saws have a 10-inches stainless steel cutting blade. While the DW7480 is fitted with a stunning motor, the sharp edge isn’t ideal for making more refined cuts.

Sometimes, it’s become so hard to up and down the blade in DWE7480, and you can not use dado blades in DWE7480. However, DeWalt DWS7491RS, you will get refined cuts without fail, and blades are easily movable. 

Dimension & Weight

DeWalt DWE7491RS’s dimension is 31 x 24.5 x 31 inches and DWE7480’s dimension is 25.75 x 26.50 x 13.88 inches. With a bigger dimension, the best choice will be DWE7491RS. DeWalt DWE7491RS’s weight is 90 pounds (40.82 Kg). Yet, DWE7480 weighs 48 pounds (21.7724kg). DWE7491RS is sturdier than DWE7480. For professional work and durability, DWE7491RS is a perfect choice. 

Cutting capacity

DeWalt DWE7491RS and DWE7480 have a similar cutting limit. Both can cut 3-1/8 crawls at (90°) and 2-1/4 inches (45°). They have Rack and pinion extending wall rails, making fence Changes quick, smooth, and precise.

Dust Collection

Both DWE7491RS and DWE7480 have dust collection systems. While using these table miter saws, you don’t need to worry about the dust, they have dust bags, which will collect the dust. 

Rip Capacity

The rip capacity of a table saw is a very important fact is you have to use the saw for cuts a variety of more extensive shelving and trim materials. DWE7480’s rip capacity is 24 1/2 inches, and DWE7491RS’ rip capacity is only 32 1/2 inches. So, DWE7491RS has a higher rip capacity. With it, you can rip more than DWS7480. 

Other Features 

Both DeWalt DWE7491RS and DWE7480 have corded electric power sources., and required 120 voltage. DWE7491RS and DWE7480 don’t need any battery, and they don’t include any battery. 

Warranty (details)

DeWalt DW745 and DWE7480 both have 3 years of warranty (limited in nature). Within 3 years of limited guarantee, DeWalt Association will fix that instrument if any mischief or any machine breakdowns happen. Nonetheless, during this period, you shouldn’t attempt to fix any piece of the saw.

Otherwise, you may lose the chance of service without any cost. Moreover, if you are not content with the gadget’s presentation, you can reestablish it and get your cashback, yet you need to reestablish it within 90 days with the receipt. 


As you are searching for a 10 in. table saw which is tougher, transferable, work-accommodating, so you should pick DWE7491RS. Else, you can pick DWE7480. However, DWE7480 doesn’t have these fantastic highlights, which are accessible in DWE7491RS. Along these lines, DWE7491RS is the most ideal decision for your expert work reason.

FAQ about DeWalt DWE7491RS and DeWalt DWE7480

Does DWE7491 have wheels?

Yes, DWE7491RS has a huge and rock-solid wheel, so it can undoubtedly turn over advances, checks, and place of work flotsam and jetsam. But, DWE7480 doesn’t have any wheels.

Can I use dado blades in the DWE7480 table saw? 

No, it’s almost impossible to use dado blades in DWE7480, but you can use dido blades in DWE7491RS.

What is the RPM of DWE7491RS? 

DWE7491 table miter saw has a 15amp motor that can produce 4800 RPM.

What is the weight of DWE7491RS? 

DeWalt DWE7491RS’s weight is 90 pounds (40.82 Kg).

What types of components are included in the DWE7491RS?

The DWE7491RS includes Saw (Concrete), Saw (Power Reciprocating), and Construction – Power Saws.

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