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Dji Mini SE vs Mini 2


I love to capture snaps and make videos of the ground targets from the sky. This is why, I purchased DJI Mini SE. But unfortunately it does not support 4K videos. So, I moved to DJI Mini 2. Besides 4K, I have also experienced some other features not provided in Mini SE.

If you want my suggestion on which one to choose, I would prefer DJI Mini 2 based on my experience using them. So let’s check the reasons why I recommend DJI Mini 2. 

What Is Better In DJI Mini 2?  What Is Better In DJI Mini SE? 
  • DJI Mini 2 can capture snaps in JPEG and RAW format, but DJI Mini SE only can shoot in JPEG. You will get flexibility in editing as it contains details in photos.
  • Its automatic Panorama feature gives you to cover every single target in one frame, which is not provided in Mini SE.   
  • It can record 4K and 2.7K videos, giving you sharper and more realistic visuals. At the same time, DJI Mini SE only can shoot 2.7K videos.
  • You can add a cinematic vibe to your video recording using its quick shots features like- Dronie, Rocket, Circle, Helix, and Boomerang. But, its opponent has only 4 features except for Boomerang. 
  • At a 4000 meters Altitude, it can send clean visuals so you can watch them hassle-free. In contrast, SE reaches up to 3000 meters.
  • Mini 2 flies 16 meters per second in sports mode, while SE runs 13 meters. It takes 3 seconds less to take a position and capture images or videos. 
  • Mini 2 has a WiFi network coverage of 10 kilometers, allowing you to watch footage seamlessly. But SE’s coverage area is limited to 4 kilometers
  • Transfer your photos from your machine to your smartphone at 20MBps for quick editing and upload them on social sites. Unfortunately, Mini SE does not have it.  
  • It uses GPS & GLONASS, and GAlILEO features to send information about its locations and get back home. In contrast, Mini 2 uses GPS & GLONASS
  • The motor and propellers of DJI Mini SE are upgraded and function more precisely than DJI Mini 2. You will get a seamless experience in flying it in moderate or high wind environments. 
  • DJI Mini SE can fly for 31 minutes on a single charge, but Mini 2 needs charging after 30 minutes. It means you are getting 1 minute extra for flying it. 
  • Its sticks are interchangeable. If they break, you can replace them with new sticks, which is impossible in Mini 2. 

DJI Mini SE is lower than DJI Mini 2 in shooting RAW and JPEG or 4k video recording. Mark DJI Mini 2 if you want a 4K experience. Mini SE is not bad as it gives the same result on a low budget. 

Comparison Chart 

Specifications  DJI Mini 2  DJI Mini SE
Sensor  1/2.3 inches CMOS  1/2.3 inches CMOS 
Resolutions  12 MP  12 MP
ISO  100-3200  100-3200 
Video  4K, 2.7K   2.7K 
Quick shots  Dronie, Helix, Rocket, Circle, Boomerang Dronie, Helix, Rocket, Circle
Stabilization  3 axis  3 axis 
Maximum takeoff Altitude  4000 meter  3000 meter
Flight time  31 minutes 30 minutes 
Wind speed resistance  8.5 m/s -10.5 m/s (scale 5)  8.5 m/s -10.5 m/s (scale 5) 
Battery  5200 mAh  2600 mAh 
Weight  249 g 249 g 
SD card Storage capacity 256 GB  256 GB
Connectivity  Ocusync 2.0  Enhanced Wi-Fi 

The Downsides Of Both Drones 

DJI Mini 2


  • It does not have a ‘follow me’ feature to chase after tracking you. 
  • The Gimble of DJI Mini 2 works fine at average speed but is slightly less effective in sports mode. 
  • You have to be confined with moving the gimble only to look up and down. Rotating the camera in all directions is not possible. 
  • It speeds up draining phone battery while using a mobile as a monitor.
  • You must have the skill to control it to avoid obstacles, as it does not have an avoidance sensor. 
  • Everytime it alerts you while using by sending a wind alert signal in normal wind conditions.
  • Sometimes DJI Fly app fails to connect the drone to a smartphone. That time you have to connect it to mobile directly. 
  • It does not reach a 10-kilometer distance though it is advertised to mark the distance limit. 
  • The instructions for using it are written in Chinese and also lack information. You have to depend on youtube or google for easy understanding. 
  • It gets a strong signal and flies well in open ground, but its connection is interrupted in crowded places or residential areas. 
  • You cannot charge your drone and remote controller using a single charging cable, but you have to do it with two different cables, that are annoying. 
  • DJI app does not work with a two-year-old phone. 
  • Downloading DJI FLY app for Mini SE is a hassle. 

Similar Features 

  • DJI Mini 2 and DJI Mini SE consist of 12 megapixels resolutions with 1/2.3 inches CMOS sensor and a fixed 2.8 aperture that gives you the same result. 
  • 3-Axis motorized gimble gives you stability and clear footage while capturing photos or recording videos.
  • Both have a 4x digital zoom to make the target closer if the subject is far enough to focus on it. 
  • Each drone resists winds at the rate of 8.5m/s-10.5m/s or up to scale 5. 
  • Both drones weigh 249 grams, which is lightweight and easy to carry. 
  • The battery power reduces to 2250 mAh if you use the intelligent flight feature of DJI Mini 2 or Mini SE. 

Things To Consider 

  • You should purchase a UHS-I speed class 3 or above for your Mini 2 or Mini SE drone. If you want to use SD cards of other brands, try to use an SD card of a minimum of 16 GB. 
  • Attach 360-degree propeller guards to your drone for safe flying. 
  • Both of them work at 0 degrees to 32 degrees celsius temperature. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can DJI Mini 2 fly at night? 

Yes, flying DJI 2 at night is possible as it has a built-in navigation feature that helps you to track it at night. Moreover, if you want to use it for commercial purposes, you need to attach a strobe light. 

What to do if DJI Mini 2 loses its signal? 

You do not need to do anything. DJI Mini 2’s preset Altitude will activate and return to its launching point if it loses signal. 

Is DJI Mini 2 water resistant? 

No, it is not. If you use it flying in the rain, its internal parts will be damaged due to rainwater. 

Can I use DJI Mini 2 for mapping or surveying? 

Yes, you can use it for mapping or surveying using its civil tracker feature. 

Do I need to register DJI Mini SE for flying?

No, you do not need to register with FAA or Federal Aviation Administration to fly your DJI Mini SE if it weighs 250 grams or less. But it must register if you increase its weight using guard propellers and sticker accessories. 

Does an obstacle reduction feature is given in DJI Mini SE?  

No, it does not have any obstacle-reduction feature. You will have to attach 360-degree propeller guards for safe flying. 

Can kids use DJI Mini SE?

Yes, its access control features allow kids to fly it seamlessly. 


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