dewalt dws709 vs dws779

Dewalt dws709 vs dws779 – Which one would be best pick?

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dewalt dws709 vs dws779DeWalt DWS709 and DWS779 are both Sliding Compound Miter Saw, and both can assist you with cutting wood. But, some features make DWS779 far better than DWS709.

What made DWS779 better?

  • DWS779 is a double-bevel compound miter saw, while DWS709 is only a single-bevel compound miter saw. When you are using a double-bevel compound miter saw(DWS779), you can easily make both side bevel cuts without removing the piece of wood.
  • Does dust all over the room look good? No, that’s why a super-efficient dust collection system has been upgraded on DWS779, which can collect dust over 75%. But DWS709 doesn’t have this feature.
  • You can upgrade your DWS779 with an XPS crosscut positioning system or a laser system for better accuracy. But DWS709 can’t be upgraded like DWS779.

Thus, DWS779 has more features that improve proficiency, ensure cutting exactness, simple transportability, dust collection system (75 percent), and a greater measurement. That is the reason you ought to pick DWS779.


Common Features: 

Above mentioned three features make DWS779 better than DWS709. Other features of DWS709 and DWS779 are the same as follows-

  1. Both DeWalt DWS709 and DWS779 have a 12-inch blade diameter, which is made of carbide.
  2. Both have 15 amps, a 3800 rpm engine, which gives widened power.
  3. Both have the same dimensional timber crosscut capacity at 90° (2 inches x14 inches) and (2 inches x10 inches) at 45°.
  4. Both have dual horizontal steel rails with linear ball bearing, which convey exactness and solidness.
  5. Both are sliding compound miter saws. But DWS779 is a double-bevel miter saw.
  6. Both have 3 years of limited warranty, 1year of free service, and 90 days of cash back.
Specifications DWS709 DWS779
Editor’s Rating 4.7 out of 5 4.9 out of 5
Dimension 30.75 x 22.75 x 19.5 inches 2 x 23 x 18.5 inches
Weight                 51 LBS 56  LBS
Power Source Corded Electric Ac/dc
Blade Diameter 12-Inch 12-inches
Dimensional timber crosscut capacity at 90° 2 inches x14 inches  2 inches x14 inches
Dimensional timber crosscut capacity at 45° 2 inches x10 inches 2 inches x10 inches
No Load Speed 3,800 rpm 3,800 rpm
Arbor Size 5/8″ OR 1 IN OR 1 IN
Dust Collection System Yes Yes ( over 75% )
Batteries Included? No No
Batteries Required? No No
Warranty Description 3 Year Limited Warranty 3 Year Limited Warranty

Differences and Similarities between the DWS779 AND DWS709


While utilizing any miter saw, the intensity of the miter saw’s motor is so much significant. DWS709 and DW779 both have 15amps powerful motors that make 3800 rpm, so the two apparatuses can convey broadened power. You can utilize it for different woodwork. DWS709 and DWS779 don’t require any battery, so no battery is needed. Both saws are electric

Blade Diameter and quality of the blade:

The measurement and quality of a cutting blade are so much significant when you pick any miter saw. DWS709 and DW779 both have 12-Inches cutting blade which is made of Carbide. Carbide blades are a lot more powerful and sturdy. This blade won’t be harmed by rust. So, you can use it unequivocally.

Item Weight:

DWS709’s weight is 51LBS (23.13 kg), and DWS779’s weight is 56LBS (25.41 kg). When you choose any miter saw, weight is important as you have to move, transport and store. Here you can see that DWS709 and DWS779’s weight is almost the same. The weight difference between DWS779 and DWS709 is less than 2kg. So, you don’t have to face trouble while moving the saw.


The dimension of DWS709 is 30.75 x 22.75 x 19.5 inches and DWS779 is 2 x 23 x 18.5 inches. So, if you are looking for a somewhat small one, by then, the DWS779 could be your best choice.

Miter detent plate:

To guarantee profitability and precision, the miter detent plate assumes a significant job.  So, the DWS779 has a steel miter detent plate, including 10 positive stops. The miter detent plate’s steel is stainless steel, and you can adjust it as required. On the other hand, DW779 has a miter detent plate with 13 positive stops. But, I think you should choose DWS779.

Dimensional timber crosscut capacity:

DWS709 and DWS779 dimensional timber crosscut capacity at 90° is 2 inches x14 inches, and dimensional timber crosscut capacity at 45° is 2 inches x10 inches. So, the dimensional timber cross-cut capacity is the same as these two saws.

Dust collection system: 

Both DWS779 and DWS709 have dust bags. But DWS779 has a Super-efficient dust collection system. So, DWS779 can collect over 75% of the dust, which was generated during work. Now, you can work with DWS779 without any tension or dust.

Accessory Components: 

DWS709 includes 12 inches of Carbide tipped blade, blade wrench, user guide, material clamp, and dust bag. Besides, DWS779 includes 12 inches of Carbide tipped blade, blade wrench, dust bag, and vertical material clamp.


Both DWS779 and DW709 have 3 years of limited assurance. DeWalt has assured that it will fix the raised issues related to the product during the three years. However, during this period, no one should endeavor to fix the saw. If someone tries to fix the saw, DeWalt won’t offer free help to fix it. Moreover, if you aren’t content with the saw, you can return the saw and get your cashback. But you have to return it within 90 days with the receipt. Accordingly, while working, you need not worry about using any means.


If you are looking for a Miter detent plate with 10 positive stops (which improves efficiency and guarantees cutting precision), less weight, and an easily movable Double-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw, then DWS779 is the best choice for you. Otherwise, you can choose DWS709, but DWS779 provides you with more professional features. . I highly recommend choosing DWS779.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Dewalt dws709 vs dws779

Does the saw cutting blade stop following the ON switch when it is released? 

When the on switch is released, it takes approximately two seconds for the blade to come to a complete stop.

Does the DWS779 miter saw come with any guiding system?

No, DWS779 doesn’t come with a laser or any guiding system. For laser or guiding systems, you can choose DWS780. DWS780 has an XPS crosscut positioning system guideline. Otherwise, you can upgrade DWS779 with an LED light.

Between DWS709 and DWS779, which one is more portable? 

Both are portable. Because DWS709 is 51LBS (23.13 kg) and DWS779 is 56LBS (25.41 kg).

What’s the longest cut the DWS709 can make using the sliding feature?

DWS709’s back fence configuration using a sliding feature can cut up to 2×14 dimensional timbers at 90 degrees and 2×10 at 45 degrees.

Does this saw get any warranty?

Yes, DeWalt provides 3 years limited warranty.

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