Deuter Kid Comfort 2 vs 3

Deuter Kid Comfort 2 vs 3 – Why Deuter 3 is the Best One?

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When it comes to baby carriers, Deuter Kid Comfort 2 and 3 are two of the best choices for parents. These baby carriers combine almost the same features, so here is their differences chart.

What Are the Differences Between Deuter Kid Comfort 2 and 3?

Deuter Kid Comfort 2 Deuter Kid Comfort 3
Deuter Kid Comfort 2 Child Carrier – Chris Sports
The Comfort 2’s capacity is 16 liters. The Comfort 3’s capacity is 18 liters.
It has a small room. It has a larger room.
Deuter Kid Comfort 2 has a small back pocket. Deuter Kid Comfort 3 has a larger back pocket.
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If you are seeking a convenient baby carrier, then Deuter Kid Comfort 3 is the best for you. It has slightly better features than Comfort 2. Here I’ve described these features in detail for your consideration.

Why Deuter Kid Comfort 3 is Best?

  • Kid Comfort 3 has a high-quality ventilation system in its back panel that offers great air passing ability and keeps your back sweat-free. But the ventilation system of the Kid Comfort 2 is not so high.
  • It has 18 liters capacity, but Kid Comfort 2 provides 16 liters. So, extra capacity ensures ultimate comfort and would be a perfect fit for your baby.
  • Comfort 3 comes with a larger dimension compared to Kid Comfort 2. Therefore, you will get extra space in every compartment of this carrier compared to the old one.
  • The non-compact nature of Deuter Kid Comfort 3 resulted in good weight distribution. Therefore, hiking with this carrier will be very comfortable and feel less heavy. On the other hand, Kid Comfort 2 is very compact that would be less comfortable for long-time hiking activities.
  • You will get a large back pocket with the Deuter 3 Kid Comfort. While the back pocket of Comfort 2 is slightly smaller than this. 

From the differences mentioned above, I hope it is obvious to you why this baby carrier is preferable to Kid comfort 2.


Similar Features

  • Deuter Kid Comfort 2 and  3 have Variquick adjustable harness customization that allows you to easily adjust the length to quickly swap the pack between mom and dad without removing the child from the carrier.
  • Both offer a Height-adjustable seat and 5-point child safety that promotes a safe and healthy ergonomic sitting position.
  • Comfortable grab handles and removable chin pad. As a result, you can easily lift these carriers without any assistance.

Other Specifications Chart of Deuter Kid Comfort 2 vs 3

Specifications  Deuter kid comfort 2  Deuter kid comfort 3 
Editor’s rating  4.6 out of 5  4.8 out of 5 
Dimensions  (28 x 27 x 13) in. (31 x 17 x 13) in.
Main materials  Polyester and ripstop nylon  Polyester and ripstop nylon
Weight measurement  7 lbs 3 oz.  7 lbs 11 oz. 
Adjustable torso  Yes  Yes 
Adjustable waist belt  Yes  Yes 
Waist belt pockets  Yes  Yes 
Sunshade and rain cover  Yes  Yes 
Side buckle entry  Yes  Yes 
Torso length  15-21 inches  15-21 inches 
Frame material  Aluminum  Aluminum 
Total compartment  Over 7 (compact)  Over 7 (large)

Features and Benefits of Deuter Kid Comfort 2 and Deuter Kid Comfort 3


There is an identical difference of dimensions between these two baby carriers. The Deuter kid comfort 3 comes with a larger dimension of 31 x 17 x 13 inches. Therefore, all the compartments of this carrier are well sized. But the Deuter kid comfort 2 comes with a slightly smaller dimension of 28 x 27 x 13 inches. So, all the compartments of this carrier are so compact. 

Construction and body  

Both these carriers are made with mixed fabric of polyester and ripstop nylon. Therefore, the body of these carriers is so soft. Very comfortable for the kids. Also, the frame material of these carriers has been the same. Entirely Aluminum built hiking carriers are so lightweight. The construction materials of these carriers are so standard. 

Storage and capacity   

The Deuter kid comfort 3 comes with extra space and capacity. This carrier easily carries up to 18 liters to its highest standard. At the same time, the Deuter kid comfort comes with a total of 16 liters on its highest standard. So, in the capacity section, it is evident that kid comfort 3 gets the upper hand over kid comfort 2. Moreover, this extra capacity is the most significant improvement of this updated edition. 

Breathability and comfortability 

The ventilation system of the Deuter kid comfort 3 is perfect. It has a great air passing system. For that reason, your back will remain sweat-free after a long time. On the opposite side, kid comfort 2 also has a quality suspension system. But the negative side of this carrier is its compact nature. Therefore, the weight distribution is not as high standard as the Deuter 3. So, the comfortability section of the Deuter 3 remains supreme. 

Durability and warranty 

For making with high-quality fabric, both these carriers are very durable. They both have the long-lasting ability to keep a great shape even after many uses. In terms of the warranty clause, you need not think about that. Both this product comes with a hand full warranty clause. Moreover, the company will provide repairable support in case any damage arises. 


Here it is relatively easy that the latest one is the best. Therefore, my preference is Deuter kid comfort 3 over the kid comfort 2. In case of a lower budget or another problem, the Deuter kid comfort 2 can be a great alternative to the kid comfort 3. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Deuter Kid Comfort 2 and Kid Comfort 3

Question: Which of these one comes with a larger capacity?

Answer: The Deuter kid comfort 3 comes with a larger capacity of 18 liters. Which is 2 liters larger than the kid comfort 2. 

Question: Can I make airline travels with any of these two? 

Answer: Sorry, these carriers’ dimensions exceed the airlines’ minimum limits. Unfortunately, you have extra carrier charges to have an airline travels with these bags.

Question: Which one allows more safety protection? 

Answer: You will get similar safety protection with these carriers. These products allow 7+ safety protection for your kid. So, don’t worry about this thing. 

Question: Is the sunshade built-in? 

Answer: Yes, the sunroof of these carriers is built-in. Moreover, you will get valuable rain cover to shield your child from rain and breeze.

Question: I am a tiny man of 5 feet 5 inches; which will be proper for me? 

Answer: Both of these carriers will be suitable for you. Because they come with a high-quality adjustable back torso system, which is 15-21 inches, so don’t think about fit ability. 

Question: Can I get a size option for the Deuter kid comfort 3? 

Answer: Sorry, You will not have any size options. Because they come in a fixed size.

Question: Can I get different color options? 

Answer: Yes, both these carriers are available in different color options. If you have any favorite color, go for the desired one.  

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