Deuter Kid Comfort 1 vs 2

Deuter Kid Comfort 1 vs 2 – Why Kid Comfort 2 is Most Reliable?

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Deuter Kid Comfort 1 and Deuter Kid Comfort 2 combined with impressive featuers. So, let’s have a glance at all the differences of them to make your purchase decision easier. 

What Are the Differences Between Deuter Kid Comfort 1 and 2?

Deuter Kid Comfort 1 Deuter Kid Comfort 2
Deuter Kid Comfort 1 Deuter Kid Comfort 2
Deuter Kid Comfort 1 can carry 13 liters. Deuter Kid Comfort 2 can carry 16 liters.
It has 3 pockets including one main compartments. It has 7 pockets including one main compartments.
The Comfort 1 is not hydration compatible.  It is hydration compatible.
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These features makes Deuter Kid Comfort 2 the best compared to Kid Comfort 1. Hence, you can go with this baby carrier.

Why Deuter Kid Comfort 2 is Best? 

  • Capacity wise, Kid Comfort 2 is the bigger one which can carry up to 16 liters. While Kid Comfort 1 only carries up to 13 liters on its highest standard. So, more capacity will ensure more comfort for the child.
  • Kid Comfort 2 is hydration compatible, but Comfort 1 doesn’t offer this handy feature. So, traveling with Deuter kid comfort 1 is less comfortable than Kid Comfort 2.
  • Comfort 2 appears with 7 + main compartments, but Comfort 1 comes with only 3 + main compartments. Also, Deuter Comfort 2 appears with larger-sized compartments than Deuter Comfort 1. 
  • This carrier has a high-quality weight distribution policy compared to Deuter kid comfort 1. Therefore, Deuter Kid Comfort 2 is more comfortable to carry.
  • The ventilation system of kid comfort 2 is slightly better than Kid comfort 1. So, you will get extra breathability with it. 

From the features mentioned above, it is evident that the Deuter kid comfort 2 is the most suitable one of these two. Now, if you want to check the prices of these two handy baby carriers, press the buttons below.   


Common features of Deuter kid comfort 2 and Deuter kid comfort 1

  • Both these carriers come with an adjustable torso system. Which is extendable to 15-21 inches. 
  • You will get a sternum strap with these products. 
  • Padded hip belts are available with these carriers. 
  • Side options are the same in these two versions. 
  • They are very durable. 

Other Specifications Chart 

Specifications  Deuter kid comfort 1 Deuter kid comfort 2 
Editor’s rating  4.5 out of 5  4.7 out of 5 
Dimensions  27 x 15 x 12 inches  28 x 17 x 13 inches 
Product weight  5 lbs 7 oz  7 lbs 3 oz 
Manufactured material  Aluminum  Aluminum 
Adjustable torso  Yes  Yes (15-21 inches) 
Hip Belts  Yes  Yes 
Hip Belts pockets  Yes  Yes 
Hydration sleeves  No  Yes 
Articulating hip belt  No  Yes 
Number of stays 

Features and Benefits of Deuter kid comfort 1 and kid comfort 2


Size-wise the Deuter kid comfort 2 is the larger one. This carrier comes with a dimension of 28 x 17 x 13 inches. On the opposite side, the Deuter kid comfort 1 is slightly smaller in size. It has a dimension of 27 x 15 x 12 inches. So, it is clear that kid comfort 2 is the bigger of these two. 

Product capacity 

The Deuter kid comfort 2 has the largest capacity of these two. It has a capacity of 16 liters. That is quite enough for a walking child carrier.

But Deuter kid comfort 1 comes with a capacity of 13 liters, which is not enough for a hiking kid’s comfort. It is quite evident high-quality hiking carriers come with a larger capacity. 

Manufactured fabric 

Both these hiking carriers are made with a mixed fabric of Polyester and Ripstop nylon. This fabric is very well-known for its lasting ability.

Therefore, you will notice the same significant value of safety protection with these carriers. Moreover, the frame material of these carriers is made with Aluminum. That is why they are very lightweight.

And very comfortable to use. Therefore, you can obtain your decision based upon this important manufacturer also. 

Product comfortability  

The Deuter Kid Comfort 2 is very comfortable to use. Because this carrier has an extraordinary weight distribution quality, carrying this one for a more extended period of time is not damaging to your body or shoulders.

Feels a lot more comfortable while carrying this one. While the Kid comfort can be hampered by its compact size. You will face some issues carrying this one for a long time.

This is not so comfortable rather than not features a great weight-distribution policy.   


The kid comfort 2 comes with 7 + main compartments. Moreover, all these compartments are well-sized to have enough free space. But the kid comfort 1 offers only 3 + main compartments.

These are not bigger enough like the kid comfort 2. Because this carrier comes with a smaller dimension. Therefore, the size of this carrier’s compartments is small.  


The kid comfort 1 has a normal ventilation system, which is quite enough to produce enough comfort and satisfaction.

However, the Deuter Kid Comfort 2 comes with more high-quality air passing ability. This carrier has a perfect name in the market for this high-quality ventilation system. 


Deuter offers a reasonable warranty clause for their products. According to this warranty clause, you can exchange the product in case of damage. So, never doubt the quality of the Deuter Kid Comforts. 


The Deuter Kid Comfort 1 is the first carrier of this series, which had some lackings. Therefore, the Deuter Kid Comfort 2 has more excellent features than kid comfort 1. So, my preference is Deuter Kid Comfort 2. But you can move with the kid comfort 1 in case of no other options. 

Frequently asked questions about Deuter Kid Comfort 2 and Deuter Kid Comfort 1

Question: Which one has a better ventilation system?

Answer: Undoubtedly, the Deuter Kid Comfort has a high-quality air passing ability. Your back remains sweat-free for a time carry, which is essential for hiking and these types of highly moveable activities. 

Question: Can I get different color options with Deuter Kid Comfort 1? 

Answer: Yes, this fantastic carrier comes with some spectacular color options. You have a choice between these fixed colors. 

Question: Can I get a sun protection roof with any of these two? 

Answer: Sorry, these two hiking carriers don’t offer this handy feature for free. You will not have a built-in sunroof; instead, you can buy that sunroof, and the hook is attached to the carriers. It is excellent news that you may find a built-in sunroof with Deuter Kid Comfort 3. 

Question: I am 5 feet 3; which one would be better suited for me? 

Answer: Both of these carriers provide you with an adjustable torso system. Therefore, both these carriers will be the same helpful for you. Moreover, this torso length is extendable from 15-21 inches.  

Question: Tell me about the weight distribution ability of Deuter Kid Comfort 2. 

Answer: This carrier is entirely different from the previous version because of this weight distribution policy. According to the dimension, this carrier surpasses the weight in its fully loaded condition. Therefore, carrying this carrier is a lot more comfortable and light. 

Question: Is the Grey color Deuter Kid Comfort available in the market? 

Answer: Yes, this color option is available in the market. Which is really an attractive color for Deuter Kid Comfort 2. 

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