Dell XPS 15 vs MacBook Pro 16

Dell XPS 15 vs MacBook Pro 16 – What’s the major differences?


Dell XPS 15 vs MacBook Pro 16Compared to the Dell XPS 15, the MacBook Pro 16 is better, so you can select the MacBook Pro 16. See its awesome features here – 

What makes the MacBook Pro 16 better?

  • It has the largest battery capacity of 11 hours, besides, the XPS 15 offers 9 hours. The MacBook Pro 16 comes up with a 100-Wh lithium-polymer battery that delivers the maximum power.
  • The Pro 16 has 8TB storage that is so far the most for any notebook. This massive storage allows you to take the whole library with you wherever you are going. Furthermore, these huge files will load instantly in a blink. At the same time, the XPS 15 has 512GB of storage. 
  • This device combines with the AMD Radeon Pro 500M graphics, making this device a horsepower. It delivers you two times faster performance. At the same time, its competitor laptop offers NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1650 Ti Graphics that cannot beat the MacBook’s performance. 
  • MacBook Pro 16 has Intel Core i9 Processor, which gives a higher performance so that you get faster processing than XPS 15’s 5 GHz core i7 processor. 
  • It is lightweight plus compact compared to its rival. It measures ‎9.68 x 14.09 x 0.64 inches and 4.3 Pounds. And the XPS 15 dimension is 22.09 x 15.63 x 3.62 inches, while it weighs 6.27 pounds. 
  • You will get true tone technology on this device that is missing on the XPS 15. However, it means the device will automatically adjust the brightness level when the sun goes down in your area. 

MacBook Pro 16, combined with great performance, also boosts the speed rather than XPS 15. So if you badly need a workhouse, then go with the MacBook Pro 16. 


Similar Features between the Dell XPS 15 vs MacBook Pro 16

  • These devices have the next-level wifi 6 that improves the uploads and downloads speed. 
  • Both have a one-year warranty against manufacturer defects.

Dell XPS 15 vs MacBook Pro 16: Quick Comparison Chart 

Specifications  Dell XPS 15 MacBook Pro 16’s Rating 4.8 out of 5  4.6 out of 5 
Battery Life  9 hours 11 hours 
Weight  ‎6.27 pounds 4.3 pounds
SSD  512 GB Up to 8 TB
True Tone technology No  Yes
OS Windows 10 macOS
Processor  5 GHz core i7 9th generation core i9
GPU NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1650 Ti Graphics AMD Radeon Pro 500M 
Touch ID No Yes 
Apple Pay No Yes 
Dimension  22.09 x 15.63 x 3.62 inches ‎9.68 x 14.09 x 0.64 inches
Weight 6.27 pounds 4.3 Pounds
Wifi  802.11ax Wi-Fi 6 802.11ac Wi-Fi
Display  15 inch 16 inch 
Camera 720p HD camera 720p HD camera
Backlit magic Keyboard Yes Yes
Display Brightness 500 nits 500 nits
Bluetooth  Yes, BT 5 technology  Yes, BT 5 technology 
Warranty  1 year limited warranty  1 year limited warranty 

Differences and Similarities between the Dell XPS 15 vs MacBook Pro 16


There’s no doubt MacBook Pro 16 has the fastest processor than Dell XPS 15. It is combined with a 9th Gen core i9 processor that works with 8 cores plus 16 threads. It helps to process higher performance to the user for years to come. Additionally, this processor allows the user to do many tasks simultaneously without affecting the speed level.  

On the other side, the XPS 15 has a 5 GHz Core i7 processor. It also delivers better performance, but the MacBook Pro 16 is the best. 


Dell XPS 15 has NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1650 Ti Graphics, while the MacBook Pro 16 is built with the AMD Radeon Pro 500M. The MacBook graphics gave this device horsepower, which offers two times faster data processing than XPS 15. 

AMD graphics will be a superb option if you want to do intensive projects and develop high-end games. The XPS 15 GPU is also convenient for heavy tasks, but the MacBook is a beast. 

Operating System 

MacBook Pro 15 combined with the macOS increases the notebook’s speed plus the privacy of your device. This operating system is very responsive and wakes your device instantly. It provides all the power you need to do the job. 

On the other hand, the Dell XPS 15 has Win 10 operating system. This OS ensures the device is versatile plus smoother in the long run. 

Battery Life 

You will get the most extended battery life on the MacBook compared to the XPS 15. This is because it has a 100WHr battery that delivers 13 hours battery life while another can offer 9 hours of charge. Hence, you can take the MacBook on the go for any outdoor tasks, and the 100WHr battery will reduce the battery life a little.


Dell and MacBook have the same 500 nits of brightness display that is spectacular at service. In addition, the display is highly scratch-resistant plus can stand with any damages. 

However, the MacBook Pro 16 display will automatically adjust the brightness in the evening in your location. But the XPS 15 doesn’t include this feature. 


These two laptops take your workflow to a new level because they combine with the backlit magic Keyboard. It gives you enough light in the lower light environment so that you stay productive.  

Furthermore, the MacBook also delivers a Touch Bar plus Touch ID that gives the fastest authentication. Also, the Keyboard has a scissor feature that offers a very comfortable, responsive, and quiet typing experience. 

Size and Weight 

Dell XPS 15 dimension is 22.09 x 15.63 x 3.62 inches while the MacBook Pro 16 size is 9.68 x 14.09 x 0.64 inches.  And the XPS 15 is slightly heavier, weighing 6.27 pounds. The Pro 16, besides, 4.3 Pounds. 

So the MacBook Pro is compact, and lightweight which makes it a better choice for you since you can carry this device more easily than another one. 


When it comes to the warranty, the Dell and MacBook offer the same one-year limited warranty. However, it is only for the original user, and the warranty works for the device purchase from an authorized shop. In addition, you can claim the free repair service only if there are any manufacturer defects on your laptop. 

Final Words

Hopefully, you have already made your decision about which device you want to go with. 

But if you still didn’t decide, then we’d suggest the MacBook Pro 16. It is packed with all the latest technology that will take your experience to a new level. 

In the end, it is your choice, so if you love the Dell XPS 15’s features and performance, then go with this instead. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Dell XPS 15 vs MacBook Pro 16

What is the MacBook Pro 16’s dimension?

The MacBook Pro 16 measurement is 9.68 x 14.09 x 0.64 inches that are more compact than XPS 15.

Do they offer a warranty?

Yes, these two devices come with a one-year limited warranty and give free repair for any manufacturer defects on the device. 

What is PRO 16’s GPU?

It is built with the AMD Radeon Pro 500M graphics, which is excellent for video editing plus gaming. 

Can I use an external monitor on the MacBook Pro 16?

Sure, you can use an external monitor with this device. 

Does the XPS 15 have a touchscreen?

No, it has an FHD display that doesn’t offer a touch function. 

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