Dell XPS 13 vs Surface Laptop 3

Dell XPS 13 vs Surface Laptop 3 – Why Dell XPS 13 Is Better?


Dell XPS 13 vs Surface Laptop 3If you want to get a better laptop between the Dell XPS 13 and Surface Laptop 3, you should grab the Dell XPS 13

Why should you get the Dell XPS 13? 

  • The XPS 13 has an 11th Gen core i7 processor compared to the Surface 3 core i5. Its CPU speed is 4.8 GHz, while the rival laptop provides 1.2 GHz. Hence this device delivers you the fastest performance for your everyday tasks. 
  • You will get Intel Iris Xe graphics in this laptop paired up with the 11th Gen processor that brings the fastest At the same time, and the Surface 3 includes Iris Plus graphics that produce slightly lower performance. 
  • It has 16GB RAM and 512GB internal storage, so the XPS 13 can process data quicker and make multitasking easier. In contrast, the Surface Laptop 3 has 8GB RAM with 256GB storage. 
  • XPS 13 is 2.80 lbs, whereas the Surface is 3.40 lbs, so carrying this device is significantly easier than 
  • It comes with a backlit keyboard to have no issue while typing in a lower-light environment and darkroom. The backlit light makes sure you can properly see all the keys. But the Surface Laptop 3 doesn’t offer a backlit keyboard that is a downside of this device. 

Dell XPS 13 combines with the latest features so that you get the best performance from this. Also, the Surface Laptop 3 includes handy properties, but it does not perform like the Dell, so you can consider the XPS 13. 


Surface Laptop 3 vs Dell XPS 13: Similar Features. 

  • The XPS 13 and Surface 3 have a touchscreen, which lets you effectively use the device. 
  • Both combine with the Windows 10 operating system that makes the PC run smoothly. 
  • You will get a one-year warranty on both laptops, and it gives the user free service against manufacturer defects.

Dell XPS 15 vs Surface Laptop 3: Quick Comparison Table 

Specifications Dell XPS 13 Surface Laptop 3
Editor’s Rating 4.7 out of 5  4.5 out of 5
Graphics Intel Iris Xe Graphics Intel Iris Plus Graphics 
Processor  4.8 GHz core i7 1.2 GHz core i5
Hard Disk Size 512 GB 256GB
Backlit Illumination Keyboard Yes No
Dimension 7.82 x 11.64 x 0.58 inches 12.13 x 8.78 x 0.57 inches
Weight  2.80 lbs 3.40 lbs
Battery Life 8 hours Approximately  Up to 11.5 hours
Display  13-inches  13.5″
Touch Screen Yes Yes
Operating System Windows 10 Windows 10 
Wireless Connectivity Wifi 6 Wifi 6
Warranty  1 Year 1 Year

Differences and Similarities between the Dell XPS 13 vs Surface Laptop 3


Dell XPS 13 has a better processor compared to the Surface Laptop 3. It comes up with the 11th core i7 that works at 4.8 GHz speed. The processor makes a significant performance, plus it boosts the battery life as well. Furthermore, it makes your everyday heavy tasks outstanding and effective.

Surface Laptop 3, on the other hand, is built with the Core i5 processor, whose CPU speed is 1.2 GHz. Its processor speed is ideal for lightweight tasks, but this is not a perfect choice if you want to do multitasking. 

If you are searching for a high-speed laptop, Dell XPS 13 will meet all your needs. 


In terms of graphics performance, the XPS 13 is also better here than Surface Laptop 3. This laptop has Intel Iris Xe Graphics that paired up with the 11th Core i7. It plays beyond your dream plus creates your laptop faster, smoother. The graphics ensure you can seamlessly play 8k video and do the intensive work within a matter of time. 

On the flip side, Surface Laptop 3 features Intel Iris Plus graphics which work with the Core i5. As a result, the graphic performance of the Surface is mighty but not like the XPS 13. 

For people who need to do intensive work on their PC and seeking faster graphics, the XPS 13 is the way to go. But if you need a PC for lightweight tasks, Surface 3 could be the best bet then. 

Operating System 

Fortunately, both devices combine with the Windows 10 operating system. The Win 10 makes the PC responsive, as well as ensures you get smoother performance. Also, it makes sure the device can do versatile tasks efficiently. 

When it comes to versatile tasks, the XPS 13 is better because it includes the fastest CPU and GPU. 


Dell XPS 13 provides 16GB RAM with 512GB internal storage, in contrast, the Surface Laptop 3 has 8GB RAM with 256GB internal storage. 

And in terms of PC performance, storage plays a vital role. So, the XPS 13 can process data quicker than Surface. However, you can also increase the internal storage up to 2TB on both devices. 


In terms of display, they have the same 13 inches touchscreen display. The touch screen makes it easier to use the devices. However, they give you an Anti-reflective glass that is strongly scratch-resistant. Furthermore, the display can handle any unexpected damages. 


The Dell XPS 13 has a backlit keyboard, whereas the Surface is not. A backlit keyboard is convenient when using the device in a lower-light environment since you can see all the keys properly, which also makes you productive. 

Battery Life 

Surface Laptop 3 can offer 11.5 hours battery life, while the Dell XPS 13 has 8 hours. 

The surface laptop is perfect for lightweight tasks. That’s why you can expect this device to last longer. At the same time, the XPS 13 is a very productive machine that can offer you outstanding performance without a doubt. Yet it can deliver 8 hours of battery life which is very impressive. 

So, both laptops offer effective battery life according to their performance. 

Wireless Connectivity 

You will get the best wireless connectivity from the Dell and Surface as well. They have the latest wireless network technology that gives you the fastest uploads and downloads speed. So you can enjoy the same service from these two. 


Dell and Surface provide a limited one-year warranty for free repair. If your device has any defects, then you can claim the free repair service. But if you damage your laptop, the warranty will not cover it. 

Anyhow, the Dell XPS 13 also gives a 60-days trial period. After that, if you cannot adjust with this laptop, you can return it. 

Final Words

By considering all the features of the Dell and Surface, you can see the XPS 13 is much better than the Surface 3. It can give you the next-level performance of its competitor. 

Thus, going with the Dell XPS 13 would be ideal, but if you like Surface features, then go with this either. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Dell XPS 13 and Surface Laptop 3

What is their operating system?

Dell XPS 13 and Surface Laptop 3 have the same Windows 10 operating system that gives you a seamlessly smooth performance. 

What is the average battery life of the Surface 3?

You can use the Surface 3 for 11.5 hours approximately on average. 

Do they offer the same graphics?

The Dell XPS 13 has Intel Iris Xe Graphics, while its competitor includes Intel Iris Plus Graphics. 

What is their memory capacity?

Dell XPS 13 combines with 16GB RAM, while the Surface Laptop includes 8GB.

Will I get a backlit keyboard with the Surface 3?

It doesn’t have a backlit keyboard, but the Dell XPS 3 includes a backlit keyboard. 

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