Corsair Strafe vs K70

Corsair Strafe vs K70 – Why K70 is a better keyboard?


Corsair Strafe and K70 are two of the most impressive Mechanical Keyboard that is popular among users. But before choose a keyboard, let’s have a look at the differences. 

What Are the Differences Between Corsair Strafe vs K70?

Corsair Strafe Corsair K70
Corsair Strafe has RGB MK 2 color.  Corsair K70 has an RGB LED color. 
This doesn’t have a Braided cable type.  The K70 features the Braided cable type. 
The weight of this keyboard is 3.22 pounds. This keyboard weighs only 2.65 pounds.
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Corsair Strafe and K70 are integrated with handy features, but some advanced properties make the Corsair K70 the best. So, you can choose this keyboard. And for your consideration, I’ve described the details here –

Why is Corsair K70 Best?

  • Corsair K70 has an aluminum strip on the entire top plate, whereas the other device only has an aluminum strip on the top.
  • In terms of switches, K70 is available in both MX Red and Cherry MX Silent variants, but the Strafe is only available in the Cherry MX Red feature.
  • With Braided cable type, K70 is stated as the fastest Mechanical Keyboard from Corsair, so you are getting the best experience without any doubt.
  • If you need to carry your keyboard often to your workplace, you should pick K70 as it weighs less than the Strafe.

So, choosing K70 will surely give you an entirely satisfactory experience. If you like those features and want to check these devices’ prices, click the buttons below.


Similarities between Corsair Strafe and K70

  • The stunning Aluminum plate on top 
  • Wired super-fast performance mechanical gaming keyboards
  • Customizable RGB Backlighting 
  • Dedicated media keys
  • Quiet noise while typing than the traditional keyboards
  • Detachable Wrist Rest on both of the keyboards

Corsair Strafe vs K70 Other Specifications Chart

Specifications Strafe K70
Editor’s Rating 4.4 out of 5 4.8 out of 5 
Connectivity USB USB 2.0 Type A
Type  Mechanical Mechanical
Product Dimension 17.6 x 6.61 x 1.57 inches 17.6 x 6.7 x 1.57 inches
No of Switch 104 104
Connectivity Wired Wired
Hardware Platform PC PC
Hardware Interface USB USB 3.0
Warranty 2-Year Warranty 2-Year Warranty

Features & Benefits of Corsair Strafe and K70


In terms of the switch, K70 is the Winner. The 1.2 mm, mechanical actuation and reliability mechanical game-key switches of Cherry MX contact Gold Unleash blister speed. Cherry MX. Using 45g key switches and 40% faster actuation than regular Cherry MX Red switches gives your opponents a full performance advantage.

The Strafe also comes with the Cherry MX mechanical switches, which are 30% faster than the traditional devices. But the ultimate Winner will be the K70.

Volume Control 

There is a dedicated media control in the K70. You can also control the volume and brightness from the keyboard; it has a key to control the music. You can select or change music from the keyboard directly. This feature will help you while you are in a game. You don’t need to pause the game, just control it from the keyboard.


Corsair K70 comes with dynamic multi-color lighting. You can even customize the color for each key. Virtually you can set any effect you can and personalize this effect on your keyboard. This backlighting will bring you the best experience with a mechanical keyboard. 

CUE Support

CUE means Corsair Utility Engine, which enables the users to customize the color and other features. You can check different kinds of lighting through this CUE. iCUE provides amazing support and variations to try different kinds of controls for your setup. Both the Corsair products can be utilized through this support feature.

Wrist Rest 

The wrist rest is one of the most important components of a keyboard. For a long time usage, if there is a palm/wrist rest, you can use devices smoothly. These keyboards provide a detachable wrist rest. So you can use it if you’d like, and you can detach it if you don’t.

Warranty & Durability 

Owning a Corsair keyboard is always a pleasure in terms of durability. You don’t need to worry about using this keyboard for an extended period. You can use these keyboards without any issue for a long time. There were very rare issues with the durability of the users. Corsair provides 2-Years of warranty for all kinds of gaming keyboards. And for replacement, you should request from the manufacturer’s site.

Final Words

With very few differences, these two keyboards were very tough to categorize. K70 and Strafe are both very great keyboards, without any doubt. But the final verdict or the Winner will be the K70 as it provides a bit more than the Strafe. So finally, I would recommend K70.

Frequently Asked Questions about Corsair Strafe and K70 

Question: For big gamers, how are the keys while striking?

Answer: It is fast enough. But you need to get used to the keys. Sometimes you need to check if the key is pressed twice, but you will get used to it after a couple of hours/days.

Question: Is it possible to run the keyboard in just one single color? 

Answer: Yes, it’s possible. Even if you want to use one color, you can buy the one-color version cheaper in price.

Question: Has there any difference in sizes for different names like – cherry MX red, rapid-fire, and cherry MX brown?

Answer: For super fast and responsive, you should try the rapid-fire, and if you want it loud, you should for the MX red. The brown will be less noisy.

Question: Is this keyboard compatible with type USB 3.0?

Answer: Yes, you can use this with a USB 3.0 port, but the USB pass-through is only USB 2.0.

Question: How is this keyboard for programming work, I mean for programmers?

Answer: This depends on how fast you are adjusted with this device. It’s pretty good.

Question: Why are there different names such as MX red & MX brown?

Answer: MX red keys are very smooth, and while typing, they do not bump up, but the MX browns do. Red switches are popular among gamers because they are very free to use, and clicking them doesn’t need that pressure as the browns do.

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