corsair k68 vs k70

Corsair K68 vs K70 – What are the best features of Corsair K70?


corsair k68 vs k70Corsair K68 and K70 are both great mechanical keyboards available in the market, but if you want to get the best then you should certainly choose Corsair K70.

Why you should choose Corsair K70?

  • Corsair K70 has an onboard memory of 8MB, but the K68 doesn’t have one. Thus, this feature will provide you more advantages in performing multiple tasks.
  • This keyboard comes with an aluminum plate on top, whereas the other device doesn’t. So, K70 is more durable and comfortable to use.
  • Though K70 is a mechanical keyboard, it’s quieter while typing than the other keyboard. So you won’t face any trouble while using this keyboard in the workplace around co-workers.
  • K70 comes with less width and less weight which makes it easier to carry anywhere you want while traveling or carrying it to the workplace.

I hope you will be fully satisfied when you have the K70 keyboard under your fingers. If you like all those features and wanna check the price then just press the buttons below.


Similarities between features of K68 and K70

  • Both of the keyboards provide RGB Backlighting. 
  • They Come with a removable wrist rest.
  • Linear and quiet with Cherry MX Red.
  • Professional Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.
Specification K68 K70
Editor’s Rating 4.4 out of 5 4.8 out of 5 
Connection Wired Wired
Cable Type Braided Braided
Type Mechanical Mechanical
Adjustable Height Yes Yes
Wired Connectivity USB 2.0 Type A USB 2.0 Type A
Weight 1.4 kg 1.2 kg
Height 3.4 cm 3.9 cm
Width  45.5  cm 43.8 cm
Wrist Rest Detachable Detachable
Bluetooth No No
Button Feel Clicky Tactile
Noise  Loud Quiet
Onboard Memory No Yes
KeySwitches Cherry MX Blue Cherry MX Brown
Warranty 2-Year Warranty 2-Year Warranty

Differences and Similarities about the features of K68 and K70 


K70 has Dedicated volume and multimedia controls. Experience Blistering speed with Gold contact Cherry MX mechanical gaming key switches with 1.2mm mechanical actuation and durability. Use the ultimate performance advantage over your opponents with 45g key switches for light operation and 40 percent faster actuation than standard Cherry MX Red switches. This device comes with some variants of color, so you can choose whatever your choice is. K68 comes with CHERRY MX key switches; whatever happens, allow you to play on.

Wrist Rest

For a long time, you will seek a palm/wrist rest with a keyboard. K70 and K68 allow you to feel comfortable with wrist rest with grips. The wrist rest is detachable, so you can remove it if you don’t need it. This wrist rest is designed to provide support and comfort.

Programmable Switch & Dedicated Media Keys

K70 has dedicated media keys on the top, which allows you to switch into media options and other specific actions. Through programmable switches, you can assign and personalize actions how you want. You can change the lighting color, RGB profiles using the Corsair iCUE software.

Cherry MX key switches

You are getting 100% cherry mechanical key switches. You don’t need to worry about reliability and accuracy while typing. With full n-key rollover your every action will be registered. K70 will provide you the ultimate performance you want.

Warranty and Durability

Corsair Keyboards come with long-term durability compared to others. The K70 especially has an aluminum plate on top for extended durability. Both the K70 and K68 are famous for their dust resistance, so you don’t need to worry about keeping your keyboard neat and clean. Corsair provides a 2-year warranty for its all kind of gaming keyboards.

Final Words

After you buy, you undoubtedly want a keyboard you would not regret. In that case, after the detailed breakdown of both the keyboard, I would say K70 is the winner. This is the best deal you can make for a keyboard at this budget with so many cool features.

Frequently Asked Questions for K68 and K70 

Question: For big gamers, how fast are the keys while striking?

Answer: It’s fast. There won’t be any problem, but while gaming, if you press a key and get doubles, that is because the key strikes twice, so you should be used to the keys about/while striking.

Question: For gaming and typing, how good is the K70?

Answer: For gaming and typing, the K70 is perfect. However, you must get acquainted with the keys. You should be careful for quick press/release, especially while pressing the END or DELETE buttons.

Question: Can I link the keyboard with a corsair mouse and headset?

Answer: Absolutely. You can do this using the Corsair software suite, where the LED profiles and such is also manageable.

Question: Can the backlight on the K68 be switched off?

Answer:  Sure, you can change in three different light settings and one offsetting.

Question: Do these keyboards come with a wrist rest?

Answer: Yes, both keyboards, the K70 and K68, have wrist rest that can be removed or detached if you don’t want to use them.

Question: Does the keyboard’s key have its LED & what about the colors? Are they Solid or rainbow?

Answer: Yes, Each key is backlit, and the colors are Solid rainbow, and many, many more. 

Question: Can I power this keyboard with 1 USB, or does it require 2 USB to work?

Answer: You can power the keyboard with a single USB 3.0 port, but the passthrough connection’s function may not work.

Question: Is it possible to control the lighting brightness through the keyboard by pressing any dedicated key?

Answer: Yes, there is a dedicated button on the keyboard to adjust the brightness.

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