Clifton 5 vs Clifton 6

Clifton 5 vs Clifton 6 – Why Clifton 6 is the best way to go?


Clifton 5 vs Clifton 6Clifton 5 & Clifton 6 both are stunning pairs of shoes. But some extra features and upgrades made Clifton 6 the best choice for you.

What Features Makes Clifton 6 Best?

  • Clifton 6 comes with a Redesigned rubber pattern, enhancing the pair’s beauty more than other pairs.
  • A more symmetrical outsole will allow you to run on any surface with the Clifton 6, whereas the Clifton 5 is not that symmetrical.
  • This model is less in weight than Clifton 6, so you will feel like nothing on your feet.
  • There are six amazing variants of color available for Clifton 6 with an amazing modern look, but the Clifton 5 has only one variable with a backdated look.
  • This pair is available in two width options – Regular and Wide, while the Clifton 5 is only available in a default width.

I hope you understand why I said Clifton 6 is the best. To have a glance at the products, you can go through the below buttons.


Similarities between Clifton 5 and 6

  • Both men and women model available
  • Used rubber instead of the full-length outsole
  • Both the model is very lightweight and comfortable 
  • Moderate heel level for a smooth transition
Specifications Clifton 5 Clifton 6
Editor’s Rating 4.1 out of 5 4.7 out of 5
Department Male (Female available)  Male(Female available)
Stability  Neutral Neutral
Cushion Balanced Balanced
Color Variant Not available Available in 6 variant
Heel to toe drop 5 mm 5 mm
Product Dimension  12.36 x 9.29 x 4.8 inches 11.73 x 8.9 x 4.72 inches
Weight 7.60 oz 9 oz
Warranty/Replacement Exchange or Refund for 30 days Exchange or Refund for 30 days

Differences and Similarities  of Clifton 5 and Clifton 6


Clifton 6 comes with an eye-catching design with embroidery reinforcement that reduces layers and provides midfoot comfort. The design focused on a lightweight pair that will feel like nothing on the feet and allow you to walk or run for a prolonged period without any aches on your feet. The heel-to-toe drop is only 5mm, which will give your feet the comfort that they never experienced before.

The design of Clifton 5 is not that eye-catching. Though it’s just an older series, there is a significant change in the looks. This looks very simple and will not be a suitable choice for this generation.

Color Variant

The HOKA Clifton 6 comes in 6 different unique colors. There are a full black and a full white variant. At the same time, its competitor has two mixed colors, i.e., black and white. You can choose colors based on your personality.

On the other hand, the Clifton 5 doesn’t have many variants. There is only a default color option for this one. This is a disadvantage for those who love to wear shoes based on their preferences.


For its neutral support, you are getting a fully balanced design that will keep you focused on any surface. 

The reinforced eye-stays will provide ultimate durability while maintaining balance on feet. Also, the flat-waisted geometry and full ground contact design won’t distract you from the surface.

Though the Clifton 5 is from the same manufacturer, there is a huge difference in stability.


The Clifton 6 comes with an aligned bed cushion and maintains the balance however you want. There is a guarantee of responsive toe-off that will move you faster than ever. This shoe is stated as designed for running. You can use this pair for any user doesn’t matter what type of surface you are walking in.

Clifton 5 is not that suitable as the 6. You may face a hassle if you go for the Clifton 5.

Durability and Warranty

Even after a long run, you won’t notice any flaw in the quality of these pairs. You will be fully satisfied with the shoe’s performance. Clifton encourages its customers to try these pairs without any hesitation and to check the difference. Additionally, they offer a 30 days exchange or return policy if you are not satisfied using them for a certain period.

Final Words

The breakdown and the contrast of the functions are enough to make you notice the difference. My final recommendation for anyone who is confused to decide is to go for the Clifton 6 without any doubt. Trust me, and this will worth every single penny.

FAQ about HOKA Clifton 5 and Clifton 6

Can I use these pairs for racquetball?

No, these pairs are not dedicated to racquet courts. You should buy high cushy soles that make it easy to roll your ankle.

Can I remove the insole and put it in orthotics?

Sure, you can remove and add orthotics.

 Can I use these shoes for everyday use? 

Yes, these are perfect for any kind of use.

How are these shoes for travel purposes?

Very Good and Comfortable.

Is there any 11.5 W available?

There is an 11.5 W available but do check the department.  

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