Capresso Infinity vs Baratza Encore

Capresso Infinity vs Baratza Encore – Choose the Better Performer

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Capresso Infinity vs Baratza EncoreCapresso Infinity and Baratza Encore work perfectly to serve you the best coffee in your cup. If you want the best one to invest your money, then I guarantee Baratza Encore is a better performer here because it comes with a few advanced features.

Why Baratza Encore is Better?

  • Baratza comes with 40 grind settings while Capresso Infinity has only 16 grind settings. Therefore, so many grind settings to work with Baratza Encore. At the same time, Capresso Infinity leaves you with limitations.
  • The bean capacity of Baratza Encore is larger than its competitor. It takes an 8oz coffee bean in the hopper and 5oz on the ground bin. On another side, Capresso Infinity can have 8.8oz in the hopper and 4oz on the ground bean. So, in total, Baratza can carry more. You can also pursue a hopper extender by Baratza Encore so have more coffee beans to grind at once. But Capresso Infinity does not offer you this.
  • Grind consistency is another plus point in Baratza Encore. The powerful DC motor in Baratza ensures regular, plane, and consistent grinding. But the motor in Capresso does not perform as better as Baratza Encore. It can not ensure the consistency that Baratza Encore delivers.
  • As Baratza Encore is a user-friendly coffee grinder, it is easy to manage and take care of. It has an easy on-off switch and easily removable burrs. While Capresso Infinity is not easy to use, quite confusing, and does not have an easy maintenance option.

These are all the plus points of Baratza Encore. It surely can give you a better experience in grinding Coffee than Capresso Infinity. So, if you want to check the best price, just go through the button below. 


Comparison Chart: Capresso Infinity vs Baratza Encore

Specification  Capresso Infinity Baratza Encore
Editors Rating 4.7 Out of 5 4.8 Out of 5
Grind Range 300-1200 Microns 250-1200 Microns
Bean Hopper Capacity 8.8oz 8oz
Portaholder No Yes
Weight 3lbs 7lbs
Hopper Extender No Yes
Power Rating 120 V AC 100 Watts 60 Hz. 220 V AC 70 Watts 50/60 Hz.
Grind Settings 16 40
Grind Speed 1.5-3g/sec 0.8g/sec – 1.1g/sec
Burrs Conical Conical
Timer Switch Yes No
On-Off Switch No Yes
Gearbox No Yes
Grind Adjustment No Yes
Dimension 5*7.8*10 12*35*16
Speed Control No Yes
Burr Speed 450 RPM 550 RPM
Ground Bean Capacity 4oz 5oz
Warranty  1 Year 1 Year

Difference And Similarity in Capresso Infinity vs Baratza Encore

Machine Weight and Size

There is a big difference between these two coffee grinders’ weight and size. Baratza is 7 pounds in weight. Capresso Infinity is only. It may seem Capresso would be preferable as a lightweight grinder, but of course, Baratza performs the best as a coffee grinder. The size of the Baratza Encore is 12*35*16 inches is an ideal size for a coffee grinder. The size of Capresso Infinity is 5*7.8*10 inches. It is also a not bad size for a portable coffee grinder.


Baratza gives you a strong motor in the coffee grinder. It is a DC motor with high torque, which slides the burrs perfectly. The motor spins slowly, so it is quite cool and noiseless, giving you service in the long run. The motor is included with a thermal disconnect switch, which prevents the motor from different temperatures. Capresso does not come with this good motor.


The burrs are well furnished in both Baratza Encore and Capresso Infinity. Their material is stainless steel. The burrs in Baratza Encore grinds 0.8 to 1.1gram coffee beans in a second. It is a plus point; it grinds 1.5 to 3 grams in a second. Baratza Encore, with its mounting system, assures soft and perfect grinding.

Grind Settings

Grind settings are the most essential feature in a coffee grinder. Baratza Encore has 40 in it, and Capresso has 16. So in this section, Baratza Encore wins without any doubt. You can try and work with a lot more grind settings in it. In comparison, Capresso Infinity does not offer you this.


Another amazing option on Baratza Encore is its gearbox. Transforming gear reduction to the spinning cone burr from the DC motor is its main task. This task makes the work of the grinder smooth and even. The cutoff switch works from the gearbox to shield the motor from overheating, which makes the Baratza Encore a perfect grinder for long-term use. But Capresso Infinity has no such function to make their motor and grinding more powerful and smooth.

On-Off Switch

The handiest thing about Baratza encore is that it is a very user-friendly coffee grinder, unlike most entry-level coffee grinders. This easy on-off switch makes this grinder usable for everyone. Anyone can brew Coffee easily with this grinder and have the best result in the cup of their Coffee.


This built-in timer feature makes Capresso Infinity still in the game of coffee grinders. Baratza Encore does not have this feature. You can set the timer from 5 seconds to 60 seconds and work peacefully. This feature gives Capresso Infinity to shut off the grinder automatically, which is a handy feature.

Grind Left In Grinder

The amount of ground coffee in the grinder is a big deal as most grinders leave a lot of coffee that turns into a lot of wastage of beans. Baratza Encore makes sure to leave the minimum amount of Coffee in the grinder to maximize the freshness of the Coffee. But Capresso Infinity cannot do it properly which leads to more coffee wastage. That’s why Baratza Encore could be a better choice for you.


The warranty of Baratza Encore is one year, and Capresso Infinity is also for 1 year. So, in the matter of warranty, both are almost the same. But Baratza provides premium quality support and service for customers. 


So, in conclusion, we can see how Baratza Encore is likely to give you the best grinding experience in a coffee grinder. This high-quality coffee grinder is really a game-changer with its all amazing features. Therefore, choose the best one for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions About Capresso Infinity vs Baratza Encore

What is the voltage of Baratza Encore?

The voltage of the Baratza Encore is 110V.

What is the weight of Capresso Infinity?

The weight of the Capresso Infinity is only 3 pounds. So, it is a very lightweight coffee grinder. Suitable to carry and transform. 

Can Baratza Encore grind Turkish Coffee?

No, Baratza Encore is not preferable for a Turkish Coffee grind.

Is Capresso Infinity good for espresso grinding?

Absolutely, Capresso Infinity is good for espresso grinding.

What is the RPM in Baratza Encore?

The maximum RPM in the Baratza Encore is 550. It slows speed and makes sure of less noise and heat.

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