Callaway Mavrik vs Taylormade Sim

Callaway Mavrik vs Taylormade Sim – Which one is the Best Driver?

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Callaway Mavrik vs Taylormade SimCallaway Mavrik and TaylorMade Sim drivers have many similarities. But, some improved features made Callaway Mavrik driver better than TaylorMade Sim.

Which Features Made Callaway Mavrik Better? 

  • Callaway Mavrik has A.I. designed face, which will help you to produce fast ball speeds and promote a deeper & highly satisfying sound. But this feature is not available in Sim driver.
  • The Cyclone aero shape design has been installed in Callaway Mavrik, which will reduce drag and increase clubhead speed. On the contrary, you won’t find this design in Sim driver.
  • Mavrik comes with a unique leading-edge geometry that is very essential for easy launch. in contrast, Taylormade doesn’t provide this function.
  • This driver’s face is formed with FS2S Titanium, which is extremely stronger than the TaylorMade Sim driver.
  • Sometimes, while using a Sim driver several times, the face may be got scratched, but with Callaway Mavrik, you won’t face such problems. 

As you are looking for the best one between Callaway Mavrik and Sim driver, you can see that Callaway Mavrik has better features than the TaylorMade Sim Driver. For these reasons, we genuinely recommend Callaway Mavrik Driver. 


Common Features of Callaway Mavrik and Sim driver

  • Their golf club loft is 10.5 Degrees.
  • The Head sizes of these two drivers are 460 cc. 
  • They both can be used on tour.
  • Their weight is movable.

Quick Comparison

Specifications Callaway Mavrik Sim
Editor’s ratings 4.8 out of  5 4.6 out of  5
Golf Club Loft 10.5 Degrees 10.5 Degrees
AI designed face Yes No
Cyclone Aero Shape for reduced drag Yes No
Jailbreak Technology Yes No
HEAD SIZE 460cc 460cc
FACE SIZE Midsize Midsize
Shaft Material Project X Evenflow Riptide 50G Graphite
Warranty Limited 2 years Limited 2 years

Similarities and Differences Between Callaway Mavrik vs TaylorMade Sim Driver

A.I. Design: 

When you are looking for a driver that produces a deeper and highly satisfying sound, you should go for a Callaway Mavrik driver because this driver has a new A.I.-designed Flash Face SS20. Besides, this driver ensures fastball speed in a more expensive area. But, TaylorMade Sim Driver doesn’t have this feature. 

Consistent performance:  

The Callaway Mavrik’s face has new face architecture. This structure required FS2S Titanium. This ensures an extremely strong structure and ensures 6 Grams lightweight than other traditional Titanium. Furthermore, this construction advances ideal Speed, pardoning, and turn the power.

On the opposite side, the TaylorMade Sim driver has Aerodynamic Asymmetric Sole and Inertia Generator. This design provides clubhead speed and high MOI for Forgiveness. But, this design is not useful as Callaway’s Mavrik driver. 

Ball speed and Forgiveness: 

There are two internal Jailbreak bars in the Callaway Mavrik driver that connect the sole and crown known as jailbreak technology. So, this driver can promote very fast speeds. There is a significantly lighter carbon crown which will allow you to redistribute weight.

So, you will get better and higher MOI when you play with this driver, increasing more Forgiveness. Besides, the Taylormade Sim driver is unable to provide better Forgiveness than the Callaway Mavrik driver.  


When you are going to choose a driver, you have to make sure that the shape of the driver is capable of decreasing drag and it increases clubhead speed. The new Cyclone Aero shape has been installed in Callaway Mavrik. This designed shape is perfect for decreasing drag and increasing clubhead speed. 

On the other hand, Taylormade Sim drivers have Twist face technology. This design also ensures tendencies of miss-hit and decreases drag. Besides, it ensures straighter shots. 

Although these driver shapes provide the same facility, we recommend you choose the Callaway Mavrik driver.

Other features: 

Both drivers ensure the legal speed limit. In the Sim diver, it is known as Speed Injected technology. These drivers are equally optimized for this purpose. The head sizes of these drivers are 460CC. Besides, these drivers provide a 10.5 degrees golf club loft. These drivers are designed to provide a straighter shot, and they are very lightweight. They can be used on tour, and their weight is movable. 

When it comes to Callaway Mavrik drivers, you will get mid-launch. But TaylorMade Sim driver provides low launch. 

The Callaway Mavrik driver’s shaft material is Project X Evenflow Riptide 50G. This is a stronger and more modernized design than other usual materials. The TaylorMade Sim driver’s shaft material is only Graphite. 

These drivers come with a wrench and headcover. But, some consumers of Taylormade Sim drivers have complained about the missing headcover. But, the Callaway maverick driver faced no problems yet. Besides, there is also a complaint against the Sim driver that the face of this driver got stretched after being used a few times. But, you would not face such a problem while using the Callaway Mavik driver. 


Callaway Golf and TaylorMade brands ensure a warranty for two years after the date of purchase. But you have to ensure that you have bought the driver from the original store of these brands. If there is any defect in the product, the company shall take the necessary steps like replace the product.

But, if any damages caused by the customer due to misuse and rough use, the company won’t provide any warranty services. So, you have to use these drivers with proper care and maintenance. 


Callaway Mavrik and TaylorMade Sim are very popular and useful drivers in the market. But, as you can see above, the Callaway Mavrik has some extra features, which make it better than the Sim driver. Otherwise, you can choose a Sim driver, but according to our opinion, the Callaway Mavrik driver is the best choice. 

Frequently Asked Questions about TaylorMade Sim driver and Callaway Mavrik

Is this Callaway Mavrik driver good for high handicappers?

Yes, it would be a great driver for high handicappers.

Does Callaway Mavrik come with a headcover? 

Yes, Callaway Mavrik comes with a headcover, but Sim drivers may not provide a headcover. 

What is the shaft material of Callaway Mavrik? 

Callaway Mavrik driver’s shaft material is Project X Evenflow Riptide 50G.

What is the Golf club loft of TaylorMade Sim driver? 

The golf club loft of the TaylorMade Sim driver is 10.5 degrees. 

Can these drivers be used in the tour? 

Yes, these drivers can be used on tour. 

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