Brooks Ghost 11 vs 12

Brooks Ghost 11 vs 12 – Check which Pair of the Shoe is Best!


Brooks Ghost 11 vs 12Brooks Ghost 11 and 12 may sound the same from the name, but there are some significant upgrades that made Brooks Ghost 12 the best option here.

What are the Upgrade Features of Brooks Ghost 12?

  • With a seamless heel-toe transition, you will feel incredibly smooth while running. On the other hand, Brooks Ghost 11 will be less comfortable as it doesn’t have this feature and it’s not the upgraded one.
  • Brooks Ghost 12 has more than 31 variants available, whereas the other pair has only nine variants to choose from.
  • BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT cushioning will provide softness underfoot also responsiveness and durability better than the other pair of shoes.
  • The Brooks Ghost 12 redesigned the upper layer and the mesh pattern with its aesthetic design, so you have the latest tech on your feet. Thus, Brooks Ghost 11 doesn’t include this feature.

I guess your confusion about picking one has gone. For any use, whether inside or outside, Brook Ghost 12 will be the perfect choice for you without any doubt. Check the price for Brooks Ghost 12 just by clicking the button below.


Similarities between Brooks Ghost 11 and 12

  • Suitable for any use.
  • Multiple variants of color available.
  • Engineered mesh on the upper side.
  • Balanced soft cushioning.
  • Men/women and unisex models available.

Quick Comparison

Specifications Brooks Ghost 11 Brooks Ghost 12
Editor’s Rating 4.7 out of 5 4.7 out of 5
Imported  Yes Yes
Category Men/Women Men/Women
Neutral Yes Yes
Cushion  Level 2 Level 2
Best for  Any Kind of Use Any Kind of Use
Midsole Drop 12 mm 12 mm
Product Description N/A 10 x 15 x 6 inches
Weight 10.9oz/309.0g 9.03oz/263.7g
Test Run Yes (90 days) Yes (90 days)
Warranty/Replacement Yes (if a reduction in performance happens) Yes (if a reduction in performance happens)

Detail about the feature of Brooks Ghost 11 & 12

Secure Fit

With the latest engineered mesh addition and 3D fit print in the Brooks Ghost 12, this pair of shoes will practically disappear with its strategically placed stretch and structure. These pairs will fit in your like socks, so no more objection about heavy shoes or fit issues. The Brooks Ghost 11 doesn’t come with the latest engineered addition. It is the older sequel of this one to get the same fit as the Brooks Ghost 12.

Smooth Ride

The segmented Crash Pad, an integrated system of shock absorbers, will give you the air’s feel in every step and smooth transitions. If you go for a walk in the morning or even in rough use, you will feel the best ride ever from this latest tech addition. The design of Brooks Ghost 11 is not similar, so the experience may vary.


BioMoGo DNA & DNA loft cushioning combined in the Brooks Ghost 12 will provide softness underfoot without compromising reactivity and versatility. This is one of the lightest shoes from Brooks Ghost, and you will feel like nothing in your feet yet will get the best experience while running or walking.  On the other hand, the Brooks Ghost 11 may provide this feature is not upgraded as the latest one.


Springy and adding extra lift are essential for the long run. Keeping this in mind, the Brooks Ghost 12 has added the best level of energized experience in this pair. Runners who are looking for high or medium responsiveness will be very much satisfied with this pair. So don’t hesitate, go to experience the best.

Durability & Warranty

Brooks Ghost produces the adequate shoes available in the market. There have been all kinds of shoes for all kinds of users from Brooks Ghost. You can have a 90 days test run from this manufacturer. Also, If you feel or realize any quality deduction, you can avail of a replacement. Brooks Ghost always prioritizes its customers and comes with new additional features for its valuable users. 

Final Words

Shoes are something where we always prefer comfort over anything. My final recommendation for anyone looking for a pair for any use and satisfaction, then he/she definitely should go for the Brooks Ghost 12. For both men and women, there are models available. Just go and grab yours.

Frequently Asked Questions about Brooks Ghost 11 & 12

Are the shoes made of waterproof material?

The product is not Gortex, but the Brooks ghost does make a waterproof model. If you are looking for waterproof, then you may choose the Ghost 12 GTX.

Is there any wide width-shoe of this model?

Yes, there are some wide width shoes 

Am I supposed to treat the mesh before wearing it to protect it from getting dirty?

No, wear them. If they get dirty anyhow, you can wash this pair in the laundry machine.

What about the size? Are they suitable for men or women? 

The Brooks Ghost 11 or 12 doesn’t indicate the size. There is a variation with both females and males of varying sizes.

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