Bowflex Blaze vs PR3000

Bowflex Blaze vs PR3000 – Wanna get the Best one? just Check it.

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Bowflex Blaze vs PR3000Bowflex blaze and pr300 include similar features, but a few differences make Bowflex Blaze the best. In the following, I’ve shared why this would be the best for you.

What Difference Made Bowflex Blaze Best?

  • You can access more than 60 exercises on the Bowflex Blaze, but the PR3000 lets you access 50+ exercises. The Blaze gives you versatile exercise options for full-body workouts.
  • The resistance level of both of the machines is 210 lbs, and the machines are upgradable. But the Blaze is slightly better when it comes to upgrades; the weight capacity is 410 lbs while the PR3000 can upgrade to 310 lbs. That’s why going with the Blaze would be an ideal choice.
  • Bowflex Blaze bench can be fold-down once your workout is done; on the other side, the PR3000 cannot. It’s a huge plus, so why should you select the PR3000?
  • Compared to the PR3000, you are allowed to switch between the exercise in the Blaze easily. Furthermore, it includes a squat bar plus will enable you to do aerobic rowing. These are missing in the Bowflex PR3000.

These were the reasons I said the Blaze is a better option than the PR3000. It would be wise to go with Bowflex Blaze if you want to have more fruitful exercise.


Similar Features

  • The gym machines include an instructional placard that contains free workout training.
  • They are constructed with heavy-duty steel for long-term durability.
  • Both are equipped with leg extensions.

Comparison Chart: Bowflex Blaze vs PR3000

Specifications  Bowflex Blaze  Bowflex PR3000
Editor’s Rating 4.7 out of 5 4.4 out of 5 
Resistance 210 lbs 210 lbs
Upgraded Resistance  Up to 410 lbs Up to 310 lbs 
Bench Press Horizontal Vertical
No of Exercise  60+ 50+
Folding Yes No
Squat Bar Yes No
Aerobic Rowing Yes No
Quick Change  No Yes
Leg Extension / Curl Yes Yes
Dimension  82.5″L x 38W x 84.5″ H 64″  L x 41″ W x 83″ H
Instructional Placard Yes Yes
Warranty  5-years  7-years 

Differences & Similarities Between Bowflex Blaze vs PR3000


Bowflex Blaze and PR3000 have a compact design compared to other home gym machines. If you have a small room, both are perfect for you. The Blaze dimension measurement is 82.5 inches long, 38 wide, and it is 84.5 inches high. On the other side, the PR300 is  83 inches tall, 64 inches long, and 41 inches wide. Though both of them are compact yet the PR3000 is smaller than the Blaze.

No of Exercise 

In terms of the no of exercises, you will get versatility from the Bowflex Blaze. The machine comes with more than 60 activities for full-body workouts. And look at the PR3000. It has 50+ activities. If you are severe about your fitness plus have a goal, then go with the Bowflex Blaze to get extra exercises.

If you recently started the workouts, then 50+ exercises of the PR3000 are huge for you, and if you have any fitness goals, select the Bowflex Blaze with your eyes closed.

Pulley System 

Bowflex Blaze and the PR3000 enable multiple pulley systems and offer you to customize your workouts. The pulley system makes it quicker for you to switch from one exercise to the next without changing the cable or pulley. The no-change pulley system makes your workouts effective. However, other home gym machines don’t offer this great function.

Resistance Level 

The machines are built with the same 210 lbs weight capacity. But they can be upgraded to make your workout more comfortable. Bowflex Blaze’s weight capacity can be upgraded to 310 lbs or 410 lbs. In contrast, the Bowflex PR3000 provides you with an upgrade to 310 lbs.

Foldable Bench Press

Both exercise machines come with a bench press to make the workout very useful. Bowflex PR3000 comes with a vertical bench press; on the other hand, the Blaze offers a horizontal bench press. You cannot fold the vertical bench press, which is sometimes a little hassle. And the Blaze is horizontal so that you can fold the bench after each workout. It will save space in your home, which is very helpful if yours is a small room.

Squat Bar

The Blaze comes with a squat bar, and this bar is very helpful for your back. It will make your back and shoulder stronger, while the Bowflex PR3000 doesn’t contain this. Additionally, the Blaze was built with a lat tower, and it helps build the shoulder muscle quickly.


Bowflex Blaze and the PR3000 include the same accessories; the ankle cuffs are designed with flexibility. You will get an instructional placard with both of them. DVDs have the trainer’s videos; these are very helpful in learning new exercises. Also, you will get a user manual, plus they will provide free assembly.


According to the warranty, the PR3000 is better as it comes up with a 7-year of full warranty on the power rod. And the frame has a one-year warranty, including a 60-day warranty containing the different parts and accessories.

In contrast, the Bowflex Blaze offers the user a 5-years warranty period, and the frame has a one-year warranty. You can expect these machines to last for a long time so that you can enjoy your gym workout at your home. However,  you can fix any issues within the warranty period.


Bowflex machines are constructed with heavy-duty materials to offer durability. Bowflex Blaze will provide you to perform many exercises on a single piece of equipment that you cannot do on the PR3000. The Blaze is also a budget-friendly machine and worth your investment. But the PR3000 offers a better warranty, but it doesn’t make sense to pay extra for the warranty since the Blaze has better features.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bowflex Blaze vs PR3000

Can I upgrade the resistance level of PR3000?

No, you cannot upgrade the PR3000 resistance level, but the Blaze allows you to do that.

What is the pulley system in the Blaze?

The Bowflex provides you with a no-change cable pulley system that lets you quickly switch the exercise.

Does it offer assembly?

Yes, both Blaze plus the PR3000 provides the assembly with delivery; you do not need to hire someone.

Can I do butterfly presses on the Blaze?

Yes, the Bowflex Blaze allows you to do the butterfly presses so you can do it.

Does the Bowflex PR3000 include the squat bar?

No, you will not get the squat bar with the PR3000, while the Blaze will come with this.

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