Bose Sport Earbuds vs Soundsport Free

Bose Sport Earbuds vs Soundsport Free – Check out our best pick!


Bose Sport Earbuds vs Soundsport FreeBetween Bose Sport Earbuds and Soundsport Free, we highly recommend Sport Earbuds as it has got some improved functions to serve you the best.

Why we recommend Sport Earbuds?

  • Sport Earbuds will give you top-notch call and sound quality as it includes 4 built-in microphones. In contrast, Soundsport Free has 3 microphones. Thus, extra microphones provide you a smoother sound during phone or video calls plus when you listen to music.
  • This earbud comes with a beamforming microphone array that separates your voice from surrounding noise so that the callers can hear you better. On the other hand, Soundsport doesn’t include this function.
  • It has a touch control panel that makes operating the earbud very straightforward. Besides, its competitor has a button interface that is sometimes hard to press.
  • Bose Sport Earbud is very comfortable even though you wear them for hours plus it is lightweight. At the same time, its rival is not comfortable and slightly heavier than this one. 
  • It features Bluetooth 5.1 version, and you will get twice the speed compared to the Soundsport Free because it has a 4.1 Bluetooth version. 

Therefore, all these top features made Bose Sport Earbuds the best earbuds compared to the Bose Soundsport free.


Common Features

  • Bose Sport Earbuds and Soundsport Free are waterproof. So, no need to worry about sweat, rain, or spills.
  • With a single charge, both deliver 5 hours of battery life with the included 15 hours charging case. As a result, you don’t need to stop for charge frequently.
  • They combine with a one-year limited warranty period.

Quick Comparison 

Specifications Bose Sport Earbuds  Bose Soundsport Free
Editor’s Rating 4.8 out of 5 4.6 out of 5
Size 0.82 x 1.05 x 0.74 inches 1.2 x 1 x 1.25 inches
Weight 0.3 ounces 0.64 ounces
Built-in Microphone  4 3
Control Touch control  Button control 
Bluetooth version 5.1 4.1
Battery life  5 hours  5 hours
Battery Life w/ charging case Up to 15 hours Up to 15 hours
IPX4 Yes Yes 
Warranty  1 Year Period  1 Year Period 

Differences and Similarities Between Bose Sport Earbuds and Soundsport Free

Battery Life 

They share the same 5 hours of battery life with a single charge. And the case battery life is up to 15 hours. The chargeable case is very convenient, and this fits any small bag. So you can take the case of the earbuds on the go. However, the charging case has a charge indicator light, it lets you know when the device is running out of charge, and so on. 

Sound Quality 

You will get better music and calls from the Bose Sport Earbuds rather than Soundsport Free. This will deliver you a clear, crisp sound for music. Also, it includes 4 built-in microphones, which are great for phone calls and video conferences. 

At the same time, its competitor has 3 built-in microphones. You will also get a clear sound from this one. But if you want high-quality, balanced sound, the Sport Earbuds would be an ideal choice for you.

Control Feature 

Bose Sport Earbuds provide a touch control interface, while the Soundsport Free has a button control feature. Compared to the button interface, touch control makes this device very easy to operate. You just need to tap on the earpiece to play or pause music. And to control the volume, all you just need to swipe up and down. 

The touch feature makes the device very easier to use while you are on the workout or outside of the home.

Talking about the button control of the Soundsport Free, sometimes it may be a hassle to control the earbuds because buttons are hard to press. 

Size & Weight

The Bose Sport Earbuds is better in terms of size & weight because it will perfectly fit any ear plus it is lightweight. The earbud is 0.82 x 1.05 x 0.74 inches, and it is 0.3 ounces. 

On the other side, the Bose Soundsport Free is 1.2 x 1 x 1.25 inches, whereas it is 0.64 ounces. If you are searching for a comfortable earpiece, the Sport Earbuds should be your best pick. 

Since it is lightweight and built with comfortable material, you can wear this earbud for hours without any issues. Bose Soundsport Free, besides, may feel uncomfortable as the buds are slightly heavier. 


Both earbuds are IPXP4 ratings. Hence these are sweat and waterproof. You don’t need to worry if your device comes in touch with water, but we don’t recommend you take them underwater or while you take a shower. Even though these are water-resistant, still for the sake of longer life, you should keep your device away from water. 


Generally, Bose Corporation gives a one-year limited warranty against any product defects if you purchase them from an authorized Bose store. From the day the seller retails it, this will count as the warranty period. You can replace your earbuds if you do not fit in them or not comfortable with them. 

However, the guarantee period does not cover any damage due to misuse or if you cannot maintain it. 


You will get better performance from the Bose Sport Earbuds rather than Soundsport Free. It has upgraded sound quality, fast Bluetooth connectivity, plus other features to make your life easier. 

Therefore, you can select this one, but Bose Soundsport Free could be your best pick if you have a tight budget. It is also an excellent earbud and has the same warranty plus battery life as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Bose Sport Earbuds and Soundsport Free

How is the microphone clarity for the video calls?

The Bose Sport Earbuds comes with 4 built-in microphones, whereas the other one has 3 microphones. So the Sport Earbuds would be ideal for video calls. 

Do they have physical buttons?

Only the Bose Sports Free earbud comes with physical buttons, but the Bose Sport earbud has a touch control panel. 

Are they waterproof?

Yes, both of them are featured with IPX4, so these are waterproof as well as sweatproof. But you should not take them underwater.  

Do they have any return policy?

Yes, these earbuds have a one-year limited warranty, and if these earbuds do not fit you, you can return them. 

Can I pair them with multiple devices?

No, you cannot pair these earbuds with multiple devices. 

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