Bose QuietComfort 25 vs 35

Bose QuietComfort 25 vs 35 – Which QC model should you pick?


Bose QuietComfort 25 vs 35Bose QuietComfort 25 and 35 are two excellent headphones, plus both of them are almost identical. But you can choose the Bose QC35.

Why should you choose the QC35?

  • It combines three levels of active noise cancellation that let you experience better music, calls, podcasts, or videos. Besides, the QC25 has one level function, so you may hear outside noise which is unpleasant. 
  • The volume-optimized EQ of this headphone gives you balanced audio performance at any volume you choose. At the same time, the QC25 equalizer is not ideal. 
  • Bose QC35 is wireless that can last up to 20-hours per charge plus 40 hours in wired mode. Whereas, its little brother can last 35 hours in wired mode. 
  • It features the noise-rejecting dual-microphone system while the other one is not. Hence this will give you clear calls in windy environments. 
  • This device has built-in Bluetooth plus NFC connections that are very easy to use plus has quick pairing. On the other hand, the Bose QC25 is not compatible with these handy connections since it is a wired headphone. 
  • You can talk with this device as it includes voice commands, but the other is not. It lets you reach your device without touching it, which is very convenient. 

So these were the reasons we ask you to choose the Bose QuietComfort 35 rather than the previous version. Its upgraded features take this headphone to the next level that’s why you should give it a thought to try it out. 


Similar Features 

  • The QC25 and QC35 have noise cancellations. 
  • You can use both of them in wired mode. 
  • They provide a one-year manufacturer warranty. 
  • Both are water splashes resistant.
  • These headphones come with an airline adapter. 

Comparison Chart

Specification Bose QuietComfort 25  Bose QuietComfort 35
Editor’s Rating 4.6 out of 5  4.8 out of 5
Dimension  2.5 x 5.88 x 9.38 inches 3.2 x 6.7 x 7.1 inches
Weight 0.43 lbs 0.52 lbs
Active Noise Cancelling Yes, 1 level Yes, 3 Levels
Connection Type Wired Both wired and wireless
Quick-charging No  Yes
Battery Life 35 hours Up to 20 hours and 40 hours in wired mode
Bluetooth No Yes 
Built-in Voice Assistant No  Yes
Microphone Feature Yes  Yes 
IPX Rating IPX4 IPX4
Volume-Control Yes  Yes 
Warranty One year manufacturer’s warranty One year manufacturer’s warranty

Differences and Similarities between Bose QC25 vs QC35

Sound Quality 

You will get better sound quality from the Bose QuietComfort 35 than the previous model. The volume-optimized EQ of this headphone gives you balanced and consistent performance. Even when you are on a plane, the sound will stay true to your music. 

Bose QC25, on the other hand, equalizer doesn’t provide you the best sound like the upgraded version. Therefore, we recommend the QC35 for you. 

Noise Cancellation 

If you want better sound for your music and detach yourself from everything around, the QC35 would be the best choice. That’s because it includes three levels of noise cancellation, whereas its little brother has one level. So the QC25 cannot be able to block the outside noise. 

Furthermore, the QC35 is built with a noise-rejecting dual-microphone system, which gives you clear calls even if the environment is windy. But you will not get clear calls from the QC25 because the noise cancellation is not good in it as it has one level. 

Battery Life 

Bose QuietComfort 25 is a wired headphone, whereas the QC35 is not. You can use QC25 for up to 35 hours, whereas the QC35 can be used for 40 hours in wired mode. Moreover, it can last straight 20 hours with Bluetooth connectivity, plus this will not drain the battery. 

Connection Type

The QC35 includes built-in Bluetooth plus NFC connections for the fastest pairing with your cell phone or PC, or tablet. Unfortunately, the QC25 doesn’t have these features. So, if you forget the wire at home or lose it, still your device can be connected. Also, it features a voice command that will guide you, and you don’t need to reach your device.  

Weight & Size

In terms of weight and size, the QC25 is slightly lightweight and smaller than the other one. But both are comfortable to wear, and you won’t feel like having something around your ears. Plus, the headband is adjustable, which is an added benefit. 

The QC25 size is 2.5 x 5.88 x 9.38 inches, whereas the QC35 is 3.2 x 6.7 x 7.1 inches. And the weight of the QC25 is 0.43 lbs, while the upgraded headphone is 0.52 lbs.


You will get some handy accessories with these two impressive devices. Both come with a carrying case and an airline adapter. The QC25 also provides a 56-inch QC25 inline remote and microphone cable, including an AAA battery. Besides, the QC35 comes with a backup audio cable and USB charging cable. 


Generally, Bose provides a limited one-year warranty that’s why you will get the same. But the warranty can be extended, and for that, you’ve to pay extra bucks. The guarantee is only applicable to the person who purchases it initially. 

If the headphones have any defects due to manufacturing, they will cover them. You can either repair or replace your device within a reasonable period. Remember, if you removed the label with a serial number, then the warranty will be void. 

Final Thought

After reviewing both products, it is clear that Bose QC35 is better than the previous version. It can provide you the best battery life, sound quality, also noise cancellation, etc. Therefore, if you want the best one, this should be your consideration. Or, if pricing matters, Bose QC25 can deliver you fantastic sound quality with a wire. You can select this too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the QC25 cancel noise on the airplanes?

Not really, you can hear noises on airplanes because it has a level one noise cancellation feature that is not effective at blocking outside noise. 

Is it possible to pair multiple devices with QC35?

Yes, you can connect it to your PC and mobile phone at the same time, plus take calls on your phone or computer as well. 

What is the Bluetooth version of the QC35?

This headphone includes a 4.1 Bluetooth version. 

Tell me about the battery life?

You can use the Bose QC25 for up to 35 hours, while the QC35 can last for 20 hours in wireless mode, and in the wired mode, it can stay for 40 hours.

Are they splashproof?

Yes, these two Bose headphones are splash-proof since they have an IPX4 rating. 

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