Beats Solo 3 VS Solo Pro

Beats Solo 3 vs Solo Pro – Check Why Solo Pro is Best Headphone!


Beats Solo 3 VS Solo ProBeats Solo 3 and Solo Pro are the two most popular headphones from Beats Brand. But if you want to pick the best one between these two, then we recommend Beats Solo Pro. 

Why We Recommend Solo Pro?

  • Solo Pro has an active noise cancellation system that removes background noise perfectly to let you listen to music at less volume. So, it would be a great the best choice for plane journeys or morning walks. In contrast, Beats Solo does not give you this feature.
  • It has six microphones giving you the best sound experiences for calling, or listening to music, etc. On the other hand, Beats Solo 3 has only a built-in microphone, so it can not give you a better calling or listening experience. 
  • You will automatically receive audio information via voice prompts, and when the battery is low on this headphone. Besides, its competitor does not have such advanced features.
  • You can control your device with your voice order; you don’t have to press any button for this. On the contrary, Beats Solo 3 also has voice command, 1st of all, you have to activate Siri. But for the previous version, this function won’t work properly. It will stop in the middle of the command.
  • This device has an accelerometer sensor system that is used to mastering linear acceleration. This sensor also detecting when a device changes the vertical and horizontal position. Besides, Beats Solo 3 does not have this sensor.

There is a lot of dissimilation between Beats Solo and Solo Pro. After considering all of these features, we strongly recommend you to go for Solo Pro.


Similar Features

  • Both device connective technology is wireless. So, there will be no hassle of remaining connected with the devices.
  • Comfortable ear pad for protracted use, which is adjustable. As a result, you can customize your fit for ultimate comfort.
  • Both devices have battery level indicators that will notify you when your headphone is about to die.

Quick Comparison: Beats Solo 3 vs Solo Pro

Specification Beats Solo 3 Solo Pro
Editors rating 4.6 out of 5 4,7 out of 5
Weight 7.6 ounces  9.4 ounces
Product Dimension 8.3 x 2.7 x 2.5 inches 8 x 5 x 7.05 inches
Battery Life  22 hours  22 hours 
Active noise cancellation No Yes
Colour Matte Black Black
Form Factor On-ear On-ear
Audio Chip Apple H1 chips Apple H1 chips
Microphone One Six
Transparency No Yes 
Warranty 1 year 1 year

Detail Features about Beats Solo 3 and Solo Pro


The headphone from Beats brand is very light and comes with a wafer-thin design. Beats headphones are suitable for any size of head. These headphone pads are covered with synthetic leather, which gives you extreme comfort. So for listening to music for a long time, you won’t experience any issues. These earpads are easily changeable as well.

However, Beats Solo 3 and Pro look almost the same, but there is some dissimulation. The fold-up hinge and the headband are made of metal for extra strength. Both devices have almost the same design, but Solo Pro is best for use.

Volume Adjusting

Beats Solo Pro gives you quick volume control in the left earcup. This button helps you control the loudness while music is playing. So you can control the volume easily. With the help of a remote talk cable, you can also control the volume level or hold the volume button to increase sound.


These two headphones can be paired with all Bluetooth-compatible devices. You can connect them with your Smartphone or iOS as well. Moreover, they are compatible with laptops too. Though both of them are compatible with smartphones or PC, yet the Solo Pro would be an ideal choice because it gives fantastic sound rather than Solo 3. 

 Noise cancellation

Beats Solo Pro has active noise cancellation. This system blocks outside noise, you feel your music. On the Other side, the Beats Solo 3 does not have any such feature, so this device does not deliver clear sound. Sound quality is most important for any headphone, so you can choose the Solo Pro.

Stability and warranty

These headphones are made from synthetic leather. This material will allow you to use these headphones for a long period without any issue. 

Now let’s talk about warranty, Beats brands give you a 1-year warranty from the date of product buying. In the meantime, if you face any trouble with these devices, then contract with their site.


You will get up to 22 hours of listening time and up to 40 hours of listing time while transparency turned off. Besides, its competitor comes with 40-hour battery life. Also, they have a fast fuel technique, thus with 5 minutes charge only, you will get 3 hours of listening time. Both devices have a battery indicator, and it will warn you when the battery charge level is low.


Hopefully, now it is clear to you why do we recommend the Solo Pro to you. It has advanced features like noise cancellation, six microphones to other features that are not available on the Solo 3. So, you can choose the Solo Pro if you want to upgrade your headphone. Otherwise, the Solo 3 is a good choice as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Beats Solo 3 and Solo Pro

Can these headphones be used as a gaming headset?

Solo pro can be used as a mobile gaming headset you need a separate 3.5mm cable to enable wired mode for optimal performance.

Is there any microphone?

Solo Pro features dual dream-forming microphones and also has an accelerometer for excellent clear sound.

Are they connected to PS4?

Unfortunately, No. They are not compatible with any Apple product.

Do these headphones fit all aged people?

Yes, These headphones are compatible with any side of the head.

Are they adjustable?

 Yes, these are adjustable. You can fold this headphone as your size.

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