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Bassinet vs Pack n Play – Check Why We Recommend Pack n Play!

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Bassinet vs Pack n PlayWe choose a bassinet from the Cloud Baby to compare with Graco Pack n Play. Both have useful features, but if you are looking for the best one, then Graco Pack n Play should be your choice

Why Should You Choose Pack n Play?

  • This baby swing offers a built-in infant seat for your baby that you can use as an extra mattress. So, you don’t require to purchase any extra bassinet if you have Pack n play. 
  • The size of the Pack n play is larger than the Bassinet baby swing. Your child will have a huge space for free movement. But the, free movement is not possible with the bassinet.    
  • Pack n play comes with a large storage panel, Where you can keep some essential clothes and toys for your kid. Unfortunately, no storage facility is available with the Bassinet baby swing
  • The removable diaper changing option is only available with Graco Pack and play baby swing. This magnificent facility has made this swing a proper one for a newborn toddler.   

These are the major differences that made the Pack n Play better, and we hope it made you realize why we recommend this one. 


Similarities Between Bassinet vs Pack n Play

  • Proper design with a good mattress for babies’ comfort. 
  • Both baby swings are convertible and height-adjustable. 
  • Easily sets up in a quick time and is machine washable. 
  • A balanced frame is made with a mixer of plastic and metal.

You are gonna get these same functions with both baby swings. If you want to ensure super comfort for your baby, then you have to pick Pack n Play.

Bassinet vs Pack n Play Quick Comparison

Specifications  Bassinet baby swing  Pack n play baby swing 
Editor’s rating  4.5 out of 5  4.8 out of 5 
Dimensions  35.04 x 28.35 x 39.37 inches 28.5 x 40 x 33.3 inches
Removable diaper option  No  Yes 
Internal storage panel  No  Yes 
Audio functionality  No  Yes 
Built-in infant seat  No  Yes 
Height adjustability  Yes Yes 
Toy attachment facility  Yes  Yes 
Machine washable  Yes  Yes
Battery required  No  Yes (4-hours battery backup)  
Frame  Plastic and metal  Plastic and metal 
Warranty  Yes (1-year)  Yes (1-year) 

Comparison Between Bassinet vs Pack n Play

Infant seat 

Graco Pack n play has a built-in infant seat. That infant seat is also usable as an additional mattress for the swing. So, it is possible to place your baby anywhere in front of your eye with that infant seat. Parents can easily move without moving the whole swing. That is really nice thinking from Graco.

Manufacturing materials 

Both baby swings are manufactured with top-quality polyester fabric. Children are comfortable with this carrier. Also, they have a sideway net attachment for a good air passing process. The frame is made with a mixed material of plastic and metal. That’s why the carrier is safe and fits well for rough use. 

Diaper changing facility 

Pack n play has lots of exclusive features for babies’ convenience. But the most notable one is the diaper changing facility. Parents don’t need to carry any extra seats to change their toddlers’ diapers. After changing the diaper, this seat turns into a part of the bassinet of that swing seat. This is a really nice addition from Graco.  

Audio functionality 

This audio mode is available with the pack n-play. It generates natural sounds for a proper sleeping environment. So that baby keeps sleeping for a long time without any louder voice disturbance. This audio is fully battery functional. It needs 3 AA batteries for 4 hours of quality service in a fully charged mode. 

Storage facility 

Not so many baby swings come with internal storage capacity. Here Graco pack n play provides this useful facility. You can fill the storage with some necessary things for your kid. No internal storage facility is available with the Bassinet swing carrier.

Height adjustment 

The bassinet has nine different positioning height adjustability. In each different position, this swing remains very steady. As well as, the Pack n play comes with 35 inches of height adjustment functionality. 

Along with the height adjustment function, parents can add attractive toys to the baby swing’s toy attachment panel. Toddler spends their time with those toys. 


In the dimension section, we didn’t find any major differences. Here the Bassinet baby swing comes in a dimension of 35.04 x 28.35 x 39.37 inches. On the other side, the Pack n play has a dimension of 28.5 x 40 x 33.3 inches. So, children will get proper space for free movement on this swing.  


Generally, Graco provides long-term warranty support for its products. Here, Graco pack n play has a 1-year warranty clause. Also, the Bassinet baby swing has one year of limited warranty facility. 


From this analysis, it seems Graco pack n play has all the facilities of being a great baby swing. Also, this carrier has so many amazing features that you won’t get with the Bassinet baby swing. So, our final pick is Graco Pack n play. Then the reminder option, the Bassinet baby swing, will be in the second position.

FAQ of Bassinet vs Pack n Play

Question: Can I use the main bassinet mattress in my bed?

Answer: Yes, the mattress is fully removable. Both items have this system to use the main mattress on the bed, floor, or anywhere else. 

Question: Can I go on an airline trip with it? 

Answer: Yes, these baby swings are fully foldable. They come in great carrying cases. That carrying case has a similar size to a backpack. This bag has all airline traveling permission. So, take the swing for any outside tours. 

Question: Is there any video about how to use the strap? 

Answer: Yes, search the main website for availing a proper using system. Moreover, you will find many videos on youtube on this particular matter. Before going for a video, read the product user manual. This is very easily readable. Also, I have attached pictures of using this baby swing very properly. 

Question: Can I wash it on a machine? 

Answer: Yes, both baby swings are fully machine washable. You can use any household soaps to clean up the swing very properly. 

Question: What is height length? 

Answer: The Bassinet has nine different height adjustable positions. But the height length is not fully explained. However, the height of the pack n play baby swing is almost 35 inches extendable.        

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