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Arlo vs Nest – Check Why Arlo is Best!

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Arlo vs NestArlo and Nest both are quality security camera brands. Hence Google Nest and Arlo Pro 3 both are great in performance, but we strongly recommend Arlo Pro 3.

Why We Recommend Arlo Pro 3?

  • Arlo Pro 3 comes with a 2K HDR camera resolution, so you can zoom the object to see the more exact details plus real colors during the day or night. On the contrary, Google Nest comes with a surveillance camera that doesn’t provide resolution like Pro 3.
  • You will get 30-days of free cloud storage on the Arlo Pro 3, so you can watch your videos or images from anywhere and store your videos for a long time. In contrast, Google Nest Outdoor Cam does not provide free cloud storage.
  • Arlo Pro 3 has 160-degree field views that ensure a better and broader perspective. In contrast, Nest has 130 degrees only.
  • It has an integrated spotlight and 100 dB siren that helps stop crime in your areas. But Nest doesn’t have this crucial option.
  • You can use Arlo Pro 3 as an indoor or outdoor camera, but you can’t use a nest cam as indoor/outdoor. If you are looking for a Nest indoor camera, then you have to choose Google Indoor Nest Cam.

Both Arlo and Nest are high-end security cameras, but all these features made Arlo Pro 3 the best choice.


Comparison Chart: Arlo vs Nest

Specification  Arlo Pro 3  Google Nest  Cam Outdoor
Editor’s Rating 4.8 out of 5  4.6 out of 5 
Dimension  14.57 x 9.45 x 9.57 inches 2.8 x 2.8 x 3.5 inches
Weight  3.7 lbs  2.67 lbs 
Camera Resolution  2K HDR  1080 P 
Cloud Storage 30-days free  No 
Field View  160 Degree  130 Degree 
Alert Type  Motion and Package  Motion only 
Spotlight  Yes  No 
Siren  Yes  No 
Color Night Vision  Yes  No 
Works with Alexa Yes  Yes 
Two-way audio  Yes  Yes 
Wire-free  Yes No 
Zoom  Yes Yes
Weatherproof  Yes Yes
Warranty  One-year limited  Two-year warranty 

Differences & Similarities: Arlo Pro 3 vs Nest Outdoor Cam

Camera Quality 

It would help if you chose a security camera that offers the best camera, and in this case, the Arlo Pro 3 is the best one. It has a 2K HDR Camera, but the Nest has a 1080 P resolution. But both cameras allow you to zoom in on any object so that you can see the more precise details, including colors.

Field View and Color Vision 

When it comes to the view and color night vision, the Arlo Pro is the best security camera. Since the device is designed with a 160-degree wide view and has color night vision, you can see the outside or any areas you want more comprehensively than the Nest Cam as it has a 130-degree field view. Additionally, the Nest still offers black and white vision; that’s why the Arlo Pro 3 is the better option.

Integrated Spotlight & Siren 

You can find integrated spotlight and siren functions into the Arlo Pro 3. It helps you light up the night to avoid any wanted guests; also, the 100 dB siren will eliminate the crime in the areas you live in. On the other side, the Nest Cam Outdoor doesn’t offer these particular functions, so I suggest the Arlo camera.

Cloud Storage 

Arlo also comes with 30-day free cloud storage, but the Nest is not compatible with this. You can watch the video anytime from anywhere from the Arlo app. If you want, you can store the videos into the USB drive storage as well. On the flip side, the Nest doesn’t offer any free cloud storage; you need to subscribe to the cloud.

Two-way Audio and Voice Compatible 

Both of them are compatible with the two-way audio plus have voice commands compatibility. The two-way audio will let you talk and listen to what is happening. These two are consistent with Alexa and Google Assistant as well. Once you see a visitor in front of the door, you can speak to the visitor through the voice command.

Wireless or Plugged In 

You can use the Arlo Pro 3 both wireless or plugin, but the Nest Cam needs to operate with wire. The Arlo is also compatible with the Arlo Solar Panel; you can use this to operate the device. Arlo is also compatible with the battery, but it needs to be replaced after six months.

You need to charge the battery to use it, and the app will tell you when it needs the charge. However, the Arlo is compatible with wired or wireless, and I recommend this camera to you.


In terms of the warranty, the Nest is better as it comes with a two-year warranty while the Arlo provides a one-year. If the users find any issues with the devices, both companies will repair the machines. Or, if needed, you can replace the machine as well. You can use both of the devices for many years to come.


There’s no doubt the Arlo and Nest are high-end security cameras. You can install both cameras indoor or outdoor, wherever you need. When it comes to selecting the device, I highly recommend choosing the Arlo Pro 3 rather than Nest Outdoor Cam. It has smarter features than the Nest, and it’s straightforward to use. Hopefully, this guide helps you select the best one that suits you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Arlo Pro 3 and Nest Outdoor Cam

What is the length of the power cable of the Nest Outdoor cam?

Generally, the Nest Outdoor provides a 25 ft long power cable, which is weatherproof.

Will Nest record video without subscribing to the cloud account?

No, the Nest required a cloud account to record the video. You can still view the video in real-time, even if you do not subscribe to the cloud.

Can I install this Nest inside of my house?

Yes, you can install this device into your house though it’s made for outdoor use.

Do I need to connect the Arlo Pro 3 camera to the wifi?

Yes, the camera needs to connect to the wifi to record the videos.

Is there free cloud storage available on the Arlo?

Yes, it comes with a 30-days trial period, and then you need to choose the plan.

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