Arctis Pro Wired vs Wireless

Arctis Pro Wired vs Wireless – Why Arctis Pro Wireless is Best?

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Arctis Pro Wired and Wireless gaming headphones give a lossless and seamless audio solution. Let’s check out their differences to get the best headset for you.

What Are the Differences Between Arctis Pro Wired and Wireless?

Arctis Pro Wired Arctis Pro Wireless
Arctis Pro Wired Arctis Pro Wireless
Arctis Pro Wired do not have transmitter base station. Arctis Pro Wireless has transmitter base station feature.
The Pro Wired let you adjust volume from the headphone. You can adjust the volume through the transmitter base station.
It need to connect via wire. It gives you 20 hours backup.
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Arctis Pro Wireless gaming headphone is the best bet for game-enthusiasts. If you want to get wireless high fidelity gaming audio system, this should be your consideration.

Why Should You Consider Arctis Pro Wireless?

  • Arctis Pro Wireless comes with a transmitter base station that enables you to connect the headphone wirelessly up to 12 meters. Moreover, it has Bluetooth, so you can pair the headphones with your mobile device from any corner of your house. In contrast, the older version is wired; that’s why you cannot take the headphones to another room.
  • The transmitter base also lets you adjust the volume during the game. While the Arctis Pro wired only lets you adjust the volume from the headphone.
  • Arctis Pro Wireless is built with a dual-battery system, and it gives 20 hours of backup per charge. Thus you don’t need to take the hassle of wiring plus connecting it with any compatible devices. On the other hand, Arctis Wired comes with a single battery.
  • You can dial the sound frequency to your need through the OLED screen that helps to craft the perfect sound without any software. At the same time, this facility is not available on the Arctis Pro Wire headset.

So, these excellent features made Arctis Pro Wireless a better option for you. You can select the Wireless version if you want to improve your headphone.


Similar Features 

  • They have the same 40,000 Hz speaker frequency that ensures stunning realism and clarity of sound.
  • Both come with a ski goggle fabric that provides ultimate comfort even during extended use.
  • The construction material of these devices is lightweight steel and aluminum alloy, which makes them so durable.
  • These devices have on-ear audio control, allowing you to control the sound easily.

You will get these similar functions with both headphones. To enjoy the best sound quality with improved facilities, you have to go with Arctis Pro Wireless.

Other Specifications Chart of Arctis Pro Wired & Wireless

Specification Arctis Pro Wired  Arctis Pro Wireless
Editor’s Rating 4.5 out of 5  4.8 out of 5 
Dimension  3.54 x 6.55 x 7.37 inches 3.54 x 6.55 x 7.37 inches
Weight  0.94 lbs  0.94 lbs
Surround Sound Yes  Yes 
Electronics USB ChatMix Dial Transmitter Base Station
Speaker Drivers 40,000 Hz  40,000 Hz 
Wireless No Lossless 2.4G & Bluetooth
On-Ear Audio Controls Yes  Yes 
Exclusive Airweave Earpads Yes  Yes 
Connections USB, 3.5mm USB, Optical, 3.5mm
Compatibilities PC  PC & PS4
Build Material Lightweight Steel and Aluminum Alloy  Lightweight Steel and Aluminum Alloy 
ClearCast Microphone Yes  Yes 
Ski-Goggle Suspension Band Yes  Yes 
Warranty One year for USA & Asia

Two-year for Europe

One year for USA & Asia

Two-year for Europe

Features and Benefits of Arctis Pro Wired vs Wireless

Audio Type 

Both combine with the next-generation DTS Headphone, and you will immerse in the true game action as they deliver incredible and accurate positional cues. Also, these headphones produce premium Hi-Res audio up to 40,000 Hz, which is double most headsets.

You can also adjust the volume from the headsets, but the Pro Wireless allows you to adjust all the audio settings through the transmitter. Plus, you can tweak each frequency from the equalizer of the OLED screen. So, you can get the perfect sound from the Pro Wireless on the fly.


Usually, Arctis Microphone is known as the best in gaming. That’s because it delivers the best voice clarity, just like a studio. Furthermore, the microphone features background noise cancellation. You can hear everything clearly with detail from the Arctis Pro Wired or Wireless.

Connection Type 

Arctis Pro Wired comes with a USB cable so that you connect the device with its compatible devices. Whereas the Pro Wireless is a dual technology device. It is both lossless wireless and a Bluetooth-compatible headphone. The device gives 2.4G audio for gaming. In comparison, Bluetooth connectivity lets you pair it with mobile devices.

Device Compatibility 

Arctis is built for the professional that gives the best audio in gaming compared to others. These are compatible with the Mobile, PlayStation4 & 5, PC, and Mac. Besides, the Arctis Pro Wired is also compatible with the Xbox One and Nintendo. You will need a 3.5mm cable to pair with these devices included in the box.

Construction Material 

They are built with high-end lightweight steel and aluminum material that ensure maximum durability and consistent fit. Also, these headphones come with a ski goggle headband that will perfectly contour your head. The ear cushions are a soft fabric that is athletic-inspired. You can comfortably concentrate on gaming because this will keep your ears cool and dry.


The box content of these headsets is almost the same, and you will get the information guide, the headsets, and Microphone Windscreen with both devices. The Pro Wired includes a 4-Pole 3.5mm adapter, USB ChatMix Dial, and the Main Headset Cable. Besides, the Pro Wireless also provides a Mobile Audio Cable, a USB Audio Cable, a Transmitter Base Station, a Mobile Charging Cable, and a Toslink Optical Cable.


Arctis Pro Wired and Wireless provide a one-year warranty for its Asian and USA users. In contrast, it covers a two-year guarantee to Europe. They will cover any defective parts, but the warranty will not deliver you service if you damage anything. Also, you’ve to purchase them from an authorized shop.


These two SteelSeries gaming headphones are slightly different from each other. We recommend you pick the Pro Wireless since you do not need wire to use this, which makes it easier. However, Arctis Pro Wired could be your best option if you need wired headphones.

Frequently Asked Questions about Arctis Pro Wired and Wireless

Can I connect the Arctis Pro Wireless to the PS4?

Yes, the headset is compatible with PC, PS4, and PS5. While its competitor is also compatible with PlayStation.

Which include Bluetooth?

Arctis Pro Wireless includes Bluetooth, and it combines dual-wireless technology.

What is the ChatMix dial?

Generally, the ChatMix is a sound card, once you attach it to the headphone you can hear audio from your PC.

What is the lossless range?

The Pro Wireless lossless range is up to 12 meters or 40 feet.

Will the Pro Wireless mic turn red?

Yes, the device will turn red when the headphone is muted, also, you can adjust the brightness through the transmitter’s screen.

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