Apex Risor vs Bionic 2

Apex Risor vs Bionic 2 – Check which Jacket is more Preferable!


Apex Risor and Bionic 2 are two windproof jackets that protect you from severe cold. But when it comes to choosing the comfortable one, this is slightly tough. So, let’s check out their differences to get the best one!

What Are the Differences Between Apex Risor vs Bionic 2?

Apex Risor Apex Bionic 2
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Apex Risor is not water-resistance. Apex Bionic 2 is a water-resistance jacket.
It has no hand pockets. It has hand pockets.
This jacket cannot stretch and is ideal for daily use only.  This jacket uses apex climate block fabric material, making it stretching and perfect for climbing, bouldering, and daily use. 
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Apex Bionic 2 has better features than Apex Risor, so I strongly recommend you pick this jacket. If you are still confused then go through the below section –

Why Choosing Apex Bionic 2 is a Wise Decision?

  • Apex Bionic 2 is made with the most solid apex climate block fabric. That’s why it is stretching too and perfect for activities like climbing, bouldering, and daily uses. In contrast, Risor is not stretchy and only fits for regular use.
  • This Jacket comes with a fleece-lined collar at the top. That works very comfortably in a breezy climate. On the contrary, the Risor also comes with a fleece-lined collar that is not much wind-protective as the other one.
  • Bionic 2 is entirely a water-resistant jacket that provides a first-class water resistance ability. On the opposite side, the Risor only comes with a second-level water-repellent capability.
  • The softshell nature of the Bionic 2 will protect you from very cold weather conditions and keeps your body warm. In comparison, Risor is still a good one, but not warm in nature.
  • The Bionic 2 has a spectacular covered secured zip hand pocket, which is very useful for emergency accessories. But the Risor doesn’t add any hand pockets in it. Therefore, you will get lower space in it to compare Bionic 2.   

The features mentioned above are convincing enough to say that the Apex Bionic 2 is the best Jacket of these two. And if you are interested in checking their price, click on the buttons below. 


Common Features

These two jackets have several shared characteristics. Let’s take a glance at the shared characteristics of these two Jackets. 

  • Apex Bionic 2 and Apex Risor have an upper front and lower side pocket. So, you can keep your valuable things safe and secure while doing any work.
  • Both come with a hem cinch cord that helps to attach the Jacket properly to the body.

You will get these similar facilities with both of them. If you want the advanced facility, you must go with Apex Bionic 2.

Other Specifications

Specifications   Apex Bionic 2  Apex Risor 
Editors Rating 4.7 out of 5 4.4 out of 5
Manufacturing fabric 50D 364 G/M² WindWall®—100% Polyester Bonded Knit With (DWR) Finish WindWall® 86% Recycled Polyester, 14% Elastane With Non-PFC Finish
Average weight 557 G (19.65 Oz) 630 G (22.22 Oz)
Windproof Yes (100%) Yes (The rated permeability is less than 10 CFM)
Hem cinch-cord Yes Yes
Warranty 3 years 3 years

Features of Apex Risor and Apex Bionic 2

Style and design 

Many people will argue with me that the Bionic 2 is the most attractive Jacket of these two. In fact, it is one of the most stylish men’s jackets available in the market.

The complete finishing has given this one a fabulous look. However, Risor is also an attractive one. But in terms of style and design, this Jacket cannot overtake the Bionic 2. 

Manufacturing fabric 

The Apex Bionic 2 is made with a mixed fabric of polyester and a durable water-repellent finish. Users have said that this mixed main fabric is excellent in nature.

Also, this very stretchiness will provide high-quality softness while wearing this Jacket. On the opposite side, the main material of the Risor is a mixer of 86% polyester, which is a non-PFC DWR finish.

That’s why this one is not quite as solid as the Bionic 2. Moreover, you will not get the standard finishing touches with it. 


The scratchy nature has given the Bionic 2 more usefulness. This Jacket can be used for daily uses as well as for climbing and bouldering activities. But the tightness of the outer part of the Risor is suitable for everyday use only.

That item will not give you the luxury of utilizing this for unconventional actions. 

Storage and pockets 

The Risor comes with a spectacular chest and lower side pockets. These are very useful for putting on essential accessories.

While the Bionic 2 comes with more dynamic hand pockets along these pockets. You can take extra products from these hand pockets.

That’s why it’s pretty evident that this Jacket always gets a slight advantage in the pocket and storage department. 


Both of these products are very durable. According to users’ reviews, it’s quite evident that these products can be used for many years.

For many years of use, the Bionic 2 keeps the actual shape and color like the new one. The Risor is also very well known for its extreme level of durability and quantity. 


These two jackets are very breathable. You can use these products from early winter to summer. The air passing ability is high. Only in this department will the Risor take a slight advantage over the Bionic 2. But don’t worry, the breathability of the Bionic 2 is still very standard. 

Guarantee clause 

These two North Face brand products are very popular for the spectacular guarantee clause. The company provides a lifetime replacement warranty clause with these two Jackets. Therefore, wearing these Jackets doesn’t need to be too concise. 


Undoubtedly these two jackets are exceptional and attractive. But the Apex Bionic 2 produces more quality and quantity with this one.

However, this has a slightly higher price value compared to the Risor. Hence, you can take the Risor in terms of low budget. However, my preference is the Bionic 2. 

Frequently asked questions about Risor and Apex Bionic 2

Question: Do these products are available in different sizes?

Answer: Yes, both these jackets are available in various sizes. You can take any of these jackets according to your body size and shape. 

Question: What is washing care? 

Answer: Both these Jackets are quite fit for machine washing. Just use normal water while washing. Keep away from boiled water. That may cause great damage to the polyester-made Jacket. 

Question: Which one is the updated one? 

Answer: The Apex Bionic 2 is the updated version of the bionic series. But the Risor is the traditional one. 

Question: Can I use Apex Bionic 2 for climbing activities? 

Answer: Yes, this Jacket is made with solid fabric. Therefore, this one is very stretchy. It can be used for different activities like bouldering and hiking activities. 

Question: What is the usability of the Hem cinch-cord? 

Answer: Both these jackets come with this fabulous feature. The hem cinch cord can be used for tightening up the Jacket with the body. That’s why the wind cannot go inside of these jackets. Moreover, climbing and bouldering activities are possible with the Bionic 2 for this exclusive feature. 

Question: Does the Apex Risor jacket have color options? 

Answer: Yes, this Jacket appears in various attractive colors. Moreover, you will not wear women-specific colors in the women’s version of this Jacket. So, you can choose your desired Jacket from a large collection of colors.  

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