Alesis SR16 vs SR18

Alesis SR16 vs SR18 – Why You Should Consider the  Alesis SR18?

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Alesis SR16 vs SR18Alesis SR16 and Alesis SR18 are ideal and affordable drum machines with some advanced features that will give you a fantastic user experience. But if you want to get the best out of it, you should think about the Alesis SR18, which offers a broader range of sounds.  

Why should you think about the Alese SR18?

  • Alesis SR18 is capable of providing you with up to 500 more sound variants. In comparison, Alesis SR16 can give you only 233 sound variants. So, with the Alesis SR18, you can get around 277 more compositions that will help you to produce different sounds. 
  • The device is very lightweight at only 1.15 pounds, whereas its competitor is a heavyweight of 2.5 pounds. Therefore, you can carry the Alesis SR18 everywhere you go effortlessly. 
  • It will allow you approximately 100 preset patterns, which can help you use and try them right out of the box. On the other hand, the Alesis SR16 has only 50 preset patterns. 
  • Almost 200 built-in music samples are designed with the Alesis SR18. But, the Alesis SR16 is featured with only 100 examples. So, if you want to be more creative, you should consider the Alesis SR18.
  • The Alesis SR18 is an updated version of the Alesis SR16, and it has been designed with a more robust sound quality that can make you impressed for sure. In addition to that, this device has been designed especially for those who are passionate and creative about the sound quality of the machine. 

The above-mentioned advanced properties have placed the Alesis SR18 at the top of the user’s choice list. Therefore, I suggest you consider the Alesis SR18 to get the best out of it. 


Similar Features of the Alesis SR16 vs. SR18

  • Alesis SR16 and Alesis SR18 have come with MIDI implementation connectivity, allowing you excellent pairing with your smart devices.
  •  Both of these machines are propertied with 12 velocity-sensitive pads that will let you control the volume you would need. 
  • The polyphony of these devices is 16 voices, which can help you to play 16 notes at the same time with your drum machine. So, you can go with any of these gadgets if you inspect this feature.

Quick Comparison Chart: Alesis SR16 vs SR18

Specifications Alesis SR16 Alesis SR18
User Ratings 4.4 out of 5 4.6 out of 5
Sound Variant  233 500
Weight  2.5 pounds 1.15 pounds
Kits  50 user, 50 preset 100 users, 100 preset
Color BLACK Pro Color
Product Dimension  9.25 x 6.5 x 1.5 inches 9.25 x 13 x 4 inches
USB Connectivity  Seamless MIDI Connectivity Seamless MIDI Connectivity
Connectivity Covered  4 (stereo pairs) 4 (stereo pairs)
Polyphony  16 voices  16 voices 
Pads  12 velocity-sensitive 12 velocity-sensitive

Similarities and Differences of the Alesis SR16 & SR18


Alesis SR16 and the Alesis SR18 look impressive for their outlook, and they come in different weights and colors. The Alesis SR16 comes in Black color, and it is a heavyweight device of 2.5 pounds, moreover, its item dimension is 9.25 x 6.5 x 1.5 inches. But, on another side, the Alesis SR18 is designed in pro color, and it is a very lightweight electric machine of only 1.15 pounds with 9.25 x 13 x 4 inches of product dimension.

So, you can see the Alesis SR18 is handier to carry on the go. And, if you are looking for an electric drum machine that you can keep with you on the go, I would highly recommend you think about the Alesis SR18.

Another essential thing that you should know is the Alesis SR18 is a successor of the Alesis SR16. And the Alesis SR18 has been manufactured after improving some features to get more advanced performance from this machine.

Sound Quality 

When it comes to talking sound quality, the Alesis SR18 is far better than its competitor the Alesis SR16. You can record some authentic audio as well with the Alesis SR18 at your music studio. 

The Alesis SR18 electric machine comes with 500 drums tons that will let you produce various sounds with this machine. In comparison, the Alesis SR16 has featured 233 sounds. So, you can see the Alesis SR18 is a better machine to help you create more different sounds. 

In addition, the Alesis SR18 has 50 basses and 12 velocity-sensitive pads that can help you control the volume according to your expectations. And, the Alesis SR16 also provides the same velocity sensitivity. 

Kits Preset

One of the best features of the Alesis SR18 is its preset patterns. It offers you 100 more preset ways to provide you with tremendous opportunities to use them when needed. On the other hand, the Alesis SR16 has only come with 50 preset patterns. So, it is vivid that the Alesis SR18 has more capability to offer more presets patterns. And, if you are an advanced-level user, you should consider the Alesis SR18.  


It is crucial to know about the connectivity opportunity that you will get from your electric drum machine. In this regard, the Alesis SR16 and the Alesis SR18 come with Seamless MIDI Connectivity. So, you can connect this machine with your smart devices like computers, keyboards, and other devices. 

Polyphony and Pads Sensitivity 

Polyphony is a greek word. The word Poly means many and phony means notes. Therefore, it lets you know how many notes a particular drum machine can provide you at a time. Moreover, the Alesis SR16 and the Alesis SR18 have come with 16 voices. So, they will help you to note 16 voices at the same time. It is more than enough whether you are an intermediate drummer or advanced player. 

In addition to that, these drum machines are designed with 12 velocity-sensitive pads that deliver you a comfortable using time for controlling the device’s volume.   


These Alesi’s drum machines are built with robust materials that can serve you for an extended period. Plus, you can enjoy a manufacturer’s warranty that differs from country to country or seller to seller. So, you need to contact the authorized shop or platform where you buy these devices. 

Last thoughts

At the end of the article, I would like to highlight the best features that stand the Alesis SR18 at the top of the users’ choice. Therefore, the Alesis SR18 drum machine has 500 sound variants, 100 preset patterns, and 200 built-in music samples. Plus, it is a very lightweight device of only 1.15 pounds that you can keep with you on the go. 

But, if you are convinced with the features of the Alesis SR16 that I have m, mentioned above, you can think about it; it’s entirely your choice. 

Frequently Asked Questions about the Alesis SR16 vs. SR18

How many sound variants are available with the Alesis SR18?

There are 500 sound variants available with the Alesis SR18, and it will let you create more sound with these drum machines.  

Does the Alesis SR18 come with any music samples?

Yes, the Alesis SR18 comes with 100 music samples that will help you try new things. 

What is the velocity sensitivity of the Alesis SR16 and the Alesis SR18?

The velocity sensitivity of the Alesis SR16 and the Alesis SR18 is 12, which is enough to provide you control of the volume effortlessly. 

Which drum machine is the lighter one compared to the Alesis SR16 and the Alesis SR18?

If you want to purchase the lighter drum machine, you should go with the Alesis SR18, which is only 1.15 pounds. 

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