Airpods vs Powerbeats

Airpods vs PowerBeats – Why We Recommend PowerBeats?


Airpods vs Powerbeats

Airpods and PowerBeats are both trendy and sophisticated, but considering all the advanced features PowerBeats has, it is easily the best one you should pick.

Why You Should Pick PowerBeats?

  • PowerBeats give you 15 hours of listening time while the AirPods can provide 5 hours of battery life. So, with PowerBeats, you will get a longer playback time with a single charge.
  • This device has class 1 Bluetooth technology which gives you a 130-330 ft range. On the other hand, AirPods does not have class 1 Bluetooth technology. Hence, Powerbeats is an excellent choice for you.
  • It comes with a fast fuel charging system, with just 5 minutes of charge it can provide 1 hour playback time. While AirPods do not have a fast fuel charging system.
  • PowerBeats is adjustable and has an ear hook for comfort. Besides, AirPods do not look comfortable. After 30 minutes, you feel pain in your ear.

These features made the PowerBeats the best earbuds compared to the AirPods. If you want the best experiences you should select the PowerBeats rather than AirPods. 


Similar Features

  • Airpods and PowerBeats have Apple H1 chips. It provides you with a faster connection, improved battery life, and increased stability.
  • These earphones are water and Sweat resistance devices, which protects the headphone from sweat and water splash.
  • They are in-ear factor earbuds, hence the big advantage of in-ear headphones is portability, and they will fit into your bag and pocket easily.

Comparison Chart: Airpods vs PowerBeats

Specification AirPods Powerbeats
Editors Rating 4.5 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Weight 2.4 ounces 8.4 ounces
Battery Life 5 hours 12 hours
Class 1 Bluetooth technology No Yes
From the Factor In-ear In-ear
Sweat and water resistance Yes Yes
Google assistant Siri Yes No
Compatible devices IOS devices and Android devices IOS and Android devices
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year

Similarities & Difference Between AirPods and PowerBeats


This device gives you 15 hours of listening time, so you can listen to your music for a long time. While AirPods give you 24 hours battery backup with a charging case and 5 hours listening time on one charge. Powerbeats has a fast fuel charging system.

On 5 minutes charges, it gives 1 hour playback time. Besides, Airpods do not have this fast fuel charging system. If you want to enjoy your music time longer, then choose Powerbeats.

Compatible devices:

The main difference is here. Powerbeats are compatible with all android and ios devices. You can easily set this earbud with your devices.

While AirPods are only compatible with ios devices. You can’t set this earbud with any android device. So If you want this type of earbuds that can be set up with any android phone, then go for Powerbeats.


AirPods are more lightweight than Powerbeats.AirPods can be easy to carry anywhere. If you want lightweight headphones, then go for AirPods. If we talk about design, then I have to say that Powerbeats are more comfortable than AirPods.

Powerbeats has a secure-fit ear hook that is made to fit perfectly on your ear. This ear hook is more adjustable. While AirPods do not have any ear hook, so it does not give you proper security.

Voice command:

You can manage your headphones with the help of voice commands. AirPods give you google assistant” Siri.” It announces messages whenever you receive a message or calls or manage your devices. Besides, Powerbeats does not have a google assistant, but it has a voice command option that helps you control the device without touching any button.


Both devices have a class 1 Bluetooth technology system. Which are an extended range of the device. These devices also have Apple H1 chips, which improve the speed of connection and improve sound quality. In the connectivity section, both devices give their best performances. So choose carefully.

Water and Sweat Resistance:

These devices are water and sweat-resistant. But these are not waterproof. If you use them in bathing time, then obviously, you lost them. So both have the same feature, choose one which is suitable for you.

Audio Quality: In the audio quality section Powerbeats are the best choice. The microphone gives you the best quality sound experience. While AirPods does not give you good quality sounds. It crackles loudly. So Powerbeats is best for you.

Durability and warranty:

Powerbeats come with an IPX4 rating, which makes them best for any workout if you don’t involve the water. The rubbery exterior makes them super durable.AirPods are also super durable, it will still work after being dropped from 12 feet and after drowning in the water. Anyways, AirPods do not break so easily. So it’s also super durable.

Both devices give you a 1-year warranty from the date of product collecting. In this period if you face any problem, you can contact their helpline. If there is any shelf damage or accident issue, then the company does not cover them.

In the box:

With Powerbeats-

  • Powerbeats wireless headphones.
  • Four size ear tips.
  • A carrying case.
  • USB-A charging cable.
  • Quick start guide.
  • Warranty card.

With AirPods-

  • The AirPods earbuds.
  • A lighting charger.

Final Word:

Hopefully, now you understood why Powerbeats is the best for you. This earbud provides you with longer battery life, is compatible with any android device, and has class 1 Bluetooth technology. AirPods also can be the best choice. Think wisely and choose what you need.

Frequently Asked Questions about AirPods and PowerBeats

Do AirPods come with a charger?

Some AirPods come with a wireless charger, but some AirPods need a charge for charging cases.

Do Powerbeats have good sound quality?

Yes, Beats comes with good sound quality. But new beats come with a noise cancellation system which provides you more good quality sound system.

What is the connection range of AirPods?

The optimal maximum range is around the 30-60 range. You can connect with many devices as long as they have a Bluetooth system. Their optimal range is around 30-60 or 10-18 meters.

Do AirPods use wifi or Bluetooth?

The AirPods count on Bluetooth for communicating with their host devices. It’s compatible with iOS,macOS, and Windows devices.

How Water Resistances Powerbeats?

Powerbeats earbuds have a water resistance rating of IPX4. But it’s not waterproof. So, do not connect with any type of liquid.

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