AirPods Pro vs Bose SoundSport

AirPods Pro vs Bose SoundSport – Find the best earbuds for you!


AirPods Pro vs Bose SoundSportAirPods Pro and Bose SoundSport are two amazing earbuds. Between them, we strongly recommend Bose Soundsport as it carries the best features.

Why We Recommend Bose Soundsport?

  • Bose SoundSport can give you a straight 6 hours of battery life with a single charge, whereas its competitor can provide 4.5 hours of battery life per charge.
  • This headphone has a built-in heart rate sensor, while Airpods Pro doesn’t. This sensor will track your performance, plus the Bose Connect app will deliver you real-time heart rate.
  • Bose Soundsport wirelessly works with a famous fitness app, such as RunKeeper, MapMyRun, Endomondo, and so on, which is great for gym enthusiasts. Besides, its competitor isn’t compatible with any fitness apps. 
  • It features Tile, which is a tiny Bluetooth tracker, so if your device is missing, you can easily find it. You just need to connect it to Bose Connect app and then download the Tile then follow its instructions. AirPods Pro has the Find My option, which works only on MacBook or iPhone devices.
  • Sounsport comes with an inline mic control that easily controls volume, skips tracks, and takes calls, without reaching for your device. But this function is missing on Airpods.
  • It has very secured buds, and the headphone remains in place even in extreme workouts. In contrast, the other one is not much secured and may move uncomfortably.
  • The Soundsport will provide better sound and bass quality than Airpods Pro, hence you can go with this one.

Overall, these are the outstanding features of the Bose SoundSport, hopefully, now it is very clear to you why we said it is the best. 


Common Features of Airpods Pro and Bose Soundsport 

  • These earbuds have Bluetooth + NFC function. Thus, you can power your workout with powerful sound anytime, anywhere, wirelessly.
  • AirPods and Bose have IPX4 ratings. So, you don’t need to worry about water or spills.
  • They combine with a limited one-year period. 

Quick Comparison 

Specifications Airpods Pro Bose Soundsport 
Editor’s Rating  4.7 out of 5  4.8 out of 5 
Measurement  0.94 x 0.86 x 1.22 inches 1.13 x 1 x 1.13 inches
Weight  1.6 Ounces 0.8 Ounces
Battery Life  4.5 hours  6 hours 
Heart Rate Sensor No  Yes 
Fitness App No  Yes
StayHear+ Tips No  Yes
Control Interface Touch  Button
Voice Assistant  Siri  No
Track lost earbuds Find My option  Tile 
Bluetooth + NFC Yes Yes
Sweat Resistant IPX4 rating IPX4 rating
Charging case Yes Yes
Warranty  One-year  One-year 

Differences and Similarities Between Bose Soundsport vs Airpods

Sound Quality 

AirPods Pro has an active noise cancellation feature, including transparency mode. The microphone will detect the noise equally from both outsides, plus inside of your ear. And then, the device will counter them with equal anti-noise so that you get better sound quality during phone calls or while listening to music. 

Bose SoundSport, by contrast, delivers excellent sound and bass quality. It will also transparent outside noise when you play the music. 

In terms of the sound quality, both are good enough, but according to our research, the Bose SoundSport will provide you better sound. 

Battery Life 

The SoundSport has longer-lasting battery life than the AirPods, and it can last straight 6 hours per charge. While the AirPods Pro gives 4.5 hours of listening time. As you can see, the Bose has better battery life, thus you can be worry-free also, choose this earbud. Moreover, they come with a charging case that is easy to carry. 


Both feature Bluetooth + NFC that allows connecting your earbuds wirelessly anywhere anytime. The Bose is compatible with Android phones, but the AirPods is not. Thus if you are an android user, the Bose should be your best pick. And for Apple users, the AirPods Pro could be your choice. 

However, once you pair up your earbuds with the devices, they will do it themselves the next time. 

Fitness Feature 

Bose SoundSport has everything you need to push your workout limit to the next level because this device is built with StayHear+ Sport tips. 

And, if you are an exercise enthusiast, then Bose SoundSport would be your best friend. It features many popular fitness apps, name a few are Endomondo, RunKeeper, Runtastic, and MapMyRun. 

This earbud also includes a built-in heart rate sensor that will track your performance wirelessly. 

AirPods Pro, in contrast, is not compatible with such an app. It is only good for music and calls. 

Noise Cancellation 

These two impressive earbuds have an active noise cancellation function with transparent noise. The earbuds won’t block all the outside noise so that you can interact with the outside world. However, the ANC will block normal noises like blenders noises, Tv noises, or if someone is talking around you. And not blocking all the sound is a good thing because it will help you avoid unwanted accidents. 

Track lost earbuds

You can find the “track of lost earbuds” feature on both devices. If by chance, your earpiece is missing, you can find it by using the app. 

AirPods feature Find My app on the case. If you cannot find your AirPods, simply play a sound from the case so that you can find it. 

Bose SoundSport, on the other hand, needs to download Tile on the Bose app. Go to the Bose Connect app, then download Tile to find your device. 


If you sweat too much, then don’t worry, both earbuds have an IPX4 rating that ensures these are sweatproof. Moreover, these are waterproof and dustproof as well. You can take these earbuds underwater if you want. 


They cover a one-year limited warranty for any defects. And they won’t cover any damage due to misuse or if you purchase from a non-authorized dealer. AirPods and Bose warranty is extendable for the original purchaser, and for that, you have to pay extra.

Final Words

If you are here for earbuds that will provide you good sound, an excellent fit to your ears, perfect sound with a cool app, the Bose SoundSport should be your consideration. But if you are an Apple user, you can choose the AirPods Pro. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Airpods Pro vs Bose Soundsport

How is the noise cancellation feature on the AirPods Pro?

It can cancel regular noises in your houses like air condition running or people speaking, cancels, or noises.

Will they automatically connect to the phone?

When using these earbuds for the first time, you need to pair them to your phone, and then they can easily access your phone or other paired devices. 

Does AirPods Pro work with Android?

Yes, it does work with Android phones as well. It has Bluetooth, so you can connect your device to these earbuds. 

Can I connect SoundSport with the computer?

If your computer is A2DP compatible, then you can connect the SoundSport to it. 

How long is their battery life?

The AirPods Pro can last for 4.5 hours, whereas the Bose SoundSport can give you 6 hours of battery life with a single charge.

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