Aerogarden Harvest vs Harvest 360

Aerogarden Harvest vs Harvest 360 – Get the Best Germination Kit!

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Aerogarden Harvest vs Harvest 360If you are looking for a standard germination kit between Aerogarden Harvest & Harvest 360, I suggest you choose Aerogarden Harvest.

Why I suggest Aerogarden Harvest?

  • Aerogarden Harvest comes in a square shape, and the pods have a standard distance, while the rounded-shaped Harvest 360 has the pods oddly positioned.
  • This germination kit weighs less than Harvest 360. Thus, it will be easier to move this one anywhere you want.
  • The three variants of Aerogarden Harvest look more premium than the outlook of the Harvest 360.
  • As the pods have a minimum distance, the plants will have a better look when they start getting shape, but the Harvest 360 may look weird because of the small space.

You will have an advantage because of these features. Go for this one if you want to have a perfect plant.


Similar Features

  • The germination kits come with six pods. So, you are getting different herbs from a single germination kit.
  • They have a height limit of 12-inch, which gives them a fantastic look.
  • The kits come with a 20W LED light that helps to get natural growth and abundant harvests.
  • They have a push display on the body, which ensures the convenience of use.

Quick Comparison: Aerogarden Harvest vs Harvest 360

Specifications Aerogarden Harvest Harvest 360
Editor’s Rating 4.7 out of 5 4.6 out of 5
Color Black/Sage/White Black/Sage/White
Total Pods 6 Pods 6 Pods
Shape Square Round
Grow Height 12-inch 12-inch
LED 20W 20W
Finish Matte Matte
Display Push Push
Product Dimension 11 x 8 x 15 inches 9 x 9 x 17.4 inches
Product Weight 5.44 pounds 5.84 pounds
Warranty 1-Year of Limited Warranty 1-Year of Limited Warranty

Differences and Similarities between Aerogarden Harvest vs. Harvest 360

Light Hood

There is a LED light bar on top of both kits. This light bar will help your plants to grow well. These LEDs will make sure that your plants have the proper photosynthesis they need to grow. The light bar can be expendable into 12-inches. Thus, there won’t be an issue for longer plants. You will be able to change the color of the lightbar from white to red or yellow. The lights can be controlled through the control panel.

Faster than Soil

The plants will grow faster than soil. They will save you from hassles and allow you to grow plants inside. You will be able to witness the growth in front of your eyes. The water bowl is all you need to monitor to have a healthy plant. They will get the nutrients from the plant food.


The germination kits have a different outlook as the shape is different. Aerogarden Harvest comes in a square form, while the Harvest 360 comes in a rounded shape. They come with a matte finish body, and the top portion has a separate layer from the bottom part. They have three different color variants in black, white, and basic.

Control Panel

You will be able to monitor the systems through the control panel placed on the bottom of the kits. There are three indicators on both kits. The panel will keep you updated about plant food, water, and light bars. You will be notified if the plants need any food at that particular moment. This simplified control panel will indeed work as a guide for you to get better plants.


It doesn’t matter what plant you grow into them. The plants will stay fresh all the time. You will get flavorful herbs, salads anytime you want from the kit. The vegetables and the leaves will always remain untouched so that you will have a delicious meal right in front of you.

Included Components

Both kits come with enough plant food and other seeds. You will get a gourmet herb seed kit with Genovese basil and other seeds with the Aerogarden Harvest. This one comes with ingredients that are enough for an entire season of growth. On the other hand, the Harvest 360 also includes some elements. You will get curly parsley, dill, and basil mint, and some other required items with the germination kit.

Durability & Warranty

They both are very effective for planting inside the home. They are saving you from hassles and providing you with fresh and natural plants. The germination kits come with a 1-year of warranty so that you can use them with peace of mind. For better performance, just make sure that you are not allowing water into the LED system.


Aerogarden Harvest & Harvest 360 are perfect for your home. They both are almost the same in features, but the shape made them different. If you prefer a well-structured plant system, then Aerogarden Harvest is the most suitable for you. You might choose the Harvest 360 if you liked the unique rounded shape.

Frequently Asked Questions about Aerogarden Harvest & Harvest 360

How frequently should I add water to the kits?

You can check this from the Add water indicator.

How many plants can I grow in a single kit?

You can plant up to 6 plants in a single kit.

How good are they for planting vegetables?

They are perfect. The flavor will remain fresh in them.

How durable are the materials of the kits?

They are pretty durable with a matte finish in the body.

How heavy are they?

They are pretty lightweight and weigh around five and a half pounds.

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