4moms Rockaroo vs Mamaroo

4moms Rockaroo vs Mamaroo – Which One is Best?

Baby Swing

4moms Rockaroo vs Mamaroo4moms Mamaroo has some advanced technology so we recommend you select this one. Let me clarify the reasons for prioritizing the Mamaroo over 4moms Rockaroo baby swing.

Why We Recommend Mamaroo 4?

  • It has 5 unique motion relaxing options. So, you will be able to place your baby in your desired direction. But the 4moms Rockaroo chair has only front-to-back motion gliding options. 
  • The Mamaroo baby seat’s Bluetooth function helps to control the sound speed from any compatible smart device. But the Rockaroo doesn’t provide any Bluetooth facility.
  • The high-quality woven nylon material of the 4moms Mamaro swing provides a more smooth sitting facility to your baby compared to the low-quality material of the Rockaroo swing
  • Although these baby swings are MP3 compatible, the 4moms Mamaroo baby swing has 4 built-in sound systems.  

Both baby swings are made to provide these facilities to a child but the Mamaroo has some upgraded functions. You can consider this one rather than the Rockaroo.


Similar Features of 4moms Rockaroo vs Mamaroo

  • 4moms Rockaroo and Mamaroo chairs are 3 points harness tested.
  • The easily removable fabrics of those rocking chairs are machine washable. 
  • These baby swings are washable and pretty simple to open.

Quick Comparison: 4moms Rockaroo vs Mamaroo

Specifications  4moms Rockaroo  Mamaroo
Editor’s rating  4.6 out of 5  4.8 out of 5 
Dimensions  16.5 x 29.6 x 27.5 inches 33 x 19.5 x 25.5 inches
Harness tested  Yes (3-points)  Yes (3-points) 
MP3 compatible  Yes  Yes 
Machine washable  Yes  Yes 
Bluetooth supported  No  Yes 
Manufactured material  Nylon fabric  Nylon fabric (high-quality) 
Motion options  2 options  5 options 
Minimum weight recommendation  6 pounds  4.4 pounds 
Maximum weight recommendation  25 pounds  25 pounds 
Power source  AC adapter  AC adapter 
Warranty  Yes (1-year)  Yes (1-year) 

Detailed Comparison Between 4moms Rockaroo vs Mamaroo Baby Swings

Motion options 

Here both swings come with so many motion options. 4moms Mamaroo offers more motion options than 4moms Rockaroo swing. Mamaroo has 5 unique motion options. It bounces up, down, and side by side according to the parent’s demands. At the same time, the 4moms have two motions only. One is the front side, another one is the backside motion. Parents like to have more motion options. 

Seat recline 

You can use seat recline positions for babies’ comfort. They have the capability of adjusting to any recline position very steadily. Also, the recline movement is effortless. You need to hold the back bar panel to set it up in your favorite position. As both seats are 3-point harness tested, they are very safe to use. 

Sound system  

They are MP3 compatible. The 4moms Mamaro baby swing has 4 types of natural built-in sound functionality. While the Rockaroo has one fixed sound system. Superb natural sounds help to have a proper sleep. It also provides notifications when necessary. You can control the Mamaroo baby swing’s sound functions with the help of a fittable smart device. This sound system creates a lovely environment for proper sleeping. 

Bluetooth compatible 

Here, the Mamaroo is a Bluetooth-compatible baby swing, which provides notifications on a smart device. You will get to know all the updated wave conditions, recline positions, and the baby’s current sitting positions from a distance. However, that 4moms Rockaroo baby swing is not Bluetooth compatible.  

Removable seat fabric 

Both swings are machine washable. Parents can easily remove the seat fabric and the pads for washing. Removing fabric needs to be put on a machine for cleaning. Also, the seat fabrics are very comfortable for the baby. These have a high air-passing ability, which is a perfect sleeping bed for the baby.

Harness tested 

4moms baby swings are 3 levels of hardness tested. They remain in a steady position for a long time. All the recline positions are easily adjustable and very safe. Top-quality safety has made the 4moms swings most desired for all parents. Also, the doctor recommends these seats for their top of the harness compatibility.  

Weight recommendation 

The Mamaroo baby swing has a minimum weight recommendation of under 4 pounds. That is very fittable for newborn babies. But the 4moms Rockaroo supports 5 pounds at its minimum range. So, this is not so preferable for newborn babies. However, both swings have a maximum weight recommendation of 25 pounds. 


As they are 4moms manufactured swings, they have the same warranty clause. 4moms provides 1-year manufacturing warranty support to these baby seats. Also, this warranty clause comes with limited obligations.  


As the 4moms Mamaroo is fittable for newborn to a big weighted baby, this baby swing remains my first preference. But if looking to obtain the basic functionalities of swing only, the 4moms Rockaroo will be a fittable option for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions of 4moms Rockaroo vs Mamaroo

Question: Is this battery supported? 

Answer: No, they are not battery-supported. They are AC adapter electricity functional. 

Question: Which one offers more motion options? 

Answer: 4moms Mamaroo comes with more motion options than 4moms Rockaroo. This baby swing comes with 5 motion options. Whereas the Rockaroo has 2 motion options. 

Question: Is this toy attached? 

Answer: Yes, both baby swings have built-in toy attachments. Also, you can remove the toys at any time. 

Question: Can I manage the sound system? 

Answer: Yes, the sound system is fully manageable. As the 4moms Mamaroo is Bluetooth compatible, you can control the sound system from a smart device also. You can choose the most suitable sound from 4 different types of sounds that are available with Mamaroo. 

Question: Is it run with a UK plug system?

Answer: Both baby seats are made for the United States only. It requires a power production of 100-240 voltage to be functioning fully. So, it may work with the UK plug system if you can generate a proper electricity supply. 

Question: What is the dimension when the Mamaroo is in the box?

Answer: For the shipping process, the baby seat comes in a box of 26.125L” x 22.5W” x 9.125H” dimensions.        

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